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About Self Development & Spirituality

About Self Development and Spiritual Books

Spiritual books have always been on demand as spiritual seekers, and travelers of the path fondly read them, and curious minds who want to understand spirituality too resort to these books. Some of the best spiritual books have been the ones that have helped readers to evolve their consciousness and change the reader in a positive manner. Spiritual books inspire us to look beyond the physical self and focus on self-development making us aware of the right way to think and process our thoughts so that the outcome is positive and beneficial. Some of the best spiritual books of all time have been those which are still popularly read and has repeat value. They continue to motivate the readers across the world to realize his/her true power and potential, guiding them in the right direction and about our spiritual self, the true self. Spiritual books in Hindi, English, and other languages are equally popular.

Rudra Centre offers a huge collection of some of the best spiritual books of all time, with content thataids in self-development if we inculcate the wisdom shared in these self-development and spiritual books. Our collection of spiritual books online include books on spirituality by Indian authors as well as written by some of the best international authors. When you buy spiritual books online with us, your order gets delivered to your doorstep within a few days.

Some of the Top Spiritual Books and Self Development Books With Us

1)The Secret - Written by acclaimed Rhonda Byrne, this extremely popular book has been on top of the bestseller list for a long time. The book, through its enthralling pages, reveals 'the secret' which can bring success in every aspect of life, be it material, emotional or physical.

2) The Power Of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment - This book by world-renowned spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolleis one of the top spiritual books available, which through its easy question and answer format, opens up the importance of being present in the 'now', live in the moment and not worry too much about what will happen in future and spoil the joy of the present moment. A must-read for everyone.

3) Books written by the world-renowned Yogi ParamahansaYogananda like Man's Eternal Quest, The Divine Romance, Journey to Self-realization. Each book guides us to self-developmentthrough self-realization and is chronicles of Yoganandajee's talks and essays. These books are treasured and some of the best books on spirituality by Indian authors.

4) Books of Dr. Brian Weiss, the noted Psychiatrist. His ever-popular books like Many Lives, Many Masters, Same Soul Many Bodies, Only Love is Real, in our collection, have healed many lives and helped people. Dr.Weiss'sbooks are interesting to read and hits the right chordin the reader.

5) The International Bestselling author, ThichNhatHanh'spearls of wisdom through his books Buddha Mind, Buddha Body, Happiness,are revered as some of the best books on spirituality and meditation. They continue to guide the readers with methods of creative visualisation and meditations, with inspiring stories about Lord Buddha's life.

6) Dr. Wayne Dyer, the acclaimed international author, and speaker,inspired many and continues to do so through his books. The Power of Intention, You'll See It When You Believe it, Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, and his last book, Memories of Heaven, are loved and read worldwide. His books reiterate how powerful our thoughts and intentions can be in the process of manifestation.

7) The Eternal Question Who Am I - A book which helps to connect with our true self with meditation practices provided in the book, connect with self and meet the true self.

Enlightening books of Ryuho Okawa, motivating books of Dale Carnegie, and other best spiritual books of all time, written by well-known authors and authorities of spirituality and self-development, are available on our site and readily available for you to choose from.