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Gift 1On Order Value above US$ 90 / Rs 5,650 / ‚¬ 75 / CA$ 114 / £ 67 / S$ 120/ A$ 115 / MYR$ 377

Japa mala

Rudraksha mala of fine and smooth beads of five mukhi Rudraksha beads of size 7 mm in thread knotted in traditional style with 108+1 beads and tassel. It is used to chant mantras for all Gods and Goddesses.

Shani Shingnapur Prasad Set

The set contains Shani Dev photo with Shani Yantra to be kept in pocket/wallet, Shani Yantra to fold and keep on Puja altar, Locket ( One side Sai Baba and other side Shani Dev) and Sweet Prasad. The kit is very useful in worshipping and seeking the blessings of Lord Shani Dev and Sai Baba and seeking the blessings of health, wealth, success and prosperity.

Wooden Locket Yantra

Yantra is a tool or diagram illustrating sacred geometrical arrangement in a symmetrical design which emits cosmic positive energies, curbs negative energies and helps the wearer in fulfilling a desired intention. As stated in Devi Bhagwat, 'Archabhave Tatha Yantram' means, yantra is a symbolism of divine power and hence, it is worshiped as deity.

Gift 2  On Order Value above US$ 271 / Rs 16,950 / ‚¬ 226 / CA$ 341 / £ 200 / S$ 361 / A$ 346 / MYR$ 1130   Gift 1  One gift from this Elite Lot

Rudraksha Super Divine Dhoop Sticks

Aromatic Dhoop sticks made of Desi Gir Cow dung, Rudraksha tree leaves and natural ingredients and herbs create a spiritually conducive ambience for puja and meditation. Its aromatic fumes remove dull energies, purify the surrounding and promote good health and positivity.

Rudraksha Maintenanace Kit

A complete maintenance kit with Copper plate, sandal paste, olive+sandal oil, brush, ganges water and dhoop sticks for cleaning, maintaining and energising your Rudraksha beads.

Tripura Sundari Buddh yantra - 3 inches

Tripura Sundari Buddh Yantra is made in 24 carat gold plated copper and comes with superfine etching and long lasting finish. The Yantra blesses devotees with harmony, prosperity, beauty and divine grace and blessings of Tripura Sundari. Goddess Tripura-Sundari is associated with planet Mercury or Buddh Dev. Thus the Yantra pacifies any malefic effects of Planet mercury and provides stability in professional and personal life.

Gift 3  On Order Value above US$ 452 / Rs 28,250 / ‚¬ 377 / CA$ 568 / £ 333 / S$ 601 / A$ 577 / MYR$ 1883 =  Gift 1  Gift 2 +  One gift from this Elite Lot

Brass Puja Thali and Haldi Kumkum Container

Beautiful Puja Thali holding all the vessels required during prayer rituals, Decorative tray, Incense stand, Oil lamp and Container making your ritual a bliss. It comes along with Haldi Kumkum Container set.

Brass Shivlinga with Auspicious Mantra Kada

Shiva from time immemorial has been worshiped in the form of a Linga. At home, it blesses one with harmony, unity and spiritual upliftment. The worship of a Shivlinga usually includes an abhisheka usually of milk and water, but commonly with other liquids, including yogurt, honey and ghee.
It comes with a Mantra kada in copper which is best worn on right hand as a spiritual accessory and for good health and protection.

Ceramic Aura Lamp with Candle & Essential Oils

This set with diffuser lamp, T-light candle and an essential oil makes a charming kit for aromatherapy. Fill the top base of diffuser with water and add few drops of the oil and then place the lit candle inside the lamp to fill your room with a pleasant aroma.

Gift 4 On Order Value above US$ 904/ Rs 56,500/ ‚¬ 753/ CA$ 1136/ £ 666/ S$ 1202/ A$ 1153/ MYR$ 3767 =Gift 1  Gift 2 +  Gift 3 + One gift from this Elite Lot

Shaligram Kit

Shaligram is a sacred stone found in Gandaki river found in the Muktinath area of Nepal. This original and natural stone is worshipped as the iconic representation Lord Vishnu, similar to Shivlinga which is worshiped as anionic Lord Shiva. A home where Shaligram is kept is blessed with peace, happiness and prosperity. It is placed along with Tulsi mala.

Brass Pyramid with Shree Yantra Ring

A pyramid charges the place where it is kept with fire element and converts dull and negative energies into positive vibrations. It is best kept in the Southeast direction of the dwelling.
Shree Yantra ring is best worn on left ring finger as a good luck charm. It brings positivity and and attracts abundance.

Good Luck Kit

A pair of Right & Left Shankh kept in east portion of house or in cash box with the mouth of shells facing upwards attracts luck, wealth & prosperity.
Keep the Prosperity plate with 7 mukhi rudraksha, gomati chakra, laghu nariyal, yellow cowry, tiger cowry, white cowry and auspicious heera shankh in your puja altar, cash box or work desk to attract good fortune and opportunities for wealth and growth. Use the black agate mala for chanting Laxmi mantras or for wearing for stability.

Gift 5 On Order Value above US$ 2260/ Rs 1,41,250/ ‚¬ 1883/ CA$ 2841/ £ 1664/ S$ 3005/ A$ 2883/ MYR$ 9417 =   Gift 1 Gift 2 + Gift 3 Gift 4 + One gift from this Elite Lot

Shiv Shakti Kit

Divine combination of Gauri Shankar Rudraksha from Nepal strung in silver with 72 bead sphatik mala and one mukhi Half moon Rudraksha is perfect for your prayer altar for blessings for entire family.
Gauri Shankar Rudraksha represents the unified form of Shiva and Shakti, which helps open up Hrit Padma Chakra and brings union with the divine consciousness. 1 mukhi Rudraksha is from Srilanka and is ruled by Lord Shiva and represents auspiciousness and spiritual growth.

Fortune Cowrie Tree

Exotic tree with natural gemstone cluster base and made of natural Cowries resonates abundance energies in your dwelling or office.


  • Brings abundance and fertility
  • Attracts wealth and new opportunities
  • Brings auspiciousness and luck
Fortune Gomati Chakra Tree

Exotic looking tree made of natural Gomati chakras and natural gemstone base, resonates protecting and nurturing energies in your dwelling or office.


  • Attracts abundance and good fortune
  • Brings peace, happiness and harmony
  • For protection and good health

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  • My blood pressure has begun to respond

    Namaste, Neeta I hope all is well with you. I received my package while in the middle of moving.This move was more stressful than usual. Opening the package was like a breath of fresh air. Once again the Rudraksha with pendalling design was beautiful. My blood pressure has begun respond to the 5 Mukhi Rudraksha. Last Friday I did the Pran Prathistha with my Shree Yantra. You can feel the Shakti flowing from the Shree Yantra. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.  With Peace, Kevin   close

    - Kevin
  • You are really bringing home one step closer to us

    Thank you so much for your help. This means a lot for us who are residing outside India. Being far from home it is not always easy for us to do these kind of pooja and yagna all by ourselves due to lack of resources and knowledge. You are really bringing home one step closer to us. Thanks, --Madhu close

    - Madhu
  • Something was removed during puja ceremony

    Dear Neeta Ji! Namaste. Thank you for your excellent customer service skills, ability and desire to help. I had a very nice experience when in the last moment I was ordering extra pujas and you were able to perform them + communicate with the priests. Thank you for all your help and especially your personal opinion. Definitely, i would use it . Also, please tell to the priests my personal\\\\\\\" thank you\\\\\\\" for they are point of view , services and recommendations. During 5 th day puja i saw a dream - something was removed during puja ceremony. Many blessing and appreciation to you guys close

    - Tatyana Levine
  • Super service and genuine products

    Dear Neetaji Ji, I have received my parcel yesterday as usual fast delivery... Thank you for assisting me with shaligram.. I have come across few websites for shaligram but I know can\\\\\\\'t get super service and genuine product as rudra centre... I like my ram shaligram which are beautiful and thanks for the free gift too.. Thanks for the team members. Best Wishes, Vijay close

    - Vijay Maharaj, Bangalore
  • Baglamukhi Puja and Yagna

    Namaste!Thanks for your excellent and speedy religious service.I am grateful to all your pandits and team members.God blessing to all. I will definitely used your service for any puga and yagyna Best Regards. Savitri close

    - Savitri
  • Thanks a million for the brilliant divine experience on Mahashivarathri at Rudra Center

    Thanks a million for inviting me for the Rudra Abhishekam on Mahashivarathri.. It was a divine experience and was transported to divinity every khan and felt tremendous joy, peace and completeness. I would have stayed all night, however as I had to relieve the person who was taking care of my mother, I had to leave. Thanks again for the brilliant divine experience. You good vibrant energy could be felt there and I thank the universe to have brought you in my life. My student, friend Ameya asked me to convey his special thanks for being able to be a part of this divine celebration with so much close

    - Ganesh Easwer
  • Rudraksha Ratna for doing my Pitradosh Puja

    Thank you to Rajeevji and others at Rudraksha Ratna for doing my Pitradosh Puja. very grateful...seeing effects already. Om namah shivaya close

    - Shonan
  • I appreciate you and Rudra Centre so much

    Hi Neeta!    Thank you so much... I received my package today....and thank you for the extra gifts!! I have a question... How many days do you wear the red thread Moli? I think you told me the last time 9 days. P.S. My husband, My son and I have found a beautiful home at a awesome location in Honolulu, Hawaii. I purchased a Puja service January of this year from Rudra Centre on buying a house... We waited patiently and found a wonderful home. I appreciate you and Rudra Centre so much.... Lots of Love to you all!!    Thank you & Love,  Samantha close

    - Samantha
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