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Prasad offerings - German Silver


INR 8,175


Made of pure German silver with fine finish, this Thali includes a pancapatra with spoon for holding holy water or charanamrit, 3 small containers for Haldi (turmeric Powder), kum kum (Vermillion Powder) and Akshat (rice grains), Sandal paste or any other ingredient and 2 large bowls for Prasad for offering to deity.

Height of Panchapatra: 2.3 inches
Top diameter of Panchapatra: 3 inches
Height of Pali: 4 inches
Height of each offering bowls: 1.25 inches
Top Diameter of each offering bowls: 2.75 inches
Height of each containers: 1.1 inches
Top Diameter of each containers: 1.6 inches
Diameter of Plate: 7.5 inches
Weight of set: approx. 545 gms