Santan Gopal Yantra Locket in Silver - 3D


INR 2,000

INR 3,450


Height: 24 mm
Width: 19 mm
Depth: 3 mm
Weight: 8.3 gms

Locket made in pure silver with Santangopal Yantra inscribed on one side and Bal Gopal image on other side. Representing the infant form of Lord Krishna, the Yantra is known to bestow childless couples with progeny, marital bliss, prosperity and healthy and knowledgeable children. Ideally recommended for pregnant women, this Yantra provides protection from miscarriage and other obstacles during delivery and helps provide nourishment to mother’s womb.

Yantra provides a focal point for the convergence of the individual soul with the specific deity or creative energy. Santangopal Yantra locket is designed accurately as per authentic scriptures to help connect with the divine energy of Lord Krishna.

Mantra- Om Namo BhaGavate VasuDevaya

Blessed and Energised