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Goddess Lakshmi Goddess Lakshmi represents wealth, money and prosperity; also she is a wife of Lord Vishnu which makes her more revered than most of other Goddesses. Hindu devotees have highest respect for goddess Lakshmi and worship her diligently on many occasions such as Lakshmi Puja on Diwali. There are 108 names of Goddess Lakshmi mentioned in many scriptures throughout the Hindu mythology. Each name has a specific reason and meaning behind it. So it all more valued by devotees. Many Hindu devotees name their daughters on behalf of Goddess Lakshmi showing their love and respect towards the Goddess.

Sr. No. Mahalaxmi Name Meaning
1 Prakruti Nature
2 Vikruti Multi Faced Nature
3 Vidya Wisdom
4 Sarvabhootahitaprada One Who Grants Universal Pleasures
5 Shraddha One Who Is Worshipped
6 Vibhuti Goddess Of Wealth
7 Surabhi The Celestial Goddess
8 Paramatmika The Omnipresent Goddess
9 Vachi One Who Has Nectar Like Speech
10 Padmalaya One Who Resides On The Lotus
11 Padma Lotus
12 Shuchi Goddess Of Purity
13 Swaha Auspicious
14 Swadha One Who Dispels Inauspiciousness
15 Sudha Goddess Of Nectar
16 Dhanya Personification Of Gratitude
17 Hiranmayi One Who Has Golden Appearance
18 Lakshmi Goddess Of Wealth And Prosperity
19 Nityapushta One Who Gains Strength Day After Day
20 Vibha One Who Is Radiant Faced
Sr. No. Mahalaxmi Name Meaning
21 Aditi One Who Has Radiance Like The Sun
22 Deetya One Who Answers Prayers
23 Deepta Flame Like
24 Vasudha Goddess Of Earth
25 Vasudharini Protector Of Earth
26 Kamala Lotus
27 Kantha Consort Of Lord Vishnu
28 Kamakshi Attractive Eyed Goddess
29 Kamalasambhava One Who Emerges From The Lotus
30 Anugrahaprada One Who Grants Good Wishes
31 Buddhi Goddess Of Wisdom
32 Anagha Sinless Or Pure Goddess
33 Harivallabhi Consort Of Lord Vishnu
34 Ashoka One Who Dispels Sorrows
35 Amrutha Goddess Of Nectar
36 Deepa Radiant Faced
37 Lokashokavinashini One Who Removes Worldly Troubles
38 Dharmanilaya One Who Establishes Eternal Law
39 Karuna Compassionate Goddess
40 Lokamatri Universal Mother

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Sr. No. Mahalaxmi Name Meaning
41 Padmapriya Lover Of Lotus
42 Padmahasta One Who Has Lotus Like Hands
43 Padmakshya One Who Has Lotus Like Eyes
44 Padmasundari Beautiful Like The Lotus
45 Padmodbhava One Who Emerges From The Lotus
46 Padmamukhi Lotus Faced Goddess
47 Padmanabhapriya Beloved Of Padmanabha - Lord Vishnu
48 Ramaa Pleaser Of Lord Vishnu
49 Padmamaladhara One Who Wears The Lotus Garland
50 Devi Goddess
51 Padmini Like The Lotus
52 Padmagandhini One Who Has Fragrance Like The Lotus
53 Punyagandha The Divine Perfumed Goddess
54 Suprasanna Compassionate Goddess
55 Prasadabhimukhi One Who Grants Boons And Wishes
56 Prabha Goddess With The Radiance Like The Sun
57 Chandravadana Moon Faced Goddess
58 Chanda Calm Like The Moon
59 Chandrasahodari Sister Of The Moon
60 Chaturbhuja Four Armed Goddess
61 Chandrarupa Beautiful Like The Moon
62 Indira Radiant Like The Sun
63 Indusheetala Pure Like The Moon
64 Ahladajanani Goddess Who Bestows Happiness
65 Pushti Goddess Of Health
66 Shiva Auspicious Goddess
67 Shivakari Embodiment Of Auspiciousness
68 Satya Truth
69 Vimala Pure
70 Vishwajanani Universal Mother
71 Pushti Possessor Of Wealth
72 Daridriyanashini Remover Of Poverty
73 Preeta Pushkarini Goddess Who Has Pleasing Eyes
74 Shanta Peaceful Goddess
Sr. No. Mahalaxmi Name Meaning
75 Shuklamalambara One Who Wears White Clothing
76 Bhaskari Dazzling Like The Sun
77 Bilvanilaya One Who Lives Under The Bilva Tree
78 Vararoha Goddess Who Bestows Wishes And Boons
79 Yashaswini Goddess Of Fame And Fortune
80 Vasundhara Daughter Of Mother Earth
81 Udaranga One Who Has A Beautiful Body
82 Harini One Who Is Deer Like
83 Hemamalini One Who Possesses Golden Garlands
84 Dhanadhanyaki One Who Bestows Wealth
85 Siddhi Protector
86 Straina Soumya Showering Goodness On Women
87 Shubhaprada One Who Grants Auspicious Things
88 Nrupaveshvagathananda One Who Lives In Palaces
89 Varalakshmi Granter Of Prosperity
90 Vasuprada Bestower Of Wealth
91 Shubha Auspicious Goddess
92 Hiranyapraka Amidst Gold
93 Samudratanaya Daughter Of The Ocean
94 Jaya Goddess Of Victory
95 Mangala Most Auspicious
96 Devi Diety Or Goddess
97 Vishnuvakshah One Who Resides In Lord Vishnu's Chest
98 Vishnupatni Consort Of Lord Vishnu
99 Prasannakshi Lively Eyed
100 Narayana Samashrita One Who Seeks Refuge In Lord Narayana
101 Daridriya Dhwamsini One Who Eliminates Poverty
102 Devlakshmi Goddess
103 Sarvapadravanivarini One Who Dispels Unhappiness
104 Navadurga All Nine Forms Of Durga
105 Mahakali A Form Of Goddess Kali
106 Brahma-Vishnu-Shivatmika Goddess In The Form Of Brahma Vishnu Shiva
107 Trikalagyanasampanna One Is Aware Of Past, Present And Future
108 Bhuvaneshwarya Supreme Goddess Or Deity
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