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About 3 mukhi Rudraksha

3 Mukhi Rudraksha

Rudraksha beads are dear to Lord Shiva. Shiva Purana, the Holy ancient scripture, Shiva Purana states that when Lord Shiva woke up from His deep meditative state, He saw people suffering and leading a miserable life. Looking at this scenario, tear drops dribbled down His cheeks. When these tears fell on the earth, they turned into Rudraksha seeds out of which Rudraksha trees grew. Thus, Rudraksha beads are one of the most auspicious beads that immense healing properties. Every Rudraksha bead represents a particular deity, works on a specific body chakra and also offers range of therapeutic benefits. Let us take a look at the properties, benefits, and price of the 3 Mukhi original Rudraksha beads. Three Mukhi Rudraksha is a symbol of the Trinity: Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. This Rudraksha bead liberates the wearer from the bondage of their past Karma. If you wear it correctly, it burns all of your karmas or all the karmic reactions that constantly hinder your success. It is said that the wearer of three Mukhi Rudraksha bead never takes birth again and attains complete Moksha. It helps to control stress levels and enhances sharp thinking capacity. The 3 mukhi original Rudraksha beads are highly auspicious and one of the most revered Rudraksha beads found in Nature. The 3 mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by Lord Agni (Fire God) and holds the powerful vibrations of the ruling deity. The core nature of fire is to burn and destroy. Thus, the 3 mukhi Rudraksha beads destroy all the negative energies and burns the wrong deeds of the past karma. The 3 mukhi Rudraksha Nepal is most effective as it shows instant results and starts working as soon as it comes in contact with the body. Authentic and genuine Rudraksha beads originate from Nepal and Java.

Ruling God of Three Mukhi Rudraksha:

Three Mukhi Rudraksha represents "Fire" God Agni Dev. Wearing of this rudraksha frees the person from bondage of his past birth karma and paves way for success, by good deeds in this birth. The wearer is released from past memories of hurt, shame, anger, low self-esteem and he rises and shines to reveal his illuminated true pure self. It heals acidity, constipation, gas, liver, rashes etc.

Three Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra:

|| Om Kleem Namah || - Chant this mantra while doing japa when wearing the 3 mukhi Rudraksha.

3 mukhi Rudraksha Benefits:

The three Mukhi Rudraksha blesses the wearer by releasing stress and by letting go of the hurtful memories of shame and anger. This mystical Rudraksha bead also enhances the self-esteem of the wearer and offers sharp thinking and liberates the wearer from the bondages of the past karma. This auspicious Rudraksha soothes the mind and soul.

  • Regulates the digestive system.
  • Cures diseases related to stomach, pancreas & liver.
  • Releases stress and its effect on body, mind & emotions.
  • Frees the wearer from the bondage of past life karma.
  • Also very helpful in releasing past memories of hurt, shame and anger.
  • It is said that the wearer of 3 Mukhi never takes rebirth, instead gets Moksha.
  • The beads of Rudraksha are known to be the blessing from Lord Shiva himself to protect mankind from worldly miseries.

3 mukhi Rudraksha ke Fayde

It helps the wearer to achieve success by releasing all stress due to past sins and helps one to attain success. It liberates the wearer by removing all the obstacles that are hindering the success and growth on a professional, mental and emotional level. This pious Rudraksha bead cures acidity, ailments of the stomach, offers relief from diseases which are related to the liver and helps in maintain a healthy digestive system. "AUM KLEEM NAMAH" is the mantra of the 3 mukhi Rudraksha.

3 mukhi Rudraksha puja:

Energize the original 3 mukhi Rudraksha before wearing it. Sunday is an auspicious day to wear the 3 mukhi Rudraksha. On a Sunday morning wake up early and clean the area where you suppose to energise the 3 mukhi Rudraksha bead and do japa. Clean yourself by bathing and wearing fresh clothes. Now, take a copper vessel, place the 3 mukhi Rudraksha bead in it. Now take a copper Kalash and add little Gangajal and little plain water to it. Now wash the Rudraksha with this water and wipe it dry. Now take a flower bud and with its help apply sandalwood paste on the Rudraksha. Now offer flowers to the Rudraksha. Light a Deepak besides the plate on which the Rudraksha is kept. Burn dhoop stick and offer its fumes to the Rudraksha. Chant the Mantra "AUM KLEEM NAMAH" 108 times. Now you can wear the Rudraksha.

How to wear 3 mukhi Rudraksha:

You can either string the Rudraksha in wool or silk thread or get it capped in silver or gold basket. You can wear it as a necklace or wear it around your wrist as a bracelet. The Rudraksha bead should touch your skin so that it gets activated and starts working upon the particular areas.

Teen Mukhi Rudraksha ki Pehchan:

Do the following to check the authenticity of the 3 mukhi Rudraksha
  • An original Rudraksha bead will have well defined mukhis, which means the lines that run from one end to other are well defined.
  • Closely look at the Rudraksha and examine whether the contours and corns are natural and whether there are no cracks along the mukhis.
  • Check if the beads are lustrous, healthy and do not have any insect holes.
  • The Rudraksha beads are obtained from Nepal and Java. The Nepal beads are different in appearance and size as compared to the Java beads.
  • The Nepal beads are comparatively bigger in size and have deeper and clearer Mukhis (lines) than Java beads.
  • The Rudraksha from Nepal as well as from Java, Indonesia emit electromagnetic vibrations which influence our body energy centers viz Chakras and bring back harmony and order, in wearer’s life.
  • Look closely whether the lines on the body of the Rudraksha run from one end to the other without breaking.
  • Check whether the bead is tempered or not.
  • Put the Rudraksha bead inside a glass of water for some time, remove the bead and check whether the water is clean and does not have any germs.
  • Examine whether the bead is still solid and has not left any color in the water.
  • Look closely if the bead has any tiny holes or damage. If the teen mukhi Rudraksha passes the above test, it is original
  • Allow the Rudraksha bead to dry and later wear it according to the process mentioned above.

3 mukhi Rudraksha Price

The price of the Rudraksha bead varies depending upon factors such as origin, size, health of the bead and genuineness. The price of the 3 mukhi Nepal bead is more than the Java beads as the Nepal beads are bulky their mukhis are well defined and they show immediate results.

Identifying and Buying Original Certified Rudraksha Beads Online:

In an original Rudraksha, the mukhis are well defined and move end to end. The corns and contours are natural and there are no cracks along the mukhis. The beads are lustrous, healthy and devoid of any insect holes. Rudraksha beads are primarily procured from Nepal and Java. Nepal beads are comparatively bigger in size and have deeper and clearer Mukhis (lines) than Java beads. Both Nepal and Java Rudraksha beads emit electromagnetic vibrations which influence our body energy centers viz Chakras and bring back harmony and order, in wearer’s life.

Beads that come from India/Sri Lanka or Haridwar are bhadraksha (long, flat variety with no natural hole), which do not possess any therapeutic properties.

How to Wear Rudraksha Bead for Maximum Benefits:

Rudraksha may be worn in silk/wool thread or capped in silver/ gold. It is recommended to wear them as per RRST for optimum results. They are worn 24x7, for the initial 10-14 days and then can be worn during the day and taken off at night during sleep. The Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) recommends wearing of the beads in a manner that their full properties are utilised. know more about 3 mukhi Rudraksha.