Tulsi Mala with Radha krishna pendent - Design II


INR 640


The necklace entirely made of natural white Tulsi beads makes a charming and divine possession for Krishna devotees. Secured by silver clasp, it features Tulsi beads of oval shape with round beads on sides assembled in repeated pattern and separated by knots. The centre pendant with fine and neat carving of Radha and Krishna playing flute adds to the charm and divinity of the necklace. Tulsi is associated with Lord Krishna and a mala made Tulsi wood is considered to be highly purifying. It purifies the mind and body and releases stress and gives mental peace to the wearer. It also wards off negative energies and brings spiritual progress.

  • It maintains ritual purity and wards off evil.
  • Tulsi is regarded as best for worshipping lord Vishnu, Ram, and Krishna.
  • According to Ayurveda, it is very useful for curing throat diseases.
  • It gives peace of mind and reduces stress.

    Bead Size: 15 mm (Drum) x 7 mm (Round)
    No of beads: 20 (Drum) + 40 (Round)
    Length: 23 inch
    Dimension of Pendent: 32 mm x 15 mm