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Bull Horn Gaumukhi Shringi For Abhishek


INR 9,000

INR 9,000


Beautiful Shringi made of Indian Bull Horn with brass work is very auspicious for puja and Abhishekam purposes. This hollow vessel is used as a traditional puja vessel for filling and pouring holy libations. The spout end has Nandi (bull) head design, who is symbolic of faith, unwavering devotion, strength, and dedication. Pancha gavya Abhishekam (Mixture of Milk, Curd, Ghee, Cow Urine, and Cow Dung) were offered to various Deities and especially to Lord Shiva (Shivling) through the Shringi made of horn were since ancient times. In Dharma, if Cow is revered as a mother for it gives nourishing milk, then the bull is considered valuable in farming for ploughing, transporting, and raising crops. Hence bulls are also considered as a blessing and so are the products made from a bull during pujas and rituals.

Length: approx. 14.15 inches
Width: approx. 3.6 inches
Top Diameter: approx. 4.1 inches
Weight: approx. 1 Kg