Siddh Chandra Yantra Locket


INR 1,500

INR 3,125


A pure Silver Locket with the Chandra Yantra embossed on one side and the Deity image on the other. The Chandra Yantra is a set of numeric combination which are tuned to the beneficial powers of planet Chandra/Moon. Chandra or Moon is categorized as a planet in Vedic Astrology, which rules the mind, including the subconscious mind and emotions. A unfavourably placed planet Chandra/Moon in the Kundli/Birth chart causes depression, negative thinking, makes the native emotionally unbalanced, brings fertility issues, health problems, affects creative and imaginative skills unfavourably, makes the person a loner and other ill effects. Read More

The Siddh Chandra Yantra Locket is worn to get relief from malefic planet Chandra effects. Wearing this Locket calms the mind and balances emotions, removes depressive attitude, enhances intuitive power, creativity, brings good friends, heals fertility problems, restores good health, ushers prosperity and makes life beautiful.

Design: This Locket made in pure silver has Yantra on one side and deity photo on other side. The Yantra would be strung in adjustable silky black/red thread.

Mantra: Om Aim Kleem Somay Namah

Blessed and Energised