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The rarest of the rare and one of the most powerful and divine Rudraksha mother nature has blessed us with is the Trijuti Rudraksha which features three naturally joined Rudrakshas. It represents the ‘Trinity’ or Trimurti, known as Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva (Mahesh) which is encompassed within the mantra Aum. The three syllables of AUM symbolize the three principles of existence which signify Brahma, the creator; Vishnu, the preserver; and Shiva, the destroyer.

A = Brahma
U = Vishnu
M = Shiva

According to Vedas, God first created sound and then the entire universe rose from this sound of AUM, which is the essence of the entire universe; it is the manifestation of Brahman. AUM represents whatever has existed, whatever exists and whatever will exist. It comprises of three distinct Sanskrit sounds which are A-U-M, the sounds together consists of the essence of the three worlds, the three major Hindu Deities (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva) and the three major Vedas (Rig, Yajur and Sama Vedas).

Trijuti or Brahma Vishnu Maheshwar Rudraksha is the source of emanation of everlasting joy, entitlement to resolutions of persistently troubling problems, resulting in profound inner contentment. As it represents the three main Hindu gods, the trimurti Brahma Vishnu Mahesh together, wearing of this bead gives the wearer immense power for great and rare achievements in the world and expands his Universal consciousness. It is an ideal Rudraksha for leaders, project managers and Spiritual seekers. It also wards off negative forces and removes all the obstacles, therefore, paving the way for ultimate success.

Only a few fortunate individuals chosen by the almighty are meant to wear this Rudraksha. Its wearer acquires an absolute nature with complete command over all circumstances. It is ideal for effective leadership and total achievement.

Trijuti beads are mainly available in two varieties, Nepal and Java Indonesian beads. They are the most powerful and original varieties of Rudraksha. Nepal beads are larger in size with naturally embedded deep clear mukhi lines on outer surface. They show results faster, thus Trijuti Rudraksha price in Nepal variety is higher than the price of Java variety. Also, Java beads are comparatively smaller in size with smooth surface and visible lines not so deep etched. However, both Rudraksha beads share similar internal structure and long term effects of both varieties are almost the same.
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Most of our clients opt for Java Indonesian beads because they are smaller and lesser priced and hence can be made into pretty jewelry designs.



The ruling deities are Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, therefore this Rudraksha bead is embedded with the characteristics of the unabridged universe.

Trijuti Rudraksha rules all the planets however if you wish to assign one particular planet it rules Venus or Shukra Graha

Importance of Trijuti Rudraksha:

  • The wearer of Trijuti Rudraksha has total control over challenging situations.
  • The wearer of Trijuti is blessed with influence in society, riches, power & abundance
  • The wearer gains the intellectual prowess to comprehend societal as well as cosmic consciousness
  • This bead is ideal for project managers, venture capitalists, public policy administrators, politicians, government officials, spiritual leaders & healers.
  • It is a very powerful tool to culminate leadership and in achieving total success.
  • The mystic power of this divine bead synchronizes the wearer with all universal energies.

Trijuti Rudraksha Benefits:

  • This bead enhances the creational powers of the wearer to its fullest.
  • It ensures complete accomplishment on both the material and spiritual realms.
  • Apparently impossible achievements can be reached by wearing Trijuti Rudraksha.
  • Trijuti not only attracts the Trinity's blessings, but also the grace of all other deities.

Trijuti Rudraksha Therapeutic Benefits:

  • Overall good health, well-being and wealth.
  • Enhances the power of mind and it has anti-ageing properties.
  • It helps heal the spleen and strengthens the immune system
  • It provides relief in heart related issues.
  • It helps manage all kinds of hormonal issues.
  • It heals all kinds of autoimmune diseases.

Trijuti Rudraksha Beej Mantra:

|| AUM ||
One can chant any Shiva, Vishnu & Brahma Mantra to energize this bead


AUM also chanted and known as OM is the primordial sound vibration of all creation. Chanting of OM produces a vibration that resonates with the universal vibration and thus chanting OM elevates us and establishes a relationship with our true self. OM is the root of the entire universe and chanting of OM reminds us of our bond with the divine. Chanting of OM gives individuals the ability to move past our physical and mental states of consciousness and connect with the divine.

OM also has major significance in other Dharmic religions such as Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. Also other Abrahamic religions such as Christianity and Islam also have relevance to OM. These religions do talk about the fact that in the beginning, God was a 'word'. Words such as amen and amin in Christianity and Islam and Ogham from ancient scripts may have been derived from OM.

This concurs with modern scientific thinking which says that everything - every atom and molecule in every nook and corner of this universe - is formed out of energy vibration. Einstein formulated his famous equation that E=mc2 which indicates that matter (m) is but an expression of Energy (E). Every atom, at-Om, comes out of the Primordial Vibration which is symbolized by OM. Continuously chanting OM creates inner clarity. OM is a key which can open the door to the Infinite. Shree Yantra is the geometric representation of OM, and its resonant frequency is also OM.

After chanting AUM there is silence; this symbolizes the underlying reality which is the substratum behind, and beyond, creation (Brahma), sustenance (Vishnu) and destruction (Shiva). All of Mantras, worships and meditations consists of OM; in fact OM is a Mantra and prayer in itself. According to the Vedas any work that begins with the uttering of OM will surely bear fruits.

AUM Symbolizes and Encourages:

  • The descent of Universality into the human heart.
  • The descent of the Infinite into the finite.
  • The expression of the Unconditioned into the conditioned.
  • The descent of the Formless into form.


Trijuti is a very rare rudraksha variety in both the Nepal & Java trees. The sizes ranges between 30mm – 50mm for Nepal variety & between 20mm to 30 mm for java variety. As the size of the Trijuti Rudraksha increases, so do the potency and speed of its effects, but the price also rises proportionally. The sizes have arranged into small, regular, large and collector sizes. Collector beads are the biggest, most powerful and sought after Rudraksha beads of the season. They are larger, heavy, lustrous, well-developed beads with good symmetry. Since, we pay the farmers before the start of the season to provide us the choicest and best pick of the season for our clients. You would find the rarest of the beads from us at reasonable prices.Regarding the design of Trijuti Rudraksha it is usually cased completely in silver or gold, it is best to avoid passing thread through the natural holes of the Trijuti Rudraksha as they are very delicate, the bead can break very easily.

Trijuti rudraksha necklace
Trijuti rudraksha pendant
Trijuti rudraksha bracelet

The Trijuti bead needs to carefully cased so that it is protected from all sizes and doesn’t break on impact. It can either be worn as a bracelet or pendant as per RRST. However we recommend wearing it as a pendant.


  • Get up early on the morning, bathe and wear clean clothes.
  • Now sit facing the North-East direction and chant the mantra “AUM” 108 times while wearing Trijuti Rudraksha.
  • The best way to wear this auspicious bead is to case it in silver or gold and wear it as a pendant.

If you purchase Trijuti from Rudra Centre we will energize the bead so you can wear it immediately once you receive it


In order to check whether the Trijuti Rudraksha bead is original or not, you must test the Rudraksha according to the following simple steps.

  • Observe the Rudraksha bead carefully and see whether the line (Mukhi) is complete and runs from one end to the other without breaking and whether the bead is not tempered.
  • Now put this Rudraksha bead inside a glass full of warm water for an hour or two and check for glued surfaces in the areas where the three beads meet.
  • You can also get an X ray of this bead to see the internal compartments and seeds are natural
  • Do get the bead inspected from an expert whom you trust

Before purchasing a Rudraksha it is always advisable to check whether the Trijuti Rudraksha dealers are ISO certified and sell genuine beads and are stable in this business. Compare the Trijuti Rudraksha price from the shortlisted dealers and then buy Trijuti Rudraksha. The original Trijuti Rudraksha is a rare and divine asset which fills the life of the wearer with abundance, happiness and wholeness in all its spheres.

Since Trijuti Rudraksha is very rare and higher priced there are many fakes in the market it is highly recommended to source Trijuti Rudraksha from a trusted source like Rudra Centre

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