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Tripur Sundari Devi Marble Idol - II


INR 37,825


Beautiful idol of Goddess Tripurasundari is made in pure Makrana Marble. Hand painted with rich colors, the vibrant red saree and golden jewelry enhance the idol’s grace. The Goddess is featured in sitting position on an intricately designed seat. She holds a sugarcane, flower, noose and a mace in each of Her four hands. The idol is ideal to be placed in puja altar at home or temple.

Goddess Tripura Sundari also known as Goddess Lalita or Shodashi Maa is worshipped for beauty, success in all realms of life and protection from evil. She governs the three worlds and bestows Her worshippers with happiness and spiritual growth.

Height: 12.5 inches.
Base Dimension: 7.75 (L) x 3 (W) inches.
Weight: 8.035 Kgs