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What is Idol Worship? Why Do We Worship Idols?

Idol worship has been an integral part of the ancient culture of India. It is one of the means to connect one’s self to the Divine. The religious and the spiritualists worship the Divine ‘through’ the deity idol. When you energize a stone shaped into a form of the Divine that stone no longer remains the stone but assumes the form of the deity.

Significance of Idol Worship:

The essential part of idol worship is that it engages the mind. Worshiping an idol can also be said to be a form of meditation as the devotee focuses on a form of the Divine. The deity idol is the archa-vigraha, an incarnation of the Divine in a form that is phenomenal and can easily be seen by us. The Divine presents Himself in the deity form so that we with our limited sense power can perceive His variegated forms. In the Puranas and the Vedas, the Supreme Lord or any divine deity is said to manifest in the visible form through the material elements like stone, wood, paint, gold, silver and gemstone.

The idols are made of any material found in nature such as wood, stone, metals and gemstones. Of these, the gemstone idols are the most powerful because they are made of natural mineral vibrant with certain cosmic frequencies and colors. In the Bhagavad Purana (Shrimad Bhagavatam) it is said the all the kings used to have a gemstone in the center of their helmet or crown. This gemstone was the source of the brilliance, intelligence and insight. The stone received the power from the sun. The sunlight passing through the gem in contact with the body illuminated all the seven Chakras in their body.

The deity idol of a natural gemstone represents the sacred geometry of that deity. Various Deity idols have varied characteristics and symbols such as weapons, articles, animal/bird as vehicles with specific significance depicted along with them and carries divine energies of the deity. Deity idols of gemstones symbolize cosmic powers and forces of nature. They carry spiritual, philosophical as well as scientific significance.

We at Rudra Centre offer a variety of deity idols made of natural gemstones. The greatest advantage or benefit of gemstone idols is that you receive a combined power of the both; the cosmic energy of the mineral (gemstone) and the divine vibes of the deity. One can worship a gemstone deity idol with lighting up a diya and offering incense fumes, offering flower, fruit and sweet offerings. Or one can simply meditate sitting in the room wherein the gemstone idol is placed. Meditation on the deity brings in more positive energy and as a result your subtle body (mind) and gross body (the five senses) are all purified.

Check out the following premium deity idols made of rare, natural and powerful gemstones.

Divine Idols of Lord Krishna in Gemstone

Lord Krishna is the Supreme Being or the Purna Purushotta. He was the eighth incarnation (avatar) of Vishnu. He is the divine protector Who always protects His devotees. He is worshiped for blessings of serenity, prosperity, progress, success, marital harmony, bliss and protection.

Lord Vitthal with Rukmini Idol in Black Agate:

Idols of Lord Vitthal and Rakhumai brilliantly crafted in natural black Agate gemstone replicates the Pandharpur idols. Lord Vitthal and Rakhumai are depicted standing on dais with arms in akimbo posture signifying that They are observing everything as a spectator (Sakthibhav). Lord Vishnu had taken the Vitthal form on request of his devotee Pandulik when He came to visit Pandulik, impressed over Pandalik’s love and devotion for His parents. The divine idols in black Agate bless you with calmness, strength, protection, stability, awareness along with blessings of harmony, bliss fortune, prosperity and spiritual power.

Ruby Radha - Krishna:

The adoring Radha Krishna Idol is made of 100% Natural Ruby is a perfect example of meticulous craftsmanship. Lord Krishna is playing a flute with Goddess Radha in a standing position. Epitomes of Love, Radha and Krishna signify everlasting devotion and unconditional love and bless you with bliss, harmony and peace. Ruby attracts name, fame and prosperity and brings financial abundance. It is Ideal to place this Ruby Radha Krishna idol in the puja altar or living for all round success and happiness. It is also an ideal gift for married couples, as it would help strengthen their bond.

Enchanting Ruby Krishna:

This charming statue of Krishna playing flute under tree is made from a single piece of 100% natural ruby gemstone. The statue with intricate design and minute details carving would make a charming divine adornment. Krishna also known as Shyamasundara enchanted the residents of Vrindavana with His divine flute music. The idol resonates dual benefit of deity blessings and gemstone benefits. Ruby stimulates courage and attracts name, fame and prosperity. Place the idol near the entrance or at the workstations or in puja altar for divine blessings of joy and peace.

Manmohan Krishna in Tiger Eye:

Enchanting idol of Lord Krishna playing flute is meticulously carved in pure Tiger Eye gemstone. He is featured as resting on Kamadhenu with a beautiful peacock by his side gazing at him. With detailed carving and brilliant finish, the divine idol would blend with best of home or office décor. Kamadhenu is considered to be the mother of all cows and peacock represents pride and grace which was tamed by Krishna. The flute represents humility. Tiger eye Gemstone promotes support, stability and balance. Place the idol in puja altar, in living area of on work desk for blessings of peace, protection, joy and luck.

Divine Pair Ganesh Laxmi in Yellow Jade

Magnificent Idols of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesh crafted in natural yellow Jade gemstone is an extraordinary display of brilliant craftsmanship. The hand-paintwork enriches the appearance of the idols. The Idols feature Maa Laxmi and Ganesh as seated on a Lotus and raising Their lower right hand in Abhayam mudra. Offering prayers to these idols in would usher joy, happiness, energy and cheerfulness and promote adaptability, connectedness and insightfulness along with blessings of abundance, success in new ventures, intelligence and wisdom. The idol can be placed in your puja room, living area, place of business for divine blessings.

Deity idols in Rose Quartz:

The beautiful Rose Quartz got its name because of its soft rose like color that ranges from pale pink to dark pink. Because of its pink colour and immense mystic properties it is also known as the stone of the heart. This gemstone carries the feminine energies of unconditional love, peace, nourishment, compassion, comfort, tenderness and comfort. This divine gemstone works on the Heart Chakra and helps dissolve fears, resentments and emotional wounds. It also spreads the divine energy of Love and compassion throughout the whole aura. From 600 B.C. till the present day the Rose Quartz is still considered to be a pivotal talisman that brings people together and builds compassion in relationships. Rose Quartz carries a high spiritual attunement to the Earth, Universe, and the Divine.

Ganesh Laxmi in Rose quartz:

These divine idols of Goddess Mahalakshmi and Lord Ganesh are intricately carved in a single piece of 100% natural Rose Quartz gemstone. Goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth. Being the consort of Lord Vishnu, She is represented as the power of abundance and the goddess of fortune. Lord Ganesh removes all the obstacles and protects and removes negativity from the place. Meditating on this divine idol will enhance your focus; give you a clear and bright outlook to make your future the way you want it to be.

Divine Pair Ganesh Laxmi in Rose Quartz

Goddess Mahalakshmi and Lord Ganesh carved in natural Rose Quartz gemstone removes negativity from the dwelling. Before beginning or starting any new work we always offer prayers to Lord Ganesha as He bestows happiness, positivity and wards off negativity from our lives. Meditating on this divine idol enhances your focus and concentration. It is best for wealth, prosperity, harmony, wisdom and knowledge. This pair is ideally installed in altar of home/office for enhancing wealth and stability.

Majestic Giant Ganesha Idol in Rose Quartz:

Majestic Idol of Lord Ganesha brilliantly hand sculpted in natural Rose quartz gemstone exemplifies him as Vishvaraja, the king of the world. Crafted with sheer brilliance and beautifully accentuated with fine coloured and golden paintwork, the charming idol would immerse the viewer in total ecstasy. Infused with healing energies of Rose quartz gemstone, the divine idol promotes energies of peace, love, tenderness and harmony along with blessings of intellect, wisdom and success and removal of obstacles from path of life. The idol can be installed in the puja altar, near entrance of work place or house for divine blessings.

Deity Idols in Quartz 

Quartz stones are pristine, vibrant and clear minerals in the world. Spiritualists from any faith in the world have revered and used quartz crystals for their mystic properties. Even the healers and the gemmologists have made an extensive use of quartz stones in their respective fields to balance different body chakras.  Made of silicon and oxygen, the crystals made of quartz positively influence the mind and the body by dispelling all dark energies and bringing in clarity. Deity idols are most often made of quartz because this gemstone retain the positivity of the prayers and power of the mantra chanting and thus becomes an energised tool that spreads positivity all around.  At Rudra Centre we use natural, pure and flawless quartz in preparation of the idols.

Durga Idols:

Goddess Durga is Shakti Herself who is in charge of the material and cosmological orders of the universes. As Shakti, She eliminates the negative forces. A Quartz (crystal) idol of Durga retains the energy of mantra chanting and harmonizes the aura around us. Goddess Durga on a Lion carved in fine clear 100% natural quartz adorns your altar and chanting Her mantra invokes Devi. She is depicted as a warrior woman with eight hands carrying weapons of different kinds assuming mudras, (symbolic hand gestures) that represent her teachings.

Ganesh Idols:

Lord Ganesha the most glorified and worshipped deity described in the various Vedic scriptures especially Ganesh Purana. Clear and radiant Idol of Lord Ganesh crafted in single pure quartz crustal gemstone is surely a blissful sight to behold. Keeping a crustal idol of Lord Ganesha at the puja altar, near entrance of your home or office or on living area or work desk attracts harmony, balance and clarity and divine grace. Also it promotes unity, hope and bonding.

Saraswati Idols:

Quartz (crystal) idols of Goddess Saraswati are associated with learning, wisdom, intellect, speech and education. By worshipping and meditating on the quartz idols of Saraswati, one can actually increase their focus and concentration as well as memory powers.  

Lakshmi Idols:

Goddess Lakshmi is Sri, the divine consort of Vishnu. She is the epitome of all the riches, auspiciousness and fortune. A Lakshmi Idol of natural crystal quarts retains the energy of mantra chanting and harmonizes the aura as well as removes the negative energy.

Hanuman Idols:

Hanuman idol made of natural quartz blesses strength and protection. Lord Hanuman represents devotion and power to perform karma. Having a quartz idol of Lord Hanuman at home/office protects the place from negative energies.  Chanting Hanuman Chalisa in front of a quartz Hanuman idol enormously multiples the effects of the chant as quartz stores the energy of mantra chanting. 

Shiva Parvati Idols:

Lord Shiva along with His divine consort Goddess Parvati is one of the most revered deities glorified in the ancient literature of India such as Vedas. Shiva and Parvati are the material nature personified. While Shiva is the energetic force (static), Parvati is Shakri or the energy (dynamic) force behind the material manifestations.  When these deities are carved out of a natural mineral energized with Vedic mantras, they carry and make the place vibrant with cosmic energies. 

Parvati Idols:

Goddess Parvati is Shakti Herself. Without Her sanction, the material nature cannot function on its own. As Shakti, She is Durga and Kali the two fierce but very powerful forms that eliminate the negative forces.  A Quartz (crystal) idol of Parvati retains the energy of mantra chanting and harmonizes the aura around us. 

Elephant Idols:

In the Vedic culture, an elephant has been the symbol of intelligence, memory, thoughtfulness and devotion. An elephant idol made of pure quartz is one of the prized possessions one can ever have. It represents stability, solidity and support and the powers of quartz as mineral. For those facing constant obstacles in their professional pursuits may have this idol at home or office. 

Deity Idols in Hessonite (Gomed) Gemstone

Gomed is the Indian name for the gemstone Hessonite. As per regional differences it is also called as Gomedh or Gomedak in Sanskrit. Hessonite Gemstones are usually reddish orange or brownish yellow in colour. A Jyotish quality Gomed gemstone is filled with the energies of the planet Rahu. Gomed gemstone removes confusions and provides mental clarity and a balanced temperament. It is also highly beneficial for those who suffer from evil eye, problems from spirits, black magic etc. Gomed Gemstone has a protective influence and it imparts victory over enemies and challenging situations.

Ganesh Idol:

Lord Ganesha is known as Vighnaharta, who removes all the obstacles from one’s life. Lord Ganesh is also popularly known as Varadavinayaka (bestower of success) and Vinayaka (Lord of All Lords). Installing this divine Gomed gemstone idol of Lord Ganesha will surround the environment with positivity, calmness and happiness.

Shiv Parivar Idol:

This magnificent Idol of Shiva Parivar has Shiva, Parvati, Ganesha & Kartikeya. Worship of the Shiva Parivar keeps the family united. The divine blessings of these 3 deities together, bless the entire family with lots of love, abundance and prosperity.

Maa Durga Idol:

Durga is one such deity with whom devotees have a very loving and intimate bond, in spite of her fearful appearance. The worshipper assumes to be a child and Durga takes the role of the ever-caring, protective Mother figure. She is Shakti Herself who is in charge of the material and cosmological orders of the universes. As Shakti, She eliminates the negative forces. A Durga idol made of natural Gomed is a prized possession. Gomed gemstone is best for those seeking successes in law practice, court cases, government affairs or political spheres. in the Vedic astrology, Gomed pacifies malefic effects of Rahu and destroys obstacles and enemies that create unnecessary hindrances.

Hanuman Idols:

Lord Hanuman is worshipped for power and protection. He enhances wisdom, self-confidence and mastery over senses and gives strength and protection. Lord Hanuman provides relief from Shani/Saturn malefic effects. He is regarded as sankat-mochan as he removes obstacles and ensures success and glory.

Deity Idols in Ruby Gemstone

Ruby Gemstone is ruled by the mighty planet Sun and generates liveliness and brings a sort of spark in the human nature. It protects you from evil spirits and attracts name, fame and prosperity. Ruby aka Manik is a variety of the mineral corundum (aluminum oxide). It is a mixture of Aluminum, Oxygen, Iron and Chromium. Ruby Idols of Ruby harmonize the aura around and remove negative energy. Ruby gems removes poverty, imparts prosperity, name and fame in political sphere.

Hanuman Idols:

Lord Hanuman is worshipped for power and protection. He enhances self-confidence, encourages one to fulfill their dreams and also brings success in legal matters. Lord Hanuman provides relief from Shani/Saturn malefic effects. He is regarded as sankat-mochan and hence removes obstacles and ensures success and glory.

Vishnu Lakshmi Brahma Idol:

Idol of Lord Vishnu with His consort, Maa Lakshmi seated on mighty serpent Shesha and Lord Brahma emerging from Vishnu’s naval, made in Ruby compliments the blessing of the divine triad. Vishnu is worshipped as the preserving energy of universe, Who brings divine grace in path of dharma and bestows bliss, success and fame. Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, fortune, power, luxury, beauty, fertility, and auspiciousness. And Lord Brahma is associated with material creation, creative potency and the constructive ability.

Nataraj Idols:

Magnificent Shiva Natraj Idol depicts Him in striking dance pose, balancing on a crouching figure. The Natraj epitomized the fearless celebration of bliss, surrounded yet untouched by fire of ignorance signifying spirituality that transcends all belief of limitations. Made in Ruby, the idol ushers the energies of steadiness, alertness, authority and success.

Ganesh Idols:

A Ganesh idol made of natural ruby mineral promotes passion, prosperity, confidence, awareness and courage. Ruby is a precious gemstone best for administrative and political professionals and aspirants. Place the Idol in puja altar or work or near entrance of your house for divine blessings.

Tirumalai Balaji Idol:

Lord Venkateshwara also known as Srinivasa, Tirupati Balaji and Venkatachalapati, is a form of the Hindu god Vishnu. In this idol, He is carved in similar fashion as the Idol of Tirumalai Tirupati Balaji Temple in natural Ruby gemstone to enhance the powers of the Sun. Lord Balaji helps remove miseries and sufferings and helps fulfill desires. His divine grace bestows good fortune and growth in business.

Durga Maa Idol:

Being Shakti Herself, Durga is in charge of the material and cosmological orders of the universes. When the divine Durga is carved into natural Ruby, the deity idol becomes more vibrant with cosmic energy. This powerful combination of Durga and Ruby removes poverty, imparts prosperity, name and fame.

Mahalakshmi Idol:

Exquisite Mahalaxmi Idol in Ruby gracefully carved from natural Ruby gemstone. The breathtakingly magnificent Ruby Mahalaxmi Idol depicts Goddess Mahalaxmi seated on a lotus blessing Her devotees. The idol is made from a single piece of natural Ruby gemstone. In her hands she holds two lotuses and an elephant is shown spraying water on Her. The pristine Mahalaxmi Idol in Ruby provides dual benefits of blessings and divine grace of Goddess Mahalaxmi and that of Ruby gemstone. Goddess Mahalaxmi blesses Her devotees with prosperity, wealth, materialistic comforts and success whereas Ruby which is the gem of planet Sun gives name, fame, vigour, virtue, warmth and the capacity to command to its user.

Deity idols in Blue Sapphire Gemstones

Blue Sapphire is one of the highly prized and powerful gemstones. It is the stone of spiritual energies and intelligence, meditation and discrimination between spirit and matter. It encourages the wearer to focus, emanate and radiate its energy in fulfilling dreams and unfulfilled desires. Of the five elements, Wind is associated with Blue Sapphire. Deity idols entirely made of Blue Sapphire make the unique combination of the divine powers of the deity and the cosmic powers of the mineral (gem). By meditating on an idol made of this gemstone, one attains a higher state of mind or consciousness and reaches their innermost being. It generates positive vibes and increases the worshiper’s learning ability and insights.

Kali Idol:

Kali is one of manifestations of Goddess Durga, the Mother Shakti. She rules over time and death. Devi Mahatmya describes that she is the divine consort of Mahakala Shiva (the Great Time), Who controls the cosmic consciousness. She is the divine protector, who protects from negative influences and helps one liberate from limitations and hindrances in life. Her Idol made in blue Sapphire, efficiently helps protect from malefic effects of the planet Saturn and promote its benefic powers.

Neelkantheshwar Kailashpati Shiva Parivar:

Carved entirely out of natural Blue Sapphire, The Shiva parivar Idol makes a powerful divine possession. It carries the combined energies of Shiva, Who bestows spiritual growth, Shakti, Who bestows power and gives protection, Ganesh (Intelligence), Kartikeya (Passion) and Nandi (Humility). Worship of the Shiva Parivar keeps the family united. Blue Sapphire promotes the spiritual inclination and energises the aura with harmonizing energies.

Lakshmi Idols:

Goddess Lakshmi is intimately associated with righteousness, wealth, desire and liberation. A Lakshmi idol made natural Blue sapphire naturally attracts auspicious vibrations which influence one’s judgmental skills, intelligence, intuitive power and creativity.

Ganesh Idol:

A Ganesh idols of Blue Sapphire contains higher cosmic vibrancies. It contains the energy of Blues sapphire and the invoked energy of Lord Ganesh. By chanting the seed or moola mantra of Ganesh while focusing or meditating on this idol purifies the mind and the body. One gains powers to overcome obstacles and karmic reactions to one’s own wrong actions committed knowingly or unknowingly.

Idols in Green Jade

Green Jade has been valued throughout history. Gemologists and therapists consider it as an alternative healing stone. It dispels negative energies and promotes luck, wisdom, love, trust and strength. Idols of Green Jade serve as the excellent spiritual objects for prayers and meditation. When one keeps a deity idol at the altar and meditates on the same, he/she shall feel all the negative thoughts getting unleashed and the mind becoming calm and composed.

Idols of Green Jade serve as the excellent spiritual objects for prayers and meditation. When you keep a deity idol at the altar and meditate on the same, you would feel all your negative thoughts getting unleashed with your mind turning cool, calm and composed. It helps greatly in meditation.

Divine Pair Ganesh Lakshmi in natural Green Jade:

This Divine Pair of Ganesh-Lakshmi idol is sculpted from single pieces of high quality natural Green Jade. Both the deities are in seated position blessing their devotees. The jewelries adorned by the deities are meticulously crafted. The red clothing of the Divine Beings gives the idol a resplendent look. Artistic gold and color paint enhances the features. Ganesh and Laxmi are worshipped together for Success and abundance in all endeavors.Businessmen should place this pair at their place of work to ensure steady flow of wealth and business without any obstacles.

Ganesh Laxmi Pair in Green Aventurine:

Shiva is the great Yogi, Who teaches oneness of one’s innermost self with ultimate reality. Shiva is the great Yogi ruling deity of Sahasrara Chakra and bestows spiritual upliftment. Green Jade idol of Shiva is highly recommended for the sadhakas (meditators) and spiritualists. The combined energies of Shiva (Shambhu tattva) and green Jade are highly auspicious, which brings serenity and purity as well as fortune and harmony.

Lakshmi-Ganesh Idols:

This pair of Laksmi Ganesh idol is a rare possession. Made completely of natural Columbian green jade, it is vibrant with the divine energies of Ganesh and Lakshmi. The green jade mineral has the direct effect on the mind. Combination of Green Jade and these deities lead to wisdom, wealth, health and healing.

Jadeite Shiva:

Shiva is the great Yogi, Who teaches oneness of one’s innermost self with ultimate reality. Shiva is the great Yogi ruling deity of Sahasrara Chakra and bestows spiritual upliftment. Green Jade idol of Shiva is highly recommended for the sadhakas (meditators) and spiritualists. The combined energies of Shiva (Shambhu tattva) and green Jade are highly auspicious, which brings serenity and purity as well as fortune and harmony.

Shri Lalitha Devi Idol:

This beautiful idol of Goddess Lalitha in Green Jade is a powerful combination of the powers of gemstone and the Divine mother. Lalita Devi is associated with health, wealth and longevity. Idol of Goddess crafted in Green healing vibes of wealth, fortune and success and emits cosmic color that heals the Heart Chakra.

Lord Dattatreya idol:

Lord Dattatreya is the combined incarnation of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. It contains three types of elemental energies (tattvas) namely Brahma Tattva (creative force), Vishnu Tattva (balancing force) and Shambhu Tattva (destructive force).He personifies self-effort and is worshipped for fearlessness, success and spiritual power. When combined with Green Jade, His idol energizes the place with energies of harmony and success and protects from negative influences and fear.

Durga Idols:

Combination of Durga and Green Jade is a prized divine possession. When a gemstone is carved into a deity energized with the seed mantra of that deity, the combined outcome is naturally divine and vibrant with the Shakti tattva (the Energy element of the Divine). Worshiping and meditating on this idol during Navratri drives all the negative energies or elements such as black magic out of your place.

Ganesh Idols:

A Ganesh Idol of natural green jade mineral harmonizes the atmosphere and fills it with a spiritual sense, prosperity and abundance. Green gems act as divine power against accident and misfortunes. These divine idols contain the energies of the divine Ganesh and the gemstone.

Lakshmi Idols:

Lakshmi Idol carved in natural Green Jade attracts money and fortune. in gemology, Green, Jade is also a protective stone, guarding against accidents and misfortune. An idol of Lakshmi in Green Jade means health, wealth and longevity as well as a gentle, steady pulse of healing energy.

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