Shree Baglamukhi Yantra Locket - Silver


INR 1,200

INR 2,750

INR 2,650

INR 4,925


Designed in Pure 99% silver.

This magnificent pure silver locket has powerful Baglamukhi Yantra embossed on one side and Goddess image on other side for blessing the wearer. Baglamukhi Devi is one of the ten forms of wisdom goddess - Mahavaidyas, Who is known to remove devotee’s misconceptions and illusions resulting to spiritual progress and ultimately helps attain salvation.

Benefits of Yantra:
  • Protection from mishaps and negative energies
  • Victory from opponent especially in legal matters and competitions
  • Pacifies quarrels to the worshipper's advantage and overall success
Mantra: Om Hlreem Baglamukhi Sarvadustanaam
Vacham Mukham Padam Stambhaya
Jihvaam Keelaya Budheem
Vinashaya Hlreem Om Swaha

Blessed and Energised