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Puja ItemsRudra Centre online store offers various pooja samagri items for various pujas and festivals such as Dhanteras, Diwali, Lakshmi Puja, Chopda Pujan, Bhai Dooj and more. Ritual paraphernalia and vessels play an essential role in Hindu (Vedic pooja) rites, prayers and homas. Since the ancient Vedic times, people in India have performed homas at temples and homes. Homas or Havans include an extensive use of supari, Bel fruit, ghee, Honey, Akshat (rice grains), Turmeric powder, Sindoor, Ganga Jal and Attar and so on. The Vedic scriptures like Rig, Yajur, Sama and Arthava mention mystical secrets of healing material as well as spiritual existence through cosmic energies. The Homas involve mantras (sound), sankalpa (purpose), thoughts and the five elements of Nature.

Why Puja vessels are used in Homas (Fire Sacrifice)?

The most essential consideration before performing a Havan is the use of Puja vessels and other items such as bowls for offering, Abishek vessels, oil lamps, Panchapatra, Bells, Haldi Kum Kum containers, Pedestal, Neti Patra etc. The vessels containing the puja items maintain the purity of the ingredients of those items. When a Homa is performed with the correct pronunciation of Sanskrit mantras, a certain etheric atmosphere emerges. Agni (fire) dispels the darkness literally and internally making those around it more receptive to the cosmic energy.

Blessings of the deities:

With these paraphernalia, rituals are performed to worship and please various deities (Ganesh, Indra, and Vishnu etc.), nine planets and ancestors who all bestow upon the devotees material prosperity and spiritual attainments. Vedic rituals and mystic practices have been conducted in order to please gods and goddesses. These rituals are performed for different motives such as honoring the family’s Ishta Deva, or the demigods mentioned by the shastras (scriptures). They, upon being pleased, offer their divine blessings to the worshipers who gain protection, bravery, health, wealth, affluence and success.

Puja Samagri

Buy online Puja Samagri items from Rudra Centre:

Essentials without which rituals are impossible are Puja Samagri i.e. ritual items and paraphernalia. Hindu Puja items from Rudraksha Ratna include quality Puja samagri, Havan samagri, Puja utensils and more. Hindu Puja rituals require varied Puja items.

We at Rudraksha Centre provide you with a collection of Puja items including garlands, incense sticks, cotton wicks for oil lamps and flowers for offering. Dedicated rituals generally require ingredients such as Betel Nuts, Bel Fruit, Ghee, Honey, Akshat (rice grains), Turmeric powder, Sindoor, Ganga Jal, Attar and many more. Ingredients required for some special Pujas like Ati Rudra Maha Yajna or Maha Rudram Siddh Pujan can be very rare and not easily available as specific flowers and herbs.

Rudra Centre with its proven track of offering quality Puja items fetches the best and rare ritual paraphernalia for different Pujas. Alongside Puja items, we also offer ritual services such as Lakshmi Puja, Mahamritunjaya Mantra etc. with qualified Pundits. Click here to find out more about Puja services.

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