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There are many kinds of Mala used in spiritualand meditation purposes.

Lotus seed Mala (Kamal GattaMala) -

This mala made of Lotus seeds is used for chanting mantras of Goddess Laxmi. Loose lotus beads are offered to Her during prayer rituals. Devotees often wear this mala around their neck.
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Haldi/Turmeric - Mala

It is used to perform Anusthan (special prayers) and destroy enemies and succeed in law suits. If a man has fallen prey to Jaundice, he should wear a mala of turmeric beads to be cured faster.
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Putra Jeeva mala -

It is used in Sadhana for having an off spring in the family.
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Sandal Wood Garland & Mala -

Mala made of sandal wood is used for peace and empowering rituals and for worshipping deities. Sandal wood garland is good for welcoming and honouring guests.
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Silver Beads Mala -

To fulfill any sacred and virtuous objective, silver beads mala is the most effective. It is representative of planet Moon and Goddess Parvati.
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Kusha root Mala -

The mala, made from the roots of kusha grass is used for all sacred & Virtuous activities.

Red sandal wood mala -

Red Sandalwood is the representation of Lord Brahma and blessed by Goddess Lakshmi. Red Sandalwood mala soothes pitta dosha and helps one to conquer the senses. It is said to magnetize positive vibrations. Wearer of red sandalwood mala enjoys all comforts at his authority. It is recommended for Headache, Heart Diseases and Right Eye Defect.
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Rose wood mala -

Rosewood mala imparts compassion and love to the wearer. The energy of rosewood is primarily feminine and focused on spiritual, intuitive health and beauty. Rosewood is especially effective in spiritual healing and nourishing.
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Tulsi Mala and Kanti (Neck Mala) -

This mala is regarded as the best for worshipping Lord Vishnu, Ram and Krishna. According to Ayurveda, it is very useful for healing diseases related to throat. It is also used for purification of the body.
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Conch Mala -

It is used for special tantric rituals. It is said that tantra does not work on a person wearing conch shell mala.
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Vaijayanti Mala -

Vaijanti is used for Vashikaran(attraction) and Devi Siddhi ( Meditation) as this Vaijanti seed comes from the forests where the Gods and Goddess eternally make love. This is a glossy seed that grows in the forests of Braj. As per primeval texts Krishna made mala for Radha and Ram for Sita out of Vaijanti seeds . This mala is loved by both Lord Vishnu and Krishna and it has common faith amongst the people that wearer of this Vaijanti mala by no means loses anything in life as it is also called Mala/Rosary of victory.
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Rudraksha Mala -

It is very effective and is used in all kinds of rituals while worshipping gods, goddesses and nine planets. If any particular mala is not available, a rudraksha Mala is could be used without any hesitation only with exception of mantras of killing others (maran) and yakshni Sidhi. Thus it is regarded as the best of all rosaries.
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Quartz (Sphatik or Crystal) Mala -

It is the best mala for counting beads while chanting Durga mantras and Mahalaxmi mantras. If it is worn, the mind becomes pacified and quiet. He who wears it, becomes favorite of Lord Shiva.
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Coral Mala -

It is used for sadhana and worship of Lord Ganesh, Hanuman and Mars planet. It is also useful for people who are prone to anemic condition.
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Navratna Mala -

This is used to get energies from the nine planets. There are nine precious stones corresponding to the nine planets in it. It gives good luck when it is worn.
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Amber Mala -

It is recommended for diseases related to blood.
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Kaharwa Mala -

It is put around the neck of the patients of jaundice. It cures the disease very soon.
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Similarly there are many rosaries made of semi precious stones of different planets. For example there are garlands of Garnet, Pearl, Jade, Onex, Topaz, Blue Sapphire, Topaz Onex, Topaz Zircon, Cat's eye, Amethyst, Rose quartz, Tiger, Agate and Moonstone. These malas are very useful in pacifying the inimical planetary influences in one's life. A combination of Rudraksha and Pearl mala, Rudraksha and sphatik mala and Rudraksha and coral mala is very popular.

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    TO, DharmaDev Arya Thank you for replying me. today i have received my mala. it is very beautifull. i will start wearing from monday. your company and each people dedication make customer happy like me. very on time delivery and emails. thank you once again. If i have any question i will ask you later. Take Care Now. Kartik Shrimankar. close

    - Kartik Shrimankar
  • New rudraksha malas have some sweet gentle energy

    Here's my two cents worth. New rudraksha malas like the 4mm ones I wear have some sweet, gentle energy when they are new; I changed out the rudrakshas on my three 108 malas (each with Jyotish stones) and it took months for them to re-energize as they were before. The more time you spend wearing them and meditating with them, the more energy they carry. I can only imagine what the energy of an Indra mala would be after meditating with it touching the skin for several years! As soon as I have enough money, I will get one from the Rudra Center. In the meantime, having a japa mala or two with your close

    - Sindhuma Ishaya
  • Very pleased with your service

    Dear Neeta Ji, Namaste! I would like to thank you and everyone at Rudraksha Ratna for Rudraksha recommendation and sending me personalized mala. I am very pleased with your service and looking forward to my future purchases at Rudraksha Ratna. Thank you again from bottom of my heart Sree Antari close

    - Sree Antari
  • Thank you for selling these Rudraksha beads on the internet

    Many thanks for the last order of Rudraksha beads, they were very beautiful.  The gifts were very thoughtful and greatly appreciated and will be a blessing at this home. The custom Sadhana mala, is working very well, I always go into samadhi in a few minutes, and have only had two meditations when I shook. I wish to thank you for selling these Rudraksha beads on the internet, and hope you will continue to sell these rare and valuable beads. I can only says what is in my heart..... Om Namah Shivaya...   OM Matthew close

    - Matthew
  • The malas should come with a warning label as to how powerful they really are

    Agastya, Well, I just came to know, through personal experience, several interesting things: 1.  The mala's from Rudra-Centre are indeed every bit as powerful as I had heard prior to ordering! When I first found their site I posted an inquiry about the quality and efficacy of their products. I got a lot of responses -- including from Alakesh, who buys stuff from them. All the responses were very positive. One person even told me that the mala's should come with a warning label as to how powerful they really are! In my order was a free 108 Rudraksha bead mala; which I used for the first ti close

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  • Me and my wife could start feeling the vibration on our hands

    Greetings Ms Neetaji, Thank you so much. I just received the Rudraksha yesterday morning. The rudraksha are so beautiful. What even surprised me is that mukhi 2 rudra was also added in the bracelet. Wish to also thank you for this and also for the other free gifts. The japa mala are also wonderful. Me and my wife could start feeling the vibration on our hands the seconds after wearing the rudra bracelet. The packaging are so nicely done and I wish to thank your team for arranging for the delivery so fast. I am a customer for life now and I will place my second order soon. Thank you again. Om N close

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  • Items are very nice

    Hi ! I just wanted to thank you for my order ! The green thread of the rudraksha mala is perfect, items are very nice and I received my package very fast !! :) Thank you !! close

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    Recieved your product today .. Beautifully packed and along with it came a beautiful purse to keep the japa mala .. Wonderful service ... Very impressed and happy close

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