Shiva Yantra Locket in Silver - 3D


INR 3,000

INR 4,450


The hexagon shaped locket made in silver with Shiv Yantra is finely etched in 3-dimensional form. Designed accurately as per authentic texts, this sacred Shiva Yantra pendant is seen as source to connect with the divine energy of Lord Shiva. Wearing this locket would bless you with good fortune, good health, fame, bliss and success in materialistic as well as spiritual aspects of life.


  • Dispels fear relating to diseases and mishaps
  • Enhances intuitive insight and awareness
  • Brings harmony, peace and new opportunities

  • Mantra: Om Namah Shivaya

    Height: 30 mm
    Width: 24 mm
    Depth: 9 mm
    Weight: approx. 12.6 gms

    Blessed and Energised