Unposted Letters


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Authored by: T. T. Rangarajan
Published by: Frozen Thoughts

Details: The rise and fall of every human being has its effect on the overall human consciousness. Every lesson learnt, every mistake committed, every error corrected, every discovery, every invention, every insight, every idea, every revelation, every talent unfolded, every limit redefined, every thought released, every vibration experienced by every individual paints yet another stroke in the evolution of human consciousness.

When 'a' man lives his life with heightened awareness, his life helps humanity to gain a few years of maturity without having to live those few years. In effect, he fast-forwards humanity by a few years. Every being who is living his life with heightened awareness is actually doing God's work he has been delegated a responsibility by Existence to play a part in evolving human consciousness

To play a role in evolving human consciousness, T.T.Rangarajan founded Alma Mater on February 14, 1995. Today, hundreds of organisations and hundreds of thousands of people would vouch for the turnaround Alma Mater has created in their lives.

About Author:
Rajan, who is affectionately referred to as the Voice of Love, is a spiritualist, endowed with a deep connectivity to existence and enormous spiritual strength, he guides people in their quest for self-realisation. He has brought meditation to the common man, and in his presence, thousands have experienced the depths of silence. Across the globe he is highly revered by all those who have experienced him. He, for one, believes that the messenger should be the message. His skill in harmonising the materialistic and spiritual worlds is gracefully reflected in his lifestyle.

Unposted Letter
Rajans book Unposted Letter that was brought out on 15th August 2009 has been a Best Seller with over 60000 copies having been sold in 12 months even without a publisher or a distributor.

Unposted Letter is a short, crisp, write-up from the editor. Each Unposted Letter discusses a personal or professional attitude, situation, or viewpoint. In this compilation of Unposted Letters, each page is power-packed and contains profound facts of life. UNPOSTED LETTER makes life that much simpler. With the clarity one gains on reading it, implementation becomes that much easier and desirable. An internal conflict, a little relationship hitch, a professional dilemma, a policy review, time management issues, whatever find a solution there.

Open any page. An answer is seeking the seeker.

Dimension of Book: 8.5 (H) X 5.5 (L) inches
Width: 16 mm
Format: Paperback
Binding: Hardbound
Number of Pages: 182
Language: English