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Punchmukhi Hanuman Yantra Locket - Silver - Medium


INR 2,100

INR 2,600


Designed in Pure 99% silver.

Diameter: 32 mm
Width: 2 mm
Weight: 10 gms

This magnificent locket with Hanuman Yantra on one side and Punchmukhi Hanuman image on other side is crafted in pure silver. The five faces are of an Eagle (Garud), a Boar (Varaha), a Hayagriv, a Lion and a Monkey. The idol has ten arms wielding a flag, a sword, a noose, etc. One explanation for the five faces of a deity is that the deity keeps vigilance and has control over the five directions - north, south, east, west and the upward direction/zenith. Lord Hanuman is worshipped for power and protection, Hanuman Yantra helps one become more confident and attain success in life. Read More


  • Protection from all negative energies and malefic of planet Saturn
  • For confidence and mental and physical strength
  • For courage to overcome all difficulties and attain success in life

  • Mantra: Om Hum Hanumate Rudratamkaya Hoom Phat

    Blessed and Energised


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