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Bhairavi Mantra

Goddess Bhairavi

Devi Bhairavi is also known as Tripura Bhairavi or Kala Bhairavi who is the divine consort of Lord Bhairava, the fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva. ‘Bhairavi’ means the one who is terror personified or the one who creates terror in her enemies. She is the fifth manifestation of Goddess Durga who is also the personification of desires in life. She represents triumph over one’s sensual desires to put him/her on a path of spiritual progress.


Appearance & Attire

Various Vedic scriptures mention that she sits on a lotus with four hands; a book in one hand, a rosary in another hand and the other two hands in abhaya mudra and varada mudra respectively. She wears red garments with a garland of severed heads around her neck. She has three divine eyes and her head has a crescent moon. It is also mentioned in the Devi Mahatmya that Bhairavi manifests in another form carrying a sword and a cup that has blood in it in two hands and the other two in abhaya and varada mudras.

Bhairavi Mantra

ॐ ह्रीं भैरवी कलौं ह्रीं स्वाहा॥
Om Hreem Bhairavi Kalaum Hreem Svaha॥
ह्स्त्रैं ह्स्क्ल्रीं ह्स्त्रौं:॥
Hstraim Hsklreem Hstraumh॥
हसैं हसकरीं हसैं॥
Hasaim Hasakarim Hasaim॥

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Significance of Bhairavi Mantra

One who is seeking to tread the spiritual path which is filled with numerous obstacles may chant these mantras and invoke Devi’s grace. One who meditates on the sound of these mantras moves up from the Muladhara Chakra to the Sahasrara Chakra. Also those seeking material wish fulfilment may worship Bhairavi for her divine grace.

Astrological Significance

In Vedic Astrology, Goddess Bhairavi controls the Lagna aspect of one’s kundali. Lagna is the first moment when a soul contacts matter (earth) and takes birth. It is the aspect associated with the traits, qualities and behavioural patterns of the person. Therefore one can say that Bhairavi controls our behaviour, pattern of thinking and other personality traits.


● Protects against all negative energies
● Fulfils spiritual and material desires
● Increases spiritual strength
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