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Rahu is the cutoff head of an asura, who drank Amrit or the divine nectar by deceiving Lord Vishnu. He is said to swallow sun to cause the solar eclipse. He is said to bring chaos, mystery and cruelty in any area of life he controls. He is known to impart random, uncontrolled growth that comes without wisdom or understanding.

Astrological Importance:

Astrologically, Rahu is a part of the navagrahas or nine planets in Vedic astrology. He is considered the master manipulator and is counted as a specialist in scheming and plotting.

According to Hindu Astrology, one of the eight sections or pahars between Sunrise and Sunset is known as Rahu Kaal or Rahu Kalam. This time is considered inauspicious to start any new venture, as it may not yield good results, however, any work, journey or trade that is already in progress is not affected. Starting any new undertaking is prohibited during this time.

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The color associated with Rahu is black and smoke grey, and the gemstone associated is honey-colored Hessonite or Gomedh.

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What is Rahu Mahadasha?

The period when Rahu is in planetary position with an individual's Nakshtra is known as Rahu Mahadasha. This period imbibes material attachment the person possesses and forces them to develop certain qualities that are lacking in them. Rahu Mahadasha can sometimes bring massive success in people's life as it brings focus and determination to the process. However, it can also bring out the feeling of being out of control and chaotic.

What is the Meaning of Rahu Dosha?

Rahu Dosha is the time when Rahu is in control of the planets in the planetary alignment of an individual. This time is said to bring inauspicious omens around the individual and things go out of control and chaotic.

God Associated and Rahu Dosha Puja:

Praying to Goddess Durga is a part of Rahu Dosha Puja, and is said to ward off all dangers and evils from an individual's life. People are suggested to light lemon lamps during Rahu Kalam is to restrict the influence of Rahu. One can also worship Goddess Durga by listening to Durga chalisa on Friday.

Rahu Dosha Puja is done to ward off the malefic effects of Rahu Dosha.

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As Rahu Dosha brings a challenging time in the life of the native going though the period, Vedic ways are suggested to for Rahu Dosha Nivaran. Chanting the Rahu Mantra for 18000 times is an effective way to get relief from its ill-effects.

Rahu Vedic Mantra

Ardha Kaayam maha veryam chandraditya vimardhanam |
Simhika garbha sambhutam tam rahum pranamamyaham ||

By doing the Rahu Mantra Japa, connection to the energies of Planet Rahu is established through the powerful Sanskrit Mantra. When 18000 Japas of Rahu are done to pleases the Planet and relief are granted to the native from the malefic effects of the Rahu Dosha. The Rahu Mantra specified above is in salutation of Planet Rahu and it is to appease Him. A Goddess Durga or Chandi image can be kept in front while chanting. Offerings of Sandalwood and Blue flowers to Rahu is said to please the Planet.

The Rahu Mantra Japa should be started from Saturday and by the Vedic rules, it should be done at night. The 18000 Japas can be divided into equal amounts or as it suits the native and done daily, for continuous days till the 18000 Japas are over. It is advised to complete the Japas as soon as possible, once it is started. The Rahu Mantra Japa should be done with full dedication and pure intention. However, it is said that we may continue doing the Japa of Rahu Mantra after completion of the recommended amount of Japas as it is beneficial for the native. To surrender to the Divine while doing the Japas gives more benevolent outcome.

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