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Buddha Purnima

Buddha Purnima 2019: Date, Time and Significance of Bhuddha Jayanti Puja

Budddha Purnima (May 18, 2019 Saturday) is the day when Gautama Buddha was born (his 2580th Birth Anniversary). It is also known as Vesakha or Buddha Day a holiday followed conventionally by the Buddhists around the world.

Narasimha Jayanti Puja and Fast timings (Muhurat): 
Particular Date & Day Time starts Time ends
Buddha Purnima Tithi May 18, Saturday 04:10 AM  
Buddha Purnima Tithi May 19, Sunday   02:41 AM

Gautama Buddha was named Siddhartha Gautama by his parents.  Siddhartha a Sanskrit word is made of siddha meaning ‘to achieve’ and artha meaning ‘goal’. It means the one who has achieved (siddha) the ultimate goal (artha). His father’ name was Suddhodana; suddho means ‘pure’ and dana or dhana means ‘grain of rice’ the one who grows pure rice or has opulence (dhana sampati). In the Vedas, rice is considered to be one of the sacred offerings honored as much as Anna Deva (the god who nourishes or feeds all the beings). The one who has rice (symbolically food in his plate) is said to be rich but the one who grows the rice grains is the richest. Born to Suddhodana (the Shakya Clan chief) and Maya (the Koliyan Princess), Buddha had all royal facilities.  His father wanted him to be a noble king and take full advantage of all the material opulence and facilities available to him in the family.

His father made a lot of attempts to keep Buddha away from the four: the sick, the aged, the poor and the dead; the four bitter truths of life namely diseases, aging, poverty and death. However Buddha set out to see the subjects in his father’s kingdom and faced the naked truths. When he saw all of the aforementioned people, his charioteer Channa explained to him that this was the way of life. Going ahead on the chariot, Buddha encountered an ailing man, a dead body and an ascetic who all left a deep impact on him and depressed him as well. Feeling guilt-tripped within, Siddhartha silently left his royal palace for a mendicant’s life. He traveled extensively in search of the Absolute Truth or self-realization.

How to Celebrate Buddha Purnima:

When the world delves into an endless ocean of ignorance, hatred and unrestricted sense-gratification, an Enlightened One descends to reclaim the fallen souls. Buddha in a spiritual perspective reclaimed the fallen souls through his teachings. He found that extreme asceticism and unrestricted sensual enjoyment did no good to one’s inner self. He found a middle way called Majjhimaapaṭipadaa neither extreme/sudden renunciation of the worldly objects nor unrestricted sensual pleasure.

One can celebrate Buddha Purnima in the simplest way. The aim of celebration is to remember Buddha and his invaluable teachings.

Visit to a Vihara: One can visit a Vihara if located in their city. A ‘Vihara’ a Sanskrit and Pali word for a monastery used by Buddhists. There you can sit peacefully and offer flowers to the Buddha statue. You can also light up a Diya (oil/ghee/butter lamp) and place it along the others.

Simple dressing: One can dress up simply in white or saffron attire if possible. You can also use a shawl while praying.

Cooking Kheer: One can cook kheer (rice pudding). It is important to cook it considering its historical significance. During his ascetic journey, Buddha experienced physical weaknesses due to consuming only a leaf or a nut per day in order to sustain his quench for Enlightenment, devoid of absolute pleasures. When a village girl named Sujata saw a weakened Buddha collapsing in a river while taking bath, she offered him kheer that helped him regain some energy. Rice pudding is made of rice grains, milk, sugar and water. These ingredients are regarded by the Vedas as satvik. They nourish your inner self as well as energize the finer tissues of the brain, making the mind calm and focused on the spiritual practice. On this day, non-vegetarian food is not consumed.

Meditation: This is central to Buddhism as Buddha stressed on dhyana, meditation. One can simply read the teachings of Buddha and then sit in mediation calmly. This will gradually shut the chattering in your fickle mind. One can mediate in a Vihara, a place that is super-charged with the mantras chanted by the monks there. However it not compulsory to do meditation there, you can sit anywhere provided there are no distractions.

  • If you are unable to meditate due to the unstoppable chattering of your mind, better you play the divine chants of Buddha and focus on the sound.
  • You can read more about Buddha and listen to his teachings.
  • You can install a Buddha Idol at you place or hang his photo frame. The idol or photo is conducive to meditation.

Buddha Purnima Special Products:

Buddha Face Statue made in Brass

This idol of Lord Buddha’s face has been created using pure brass. You can place this idol at your place, desk or any purified area to feel his blessings. The elegant idol shines with its rich looks and attracts those who are enchanted by mystic articles.

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Akshobhya Buddha

Akshobhya Buddha incense from the Fragrance of Gods collection of Tatva Yog. Unique incense made with pure essential oils that represent the attributes of Lord Buddha that invoke His divine presence. Experience ocean serenity of the immovable one with bright

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This beautiful Shawl is Jaquard weaved in soft woollen fabric with knotted tassels at the ends. This shawl has image of 'Lord Buddha' and beautiful 'floral patterns' artistically weaved all over with black and respective

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Buddha Staues

Presenting the elegantly designed pure brass idols of Lord Buddha with a marvellous stone workmanship. The motif on his clothes wrapped around his body epitomises spiritual beauty coupled with peace, patience and meditation. It can be placed in meditation room or gifted to near and dear ones.
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Elegant Lapis Lazuli Buddha Bracelet is made using 16 natural round Lapis Lazuli beads with the face of Lord Buddha in german silver. The beauty of the bracelet is enhanced with stone studded metal spacers.

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