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Different Names of Goddess Saraswati

Goddess Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, wisdom, art, music and learning any skill and art form. She is wife of Lord Brahma and forms Trinity with Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Parvati. As per Hinduism, Goddess Saraswati plays a significant role in Hindu traditions. Hindus worship Goddess Saraswati on Vasant panchnami and Saraswati Pujan. Goddess Saraswati is worshipped before inaugurating any art related institution or function with Saraswati vandana and lighting candle in front of Goddess Saraswati Image or idol.

Below are the 108 names of Goddess Saraswati mentioned in many different scriptures:

1. Saraswati
2. Mahabhadra
3. Mahamaya
4. Varaprada
5. Padmanilaya
6. Shripada
7. Padmavaktraga
8. Padmakshi
9. Shivanuja
10. Pustakabhrita
11. Jnanamudra
12. Rama
13. Para
14. Kamarupa
15. Mahavidya
16. Mahapataka Nashini
17. Mahashraya
18. Malini
19. Mahabhoga
20. Mahabhuja
21. Mahabhaga
22. Mahotsaha
23. Divyanga
24. Suravandita
25. Mahakali
26. Mahapasha
27. Mahakara

28. Mahankusha
29. Pita
30. Vimala
31. Vishwa
32. Vidyunmala
33. Vaishnavi
34. Chandrika
35. Chandravadana
36. Chandralekha
37. Savitri
38. Surasa
39. Devi
40. Divyalankarabhushita
41. Vagdevi
42. Vasudha
43. Tivra
44. Mahabhadra
45. Mahabala
46. Bhogada
47. Bharati
48. Bhama
49. Gomati
50. Govinda
51. Shiva
52. Jatila
53. Vindhyavasa
54. Vindhyachalavirajita

55. Chandika
56. Vaishnavi
57. Brahmi
58. Brahmajnanaikasadhana
59. Saudamini
60. Sudhamurti
61. Subhadra
62. Surapujita
63. Suvasini
64. Sunasa
65. Vinidra
66. Padmalochana
67. Vidyarupa
68. Vishalakshi
69. Brahmajaya
70. Mahaphala
71. Trayimurti
72. Trikalajna
73. Triguna
74. Shastrarupini
75. Shumbhasura
76. Shubhada
77. Swaratmika
78. Raktabijanihantri
79. Chamunda
80. Ambika
81. Mundakayapraharana

82. Dhumralochanamardana
83. Sarvadevastuta
84. Saumya
85. Namaskrita
86. Kalaratri
87. Kaladhara
88. Rupasaubhagyadayini
89. Vagdevi
90. Vararoha
91. Varahi
92. Varijasana
93. Chitrambara
94. Chitragandha
95. Chitramalyavibhushita
96. Kanta
97. Kamaprada
98. Vandya
99. Vidyadharasupujita
100. Shwetanana
101. Nilabhuja
102. Chaturvargaphalaprada
103. Chaturanana Samrajya
104. Raktamadhya
105. Niranjana
106. Hamsasana
107. Nilajangha
108. Brahmavishnushivatmika

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