Santangopal Yantra Pendant on Orange Jade


INR 1,100


Sleek pendant with Santangopal Yantra beautifully printed on Natural Orange jade gemstone for progeny. The smooth and glossy texture makes the pendant a very comfortable daily wear. Santangopal Yantra is known to bestow childless couples with healthy and knowledgeable child as well as blissful and harmonious marital life. It is Ideal for wearing during pregnancy as it provides protection from miscarriage or complications during delivery. Orange Jade helps improve health and heals ailments relating to fertility, kidney and also reduces stress and tension.

Yantras also known as Mandalas are geometric diagrams representing various mantras or deities that resonate positive vibes and creative force for wish fulfillment. Santangopal Yantra represents the infant form of Lord Krishna who bestows good luck and bliss.

Dimension - Approx. 2.2"(H) x 1.7"(L) x 0.5"(W) Inches
Weight - 16 gms

Blessed and Energised