Bull Horn Gaumukhi Shringi For Abhishek


INR 9,000

INR 9,000


Majestic natural Gaumukhi Bull Horn (Shringi) has an excellently carved Brass Bull's head at the tip of the Horn and a decorative Brass carving on the other. Gaumukhi means 'cow's mouth’; it is also the name of the source from which the sacred river Ganga originates. Conducting Abhishek of various Gods and Goddesses through the Gaumukhi Shringi is considered very auspicious and meritorious. The Shringi is made of natural Indian Bull Horn, with the Brass Bull head having an opening at its mouth, for liquids to pour out.

The Shringi is considered auspicious for performing Puja rituals, especially for performing Abhishekham which is a Hindu Puja ritual that includes the sacred bathing of various Deities with Water/Gangajal and other liquids like Cow's Milk etc. The natural Bull Horn is widely used for conducting Abhishek of the Shivling (Lord Shiva) as it appeases the Lord and therefore a valuable addition to your Puja paraphernalia.