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Worldwide Fast & Safe Delivery | Oldest ISO 9001-2015 certified rudraksha organization in the world | Your Trusted Brand Since 1997

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Rudra Centre Puja Samagri

Rudra Centre brings you the most premium collection of Puja Samagri and Puja items which are used in various Pujas and Homas. Puja is a sacred ritual performed to invoke blessings of divine Deities in the form of desired fulfilment, protection, progress and success. Puja samagri plays an essential role in making a ritualistic puja complete. Puja samagri is made of numerous holy or sacred items and accessories. Pure and clean puja items or ingredients are necessary for the success of the puja. Understanding the profound significance of each Puja Samagri improves the bhāv towards them, making the religious custom rich in bhāv. We at Rudra Centre go to lengths to provide sattvic (pure), natural and superior quality puja samagri or items which are collected from different sources and regions. Each and every item used whether as the main essential or accessory has been recommended by our team of learned priests and handpicked by our in-house puja specialist team. We provide Hindu Puja items, Temple Pooja Items, meditation accessories, special puja kits and Yajnas Puja items online. Following are the popular puja items you can get at our online store.

Holy Waaters and liquids

Holy waters are used to bathe the Deity idols during Abhishek rituals or are offered as Thritha. The waters of major rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Kaveri, Sindhu and Saraswati are used as holy waters in puja. They are gloried in Vedic scriptures because of their highly purifying qualities. Gomutra and holy well waters are also used in puja rituals for sanctification. We have variety of holy waters like Ganga water, mix of 7 well’s water and 7 holy river water collected from their originating sources in their sacred and purest form.

Fragrant Sindoor Tilaks

A Vedic Puja without tilak is absolutely incomplete. We have wide collection of natural and pure Sandalwood powders, Turmeric, KumKum, Ashtagandha Powder, Abeer, Vibhuti, colourful tilak sticks, Astagandha and other puja tilaks. These premium quality tilaks are sourced from Madhurai, Brihadeshwar in North, Kamakhya temple in East, Delhi in North and other regions of India. These tilaks are mainly offered to Deity idols to invoke the divine frequencies of Deities or applied on the forehead to stimulate one’s ‘Ajna’ chakra.

Havan Samagri

The most essential or central part of religious practices is Havan Samagri or the ingredients of a Havan. Havan Samagri are dried or powdered leaves, seeds, roots which are recommended in scriptures for offering in sacred fire of Yagna or Homam to purify the environment. All plethora of items required for Havan such as pure Desi Ghee, Cow Dung Cakes, Hawan Sticks, Oils and Special Hawan samagri pack, 108 Exotic herbs and Samidha kits are specially assembled and made available to you at our one-stop online store. Each of these items are pure, satvic and of finest quality and come with medicinal and spiritual value which play their respective role in making the Havan ritual complete and successful.

Betal nuts, Grains and Prasad offering

With an eye for details and being one-stop destination for all spiritual needs, we offer different types of grains, nuts and other offerings needed for puja. We have natural and finest quality Akshta (rice), Til (Sesame), Jow (Barley), Black Udad, Yellow Mustard Seeds and Nava-Dhanya (nine types of grains), Sriphal, Betal Nuts, Panchameva and Coconuts. All these items are highly recommended in the Vedas specially Atharva Veda. These items are offered as symbolism of gratitude to Deities. They help attract positive and divine frequencies of different Deities.

Diya Wicks, Mouli, Janeu

We have finest quality Wicks for lamps, Moulis and Janeu thread. Our widest collection of wicks include round and thick cotton wicks, rare Banana and Lotus stem wicks and ready to use oiled or Ghee wicks. These wicks used for lighting lamps, are suitable to use during regular puja and grand pujas. They symbolise soul’s journey towards non-duality. Mouli also known as known as Raksha-Sutra is offered to the deities and worn by the devotees on their wrists for protection. Janeu is a sacred thread, which epitomizes the three modes (gunas) of material nature (Sato, Rajo and Tamo) and helps the wearer transcend these three gunas and attain Yogic state or higher state of mind.

Fragrances and Dhoop

Fragrances and Dhoops are used to create a spiritual atmosphere and calm the mind and soothe the sense. We have finest and wide range of fragrances like incense sticks, Air freshener mist, attars, incense powders, Dhoop sticks, camphor, essential oils and fragrant water. These hand-picked fragrances are suitable to use during meditation routine and puja ceremonies. Our incense powders include Khus, Mogra, Kasturi and other powders with exotic and natural fragrance, while our bespoke collection of Chakra and premium essential oils comes with additional chakra healing properties.

Ritual Puja Kits

To ensure a divine and easeful puja experience, we have special all-in-one puja kit which includes Satyanarayan Puja Kit, Lakshmi Puja Kit, Diwali Puja Kit, Navgraha Puja kit, Hawavan Herb kit and other kits. Pujas conducted for different Deities require specific ingredients as these ingredients have the capacity to attract principles and energies of related Deities. All the items in the puja kit are assembled as per instruction of learned priests. These puja ingredients are natural, pure and of high quality and are neatly packed in a box.

Fresh Herbs

On popular demand by our wide global clientele, we bring you fresh, intact and good quality leaves, flowers, seeds and fresh Deity garlands in variant sizes delivered at your doorstep. These items are hand-picked by our specialised team and cautiously packed to ensure its freshness until delivery. We offer fresh Tulsi, Bel Patra, Mango, Banana and Betal leaves and also fresh Mogra, Rose, Lotus, Datura fruit and more. Our Durva, Tulsi, Bel leaves and lemon garlands are delicately handcrafted by our in-house team of artisans. Fresh herbs carry the essence of drawing positive and divine vibes from surrounding and fill up the puja altar with blissful and divine vibrations.

Our other puja items

Our other puja items include Damru, Holy Glass and Tarpan, Sriphal, Mehandi Cone and Ritual Puka Kits. The sacred Havan or homa (puja and yagya) are performed to invoke the grace of deities and gods. Use of the right Havan Puja Samagri or puja items leads to a perfect completion of the ritual.

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