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Gayatri Yantra & its benefits from Rudraksha Ratna

Goddess Gayatri

Sacred texts say "The Gayatri is Brahma, Gayatri is Vishnu, Gayatri is Shiva, the Gayatri is Vedas". Gayatri later came to be personified as a Goddess. She is believed to have five heads and is usually seated within a lotus. The four heads of Gayatri represent the four Vedas and the fifth one represents almighty God. Her yantra is a highly recommended for gaining spiritual power & peace of mind. Gayatri Devi is Maha Devi and the deity of the Gayatri Yantra. The Yantra contains Panchmukhi or Ashat Mukhi. This Yantra can be installed in the home or business premises. With sincere devotion, one cannot be affected by other-worldly souls and spirits and is blessed with health, wealth and happiness. In cases when a home or person is afflicted by discarnate souls and spirits, after puja of the Gayatri Yantra, it can be dipped in water for sprinkling around the home for one week to banish all unwelcome spirits. The afflicted person should consume rice, milk and water during puja days. A ghee lamp should be lit continuously all day and night away from open doors, windows and flammable materials.

Popular and Effective Gayatri Yantra Products

Siddh Meru Gayatri Yantra on Lotus

The Siddh Meru Gayatri Yantra on Lotus is made in pure copper and available in the gold finish as well. It holds the blessings of Goddess Gayatri and bestows the devotees with peace, creativity, and prosperity. It has images of Goddess Brahmani, Savitri, Lord Brahma, and Lord Surya embossed on four corners and Yantra in the middle. The perfectly etched Yantra attracts the positive energies of Goddess Gayatri and it can be placed in your home, office, or shop to get the benefits.

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Shree Gayatri Yantra Locket - Silver

Shree Gayatri Yantra Locket in Silver features the Gayatri Yantra on one side and the image of Goddess Gayatri on the other side. She is seated on a lotus and Panchmukhi form has been depicted on the locket. It leads the wearer on the path of spirituality and opens the consciousness. Chanting the provided Mantra along with it energizes the Yantra and brings the blessings of Goddess Gayatri. It is available in two different sizes and the lightweight locket is appropriate for wearing every day.

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Shree Gayatri Yantra - Gold

Shree Gayatri Yantra etched on a thick copper sheet with a 24K gold finish is blessed with the powerful energies of Goddess Gayatri. It comes with different options such as a wooden stand, wooden frame, and a golden frame. The Yantra is made after deep research and drawn accurately to offer you the benefits of inner peace and spiritual growth. It is ideal to be kept in your home, puja altar, office, or shop to evoke the positive vibrations in the space.

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Gayatri Yantra

The Gayatri Yantra carved on a copper sheet of 3 inches carries the blessings of Goddess Gayatri. There are various options to hold the Yantra like a wooden stand and wooden frame (mounted & dismounted). The fine antique finish of the Yantra looks amazing and it brings the divine grace of Goddess Gayatri to the household. You can keep the Yantra in your puja altar or mount it on the wall of your home, office, or shop. It blesses the devotees with good health and protection.

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You may place in your Puja altar in the North East of your home/office or hang on the wall facing west direction or wrap in a red cloth and carry along with you. You may keep with or with or without frame. Ritual worship is not compulsory and is upto you as per the spiritual discipline you follow. Many have seen its power by meditating on the tip of the yantra. Worship it by gazing at it and saying your prayers. It works by manifesting your prayers through the power of the mantra embedded in it. Keep it in altar for children/ spouse for their studies and progress in career.

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  • Represents: Goddess Gayatri
  • Purpose: for Spiritual Power & Peace of Mind
  • Mantra: Om Bhu, Bhuvah, Swah Tat Savitur Verenyam Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyo Yor Prachodayat
  • Day: Sunday
  • Planet: Sun
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