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OBESITY: Meaning, Symptoms, Causes, Cure Through Alternative Therapy
– Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy® (RRST)


Obesity Treatment

Obesity is a disease where a person’s weight is beyond the healthy body weight. This excessive storage of fat in the body is a severe disease that can lead to strain on organs like the heart, kidney, liver as well as weight-bearing joints such as knees, hips, ankles. The health risks of obese persons are arthritis, diabetes, heart ailments, heart failure, high blood pressure, liver and gall bladder disorders. Obesity is on a high rise due to varying degrees of emotional states that many go through in the current times. These varying degrees of emotional states lead to hormonal imbalance, emotional eating, and overeating. In addition, people experience fears, anxieties, insecurities, and other limiting patterns of thinking that make a person feel that he/she needs to eat to feel good. This lack of joy feeling, and lack of self-control behaviour leads to a vicious cycle where a person tends to lose self-esteem and continues repetitive patterns of over-indulgence. This way of surviving has huge repercussions on the body health, viz. obesity, and related diseases.

How is obesity classified?

As per World Health Organization (WHO), obesity is classified by the method of BMI – body mass index. The formula of BMI is calculated by dividing the mass of a person by the square of his/her height. Calculating the ratio of waist and hip and factors of total cardiovascular risk determines the BMI further. However, this evaluation does not give accurate results for bodybuilders, sportspersons, and pregnant women. A person with a BMI of 30.0 or more is regarded as obese and a further BMI of 35 and above is considered to be severely obese, 40 and above as morbidly obese, and 50 and above as extremely obese.

Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a condition when a child or teen is considerably overweight for his/her height and age, and in comparison, to his/her peers. There are various factors that contribute to this condition which include unhealthy eating patterns, genetic factors, lack of physical activity, and in very rare cases hormonal problems. It has been observed that in most cases, childhood obesity can persist in adulthood as well. Moreover, if childhood obesity treatment is not done on time, then the child is at higher risk of being affected by health issues like high blood pressure, joint pain, breathing problems, high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart diseases. As per expert surgeons, the minimum age for weight loss surgery is 14 years of age. So, how to treat obesity in children below the age of 14 without weight loss surgery? For the management of obesity as a parent, first set a good example by reducing the time spent on watching TV and mobile and indulging in activities like outdoor games, sports, and exercise, and encouraging your child to participate in the same. Changing eating habits like replacing your child’s unhealthy snacks with healthy snacks is also one of the easiest home remedies for obesity. Also, ensure your child is not sleep deprived which often results in hormonal imbalance, which turns results in an increase in hunger. Following these childhood obesity treatment guidelines can increase the chances of an obese/overweight child losing weight to a large extent.

Who Are Prone to Obesity

  • People with obesity in family history and genetics
  • Specific medical conditions
  • Side effects of some medications can cause a reduction in metabolism, increase in appetite, increase in the rate of fat storage, reduced ability of the body to burn fat
  • Children who are formula-fed than breast milk-fed, and those born through the C-section develop different gut bacteria which affects the fat storage in the body
  • People whose hunger hormones are not properly functioning due to certain complications. Which tends to cause a strong physiological drive to eat more
  • Those having imbalanced and unhealthy gut microbes, which is called gut dysbiosis. It critically leads to weight gain
  • People who eat junk food. Consuming junk food releases certain chemicals that instigate powerful feel-good hunger hormones which tend a person to enjoy eating more
  • People with leptin resistance. Leptin is a hormone that regulates appetite and metabolism and fat storage in the body. In leptin, the resistant brain is unable to receive leptin signal and thus increasing hunger, thinking the body is starving despite having enough fat storage

What causes obesity?

The cause of obesity is not just about eating excess food and calories. As stated above the genes or the genetic factors, and environmental factors also cause obesity, which is difficult to control through dieting alone. Slow metabolism, hormonal imbalance, wrong sleeping patterns, and sleep deprivation to name a few are the causes of obesity.

Obesity treatment of adults is not simple as harsh medical procedures like liposuction, the surgical suctioning of fat deposits from specific parts of the body can help lose fat but is not safe and at the same time very costly. And if unhealthy practices of eating are continued post-liposuction, the fat will grow back and cause huge complications too. So, how to cure obesity without undergoing weight loss surgery? Because obesity is just a reflection of a problem deep-rooted within, there is a need to take a deeper step for long-lasting treatment and prevention of obesity. The condition of obesity comes from an Imbalanced Root (Muladhara) Chakra and thus it is very essential to add a natural obesity therapy too – an alternative healing therapy to address the root causes, carry out the healing by balancing the Imbalanced Root (Muladhara) Chakra. It will help in the treatment and prevention of obesity.

Rudraksha and Gemstones combination advised to cure Obesity disease will help in dissolution of fat cells and regulates blood circulation:

7 Mukhi 12 Mukhi 18 Mukhi Yellow Sapphire gemstone.

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Imbalanced Root (Muladhara) Chakra And Obseity Disease

Obesity is associated with the feeling of insecurity; fear of life, seeking fulfilment, escaping, or not facing feelings, fearing hurt feelings, threat, and criticism, and self-rejection, all representing the need for protection. As a defence mechanism to this feeling of insecurity, fright, inadequacy, or disapproval of self, the body bloats up thinking it needs to grow bigger for protection. The entire body consciousness or/and survival instinct is in control of Root (Muladhara) Chakra. Over-indulgence and feeling of threat hamper the survival instinct that results in blockages manifesting into Obesity. Along with Root (Muladhara) Chakra, even Solar Plexus (Manipura) Chakra and Sacred Heart (Hrit Padma) Chakra is blocked.

Treating Obesity Disease With Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST)

Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) is an alternative healing therapy - a natural and unique therapy to balance Chakras. RRST prescribes specific Rudraksha and Gemstone combinations upon deriving the state of your Aura Energy and Chakra analysis. The specific combination of Rudraksha and Gemstone therapy taps 100% of the properties of Rudraksha and Gemstone that removes the blocked energy, tunes you into the right frequency.

This cleansing process and self-healing process starts the moment Rudraksha and Ratna (Gemstone) combination is worn on the body. Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy does not require any difficult efforts. If any efforts have to be really taken; just chant the beej mantras as prescribed. However, there is no compulsion to even chant (if you don’t want to chant or cannot chant for some reason) as the therapy works automatically. Chanting however will speed up the cleansing and healing process.

Talk to our Certified Therapist to identify the root causes, limiting beliefs, and prescribe you the right combination of Rudraksha and Gemstones. Introducing this effective and new obesity treatment in your life will help you experience several positive changes within a week of wearing the prescribed combination.


Symptoms: BMI of 30 and above, overweight, fatigue and binge eating
Cause: Feeling the need for protection, self-rejection and not facing own feelings and fearing criticism and hurt
Chakra: Root Chakra (Muladhara)
Affirmations: I love and approve myself. I am safe and create my own security. I am in peace with my feelings. I trust the process of life.

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