Shree Yantra Meru in Brass Locket


INR 1,340


A finely made Shreeyantra meru in Brass to be worn as a pendant. Shree Yantra is one of the most auspicious, important and powerful Yantras. Its archetypal form is a ladder of spiritual ascent for the seeker. Viewed from the center outwards, the Shree Yantra is a diagram of the Hindu vision of the evolution of the cosmos. Through devotion and faith, the Shree Yantra blesses the worshiper with peace, happiness, popularity, power, authority, wealth, prosperity & success. This ancient Yantra has been used for millennia by kings, princes, political leaders & men in authority for attaining fame, power and financial success. It is considered to be beneficial to humankind especially during Kali Yuga to help achieve success, well-being, good fortune, wealth and fame.

Dimension of Shree Yantra: 25 mm (H) x 22 mm (W) x 9 mm (D)

Blessed and Energised