Vastu power wind chime


INR 14,725


Clears Vastu defects and attracts auspiciousness when hung at the entrance door or centre of a room.Natural quartz used in this chime is a natural gemstone and harmonises the aura of the surroundings and cleanses of negative energy. Five mukhi beads used are for peace and good health . 12 mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Sun. This rudraksha kept in any premises protects from accidents, misfortunes, illnesses and thefts. Gives name, fame and materialistic comforts.Vastu yantra is used to balance the Vastu defects in a structure which otherwise may work adversely for the dwellers .

Design: Prepared with faceted pure crystals beads and five mukhis beads of size 8mm . A large Nepal 12 mukhi and faceted crystal ball hangs at the bottom.

Length: 16 inches

For Homes and offices. This beautiful chime would grace your home and office. Ideal as a gift for a loved one.

Placement:To be hung in room preferably near east wall of room. Affects all people in room.