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Check the authenticity of Rudraksha beadsQ: I have recently purchased some Rudraksha from a source that has been selling for over 20 years. I still feel that it is best to check the authenticity of the beads. How may I do this?

A: Many long-time suppliers in Nepal and India deal in counterfeit Beads as part of their normal Trade and this is simply a part of the business Mostly the round one mukhi and then any mukhis over 14 Mukhi mukhi Is not easy to figure out why some rules for testing exist because many times they are misleading. Let's see how?

  • Authentic Rudraksha will both float and sink depending on how much moisture is trapped in the Bead so there can be no valid test for Authenticity based on sinking or floating. If the authentic Bead is a couple of years old and really dry from being in a collection box it will float because it is totally dry. Is still an authentic Bead. If you leave the Bead in the water for a couple of days it will take on enough water and sink If the Bead is new from this season then the Beads are normally not dry due to their freshness and there is moisture trapped in the Bead. When placed in glass of water the Bead will find its buoyancy level somewhere from the bottom of the glass of water to the top depending on the amount of moisture it is carrying. We have found that any and all authentic Beads will either sink or float depending on whether it is really dry or still has moisture from being a freshly harvested Rudraksha Bead.
  • Counterfeit round 1 mukhi are sold in both India and Indonesia. Small pieces of Rudraksha are glued on four of the lines of a five mukhi bead thus leaving only one deep line. Can be detected by soaking in water for several hours. The other hidden lines would show up in a different colour as the glue softens. We don't advise boiling the bead as it destroys the properties. Another method to remove glue that is not water soluble is to place Bead in Liquid Nitrous Oxide so it melts the more sophisticated glues. Know the 1 mukhi can never be round in shape as the shape of the bead matches the interior structure. Just as a 5 mukhi is pentagon shaped, 4 mukhi is square, 3 mukhi is a triangle, 2 mukhi flat, one mukhi has to be half flat in shape. It would resemble an eye.
  • Fake beads can also be made from wood, cork, gum or from a type of clay. As well as from the inner wood of the plant species Walnut and from the wood of Chestnut (Akhrot) plant.
  • One can often times spot a fake bead by uses a magnifying glass. To identify real Rudraksha, an expert's eye and touch is required. There is lot of variation in Rudraksha beads. Constant collection of different Rudraksha from different localities adds to one's experience in this field. It is always therefore better to purchase Rudraksha beads from the authentic sources.

Rudraksha Ratna offers a free Authentication Service where there might be reasonable doubt regarding authenticity for any Rudraksha Beads purchased anywhere in the world.

For this service the client pays shipping both ways to Rudraksha Ratna. Another method of Authentication can take place by scanning Beads at high resolution and sending scanned pictures to Rudraksha Ratna experts in India by email at: contact@rudracentre.com

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  • And found that they WORKED

    About 18 months ago, I was NOT a believer. I bought a bead, mainly out of curiosity. Also, a Vedic astrologer had warned me about the perils of a Rahu mahadasa that was coming up. I liked the bead's effects, and I bought another. And, another. I started studying the information on the rudraksha-ratna website, and read the post of some of the malamakers on this list. I began to watch the effects that wearing different beads, with different energies had on the quality of my meditations. I began to use recommended combinations for different purposes... and found that they WORKED! One particu close

    - Kari Sprowl
  • Never I smoked again

    Dear Neeta, You like to hear an effect wich i had from 14 muhki beads? I was a sigaret smoker for 38 years, some 50 sigarrets per day. Half year ago i started to wear the 14 muhki. Few weeks later i sat down and thought: "" What the hell is this for an horrable idiot habbit. This night i will again not be able to sleep well. I will be afraid again for cancer, i will be nervous again, i will not digest good enough my food wich makes me tyred."" Never i smoked again. The thoughts i had that day have been effective and practical immediatly. I had no problem (only very very little, while other att close

    - H. Tadema


  • Its of a very good quality

    Hello Sir/Madam, I have received the bead I had asked for today morning. Its of a very good quality. I am also very happy that you have dispatched the bead very quickly. I hope to buy many more beads from you in the future. Thank you! Arunesh Talapatra New Delhi close

    - Arunesh Talapatra
  • I have good peace of mind

    I am also wearing 1 to 14 faces mala since 3 years and no bad effects. I have good peace of mind and balanced life. All glories to lord Shiva Regards, Nilesh close

    - Nilesh
  • A dream come true

    Dear Friends, I had received my Siddha mala from Rudra centre few days back. A dream come true. I was saving money to procure one siddh mala from the last almost a year. I had purchased few beads earlier from the Rudra centre, and I must thank Ms Neeta for utilising the same beads in preparation of my siddh mala. After wearing it I am feeling great, my concentration has inceased, some fear that I had from my competitors, has vanished, I had some stomach ailment (gastric trouble), I am feeling much relieved now. Some of my money was stuck with one of my clients and he was himself was in great f close

    - Rajiv
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