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Radha Krishna Puja



INR 6,901


Radha and Krishna are the eternal divine lovers who symbolise the peak of Divine Bliss. Lord Krishna himself is the best representation of Universal Love and Affection. However, this aspect of Krishna is complete only when the name of Radha is attached to his name. Hence, a combined name of Radha Krishna is ultimate representation of Eternal Love.

Sri Krishna is the poorntam purushottam brahma, the supreme male personality of God, whereas Shree Radha Rani is the supreme Para Shakti, the female part of the divine union. The Puranas describe the superiority of Radha Rani by saying that Radha is the ‘soul’ and ‘life breath’ of Krishna. Hence She is the origin of Krishna’s greatness.

Ultimately Radha and Krishna are one and the same. A prayer offered to Radha Krishna is one of the most powerful pujas that can be performed for attainment of Eternal Love and Peace in life. This Puja is recommended for getting a suitable Life Partner as well as for Love, Peace and Happiness in marital life, similar to the Divine Love enjoyed by Radha and Krishna.

  • Radha Krishna Puja invokes innumerable advantages for Love, Peace and Happiness.
  • Helps in getting desired partner
  • Promotes Eternal and Divine Love between couple
  • Invokes Joy and happiness in Life

  • Mantra: Om Kleem Krishnaye Gopijan Vallabhaye Swaha.
    ॐ क्लीं कृष्णाय गोपीजन वल्लभाय स्वाहा:

    No. of Priest: 1
    Duration: 1 day

    Puja Services Include: Swasti Vachan, Shanti Path, Sankalp, Ganesh Sthapan, Kalash Sthapan, Lakshmi Sthapan, Radha Krishna Sthapan, Brahma Sthapan, Agni Sthapan, Invocation of all Gods and Goddesses, Navgrah Sthapan, Navgrah Mantra Japa (1 mala for each planet), Punyaha Vachan Kalash, Radha Krishna Puja, Radha Krishna Mantra Japa 1100 times with Sahastra Tulsi Leaves Archan, Homam with Honey, Ghee, Sugar, Til, Ashtagandh, Sandalwood Powder, Navgrah Samidha and then Purnahuti, Aarti and Prasad to Brahmins.

    A short Video of the Sankalpa and mantra chanting would be sent to you along with the photographs of the Puja ritual. You may connect with the priest during the puja (video or phone call) on WhatsApp or Skype and watch the rituals live. Puja Tokri having prasad, energized Rudraksha, silver tabeez and yantra would be sent along. Rudra Centre priests will perform Radha Krishna Puja as per Vedic rituals based on birth details. Please mention your birth details (name, date, place, time), & Sankalp (your wish) at checkout. This is an individual Puja (you may do puja on individual name or include your near and dear ones in the puja).