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Chitra Pournami 2023

Chitra Pournami

Chitra Pournami is a Hindu festival celebrated across South Asia on the full moon of the month of Chithirai, also called Chaitra, which corresponds to April or May in the Gregorian calendar. This day commemorates Lord Chitragupta, who is Lord Yama's assistant. This day is also known as Chithira Pournami in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, where Lord Kartikeya is worshipped and celebrated on this day too.

This day is the first Full Moon of the Vedic New Year, and it is the time to purge karmic records that prevent you from resetting your life and achieving your goals. The meeting of the Sun and the Moon is also commemorated on this day. Chitra Purnima is one of the best days for starting fresh and making your life shine.

When is Chitra Pournami in 2023? Date & Time

In 2023 Chitra Purnami festival is celebrated on Friday, May 5th.
Pournami Tithi Begins: 11:44 PM on May 4th, 2023
Pournami Tithi Ends: 11:03 PM on May 5th, 2023

Significance of Chitra Pournami

When the Sun and Moon are reunited, Chitra Pournima is observed. On this day, it is essential to worship the god Chitragupta. Chitragupta represents two words: Chitra alludes to images and Gupta to concealed. Lord Chitragupta is considered to be Lord Yama's younger brother. Chitragupta supports Lord Yama by keeping track of an individual's karmas. To satisfy God on the festival of Chitra Pournima, people typically do puja on riverbanks or surrounding lakes.

Every Chitra Pournima, the Anamala Hills draw tens of thousands of pilgrims who appear to take part in a 14-kilometer-long trek known as Pradakshina. In addition, worshippers fast during the Chitra Pournami. On this particular day, worshipers also congregate in great numbers to the ancient Chitragupta temple in Kanchipuram, South India. Those who fail to achieve a balance between good and negative karmas are said to repeat the same birth cycle.

According to the Thiruvilaiyaiyaal Puranam and Tamil scriptures, the story of Chitra Poornima revolves on Lord Indra, the Godkings, and his Guru Brihaspati. Once, Lord Indra and Guru Brihaspati argued about what Lord Indra had said to Guru Brihaspati. Guru Brihaspati, Indra's guru and counselor, instructed him to conduct a journey to the earth in order to expiate his bad karma.

After agreeing, Lord Indra granted his Guru's request. During the journey, Lord Indra noticed a shivaling beneath the Kadamba tree. Eventually, he realized that Lord Shiva was assisting him in reducing his negative actions. As a sign of respect, he quickly began offering lotus flowers to Lord Shiva. On the full moon day of the Chithirai month, this occurrence occurred in Madurai. Since then, people adore the Lord at the renowned Meenakshi Temple in Madurai by doing pujas.

Lord Chitragupta: The Akashic Record Keeper

Chaitra Purnima Significance And Importance

In a book known as the Agrasandhan, Lord Chitragupta is tasked with the responsibility of maintaining records of human deeds. He is the one who reads a person's deeds after they have passed away and arrived in Yamaloka. This gives Yama, the god of death, the ability to decide whether the person will be reborn in Svarga or Naraka (heaven or hell), depending on how they lived their lives.

Lord Chitragupta is the archetype believed to be responsible for keeping your karmic records, also known as Akashic Records. According to tradition, on this day, invoking Chitragupta and assisting the poor can eliminate a significant amount of negative karma.

According to sacred texts, Yama felt overworked and requested that Brahma provide him with a lieutenant who could be responsible for maintaining the records of the deceased. Finally, after 10,000 years of intense meditation, Chitragupta emerged from Brahma's mind and body. This occurred on the Full Moon of Chitra month (mid-April to mid-May).

Therefore, the birthday of Chitragupta is an ideal and auspicious day to perform Chitra Purnima poojas (prayer ceremonies) and access the energies of Chitragupta in order to clear your bad karmic record, increase your good karma, and acquire the wisdom to maintain good karma.

Lord Kartikeya: The Handsome Warrior

Lord Kartikeya: The Handsome WarriorLord Kartikeya also known as Lord Murugan, is the young brother of Lord Ganesha and the son of Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati. He is the brave leader of God's forces, and he was created to destroy demons, which represent human negative tendencies. Perfection personified, He is worshipped as the god of war and victory and widely regarded as the God of Tamil people.

Kartikeya represents power and strength and worshipping him can get rid of woes and give the worshipper strength. Lord Kartikeya destroyed the demon Tarakasur on the seventh day of his birth. He is known to be the most masculine and fierce among Hindu gods. Known for his valor and as the protector of dharma, Kartikeya has slained several demons like Krauncha, Banasura and Pralamba.

He is also always youthful, which gives him the name Kumara (Sanskrit for youth). As Shadanan, Kartikeya has six heads, each standing for the five senses and the mind. The six heads also help him keep an eye in all directions so that He can combat problems coming from any direction.

As war god with six faces, Lord Kartikeya also teaches his devotees to battle through life fighting off bad people who could lead you to the wrong path of lobha (greed), kaama (sex), krodh (anger), moha (passion), mada (ego), and matsarya (jealousy).

How People Celebrate Chitra Pournami?

Chitra Purnima RitualsOn this blessed day, people give special prayers and conduct various rites to satisfy the Lord. They also bathe in surrounding holy rivers in the belief that this will cleanse them of their sins. Also, those afflicted by the malevolent effects of Ketu worship Chitragupta in an effort to eradicate these afflictions. Some of them practice a 24-hour fast by abstaining from fatty and spicy foods. People observe this day by distributing food and clothing to the impoverished which is believed to help the giver to get rid of significant past bad karma and wrongdoings.

In addition, a ceremony of this day involves the preparation of Navadhaniyam, which consists of nine distinct foods dedicated to God. One should be careful not to engage in such activities during Rahu Kalam or Yama Kandam. To worship the Lord, they place betel leaves, almonds, coconut, or banana on a dish and light incense sticks. Afterwards, they end the rites with the Mangala Aarti.

Chitra Purnima Rituals

On Chitra Purnima, prayers can connect you to a higher divine energy. On this day, practicing meditation and participating in sacred rituals brings one closer to God. It enables you to obtain divine blessings and atone for your sins.

When past karma is resolved, one feels invigorated and revitalized. The obstacles to happiness, health, and wealth will vanish after being purified of negative energies. On this day, it is beneficial to feed the poor.

Chitra Pournami Pooja & its Benefits

Benefits of Chitra Pournami Puja

Those who conduct the Durga Puja on Chitra Pournami may be relieved of their negative karma. This ceremony encourages us to refrain from committing misconduct and to focus on truth and integrity. Devotees give earnest prayers to God to rid their brains of bad notions. The purpose of the Chitra Pournami Puja is to cleanse previous transgressions of good conduct in the past.

This ceremony may be the finest approach to obtain God's particular blessings. On this auspicious day, some individuals also organize Yagnas and recite mantras to please the Lord, believing that this is the most spiritual approach to communicate with God. This ceremony not only purges the inner self of negativity, but also inspires the individual to take the path to inner redemption.

This unique full moon festival provides opportunities to reduce our negative karma by remembering Lord Chitragupta's name. Those who perform the puja on this day may receive the blessings of both Lord Chitragupta and Lord Yama.

Chitra Pournami significance of its puja is of great importance and profound transcendence on personal karma balance and clearing the path for enlightment.

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