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Q. What are Rudraksha-Ratna reward points?
Ans. Rudraksha-Ratna reward points program is a program that rewards our customers for their loyalty and business.

Q. What are the benefits of Rudraksha-Ratna reward points?
Ans. Rudraksha-Ratna reward points help you to accumulate points that can be cashed on future purchases

Q. What are the eligibility criteria for me to be eligible for Rudraksha-Ratna reward points?
Ans. One should be a registered user of Rudraksha-Ratna.com. When you use Shopping cart, you are asked to Signup. This would register you as a user.

Q. How does Rudraksha-Ratna reward points work?
Ans. Individuals sign-up on Rudraksha-Ratna.com and they start earning Rudraksha-Ratna reward points whenever they shop with us. Rudraksha-Ratna reward points can be redeemed for any future purchases.

Q. How many Rudraksha-Ratna reward points do I earn on every purchase?
Ans.Members are categorized as Silver, Gold and Platinum depending upon their purchase amount. Once you enter a higher category, you remain there for all future transactions.

Purchase Rs. 1 – 25,000 Rs. 25,001 – 75,000 Rs. 75,001 & above
Member Category Silver Gold Platinum
Reward Points earned 5% of the purchase 7% of the purchase 10% of the purchase

Q. What is the minimum and maximum amount of Rudraksha Ratna Reward Points that can I redeem in a single transaction?
Ans. You require a minimum of 2500 Rudraksha Ratna Reward Points to redeem; also there is no maximum limit of reward points that you can redeem per transaction.

Q. I have made a purchase from your website in the past, am I eligible to earn Rudraksha Ratna Reward Points program?
Ans. Rudraksha Ratna Reward Points program was launched on 3rd of August 2013, all purchase made after 3rd of August 2013 are entitled to earn Rudraksha Ratna Reward Points.

Q. I have made a purchase of more than Rs. 50,000 /- still my membership level is showing as Silver/Gold?
Ans. Please note that for your first order you will earn 5% Reward Points and be placed in Silver membership level.

For subsequent orders, you will be upgraded to the appropriate membership level (gold or platinum) depending on the total purchase amount. Your reward points and membership levels will get updated within 24 hours.

Q. Will I get reward points on Gold item purchases?
Ans. Note that there are no reward points applicable for gold purchases. We sell gold items at actual costs.

Q. How can I redeem my Rudraksha-Ratna reward points?
Ans. Rudraksha-Ratna reward points can be redeemed by taking discounts of the corresponding value on any future purchases in part or in full.

Q. Where can I keep track of my Rudraksha-Ratna reward points?
Ans. The details of your points earned can be found by logging in your account and visiting the Reward Points section.

Q. Are the Rudraksha-Ratna reward points transferrable?
Ans. No, Rudraksha-Ratna reward points are non- transferrable and are applicable to shopping done from your email id only.

Q. Is there any limit on amount of Rudraksha-Ratna reward points that I can accumulate?
Ans. No, you can accumulate and use as many points as you wish.

Q. Are the Rudraksha-Ratna reward points credited instantly?
Ans. No, Rudraksha-Ratna reward points will reflect in your account within 12 hours of the purchase being made.

Q. What is the value of Rudraksha-Ratna reward points in monetary terms?
Ans. Every reward point is valued at INR 1.00 /-

Q. What will happen if I don’t use my Rudraksha-Ratna reward points, will they expire?
Ans. No, your Rudraksha-Ratna reward points remain valid for lifetime.


To avail to Rudraksha-Ratna reward points program you just have to register online on Rudraksha-Ratna.com with a valid email ID.


Whenever you shop at Rudraksha-Ratna.com, depending upon the value of your purchase a percentage of what you spend is credited to your account as Rudraksha-Ratna reward points.

“Reward points will not be applicable to the purchase of Gold products.”


One can redeem Rudraksha-Ratna reward points in lieu of all future purchases in part or in full and for all our products on our website without any exceptions.

Member Levels

Depending upon the value of purchase a member or his referral makes, members are categorized as Silver, Gold and Platinum members.
Purchases made between
Rs. 1 – 25,000: Silver member (5% of purchase is credited as Rudraksha-Ratna reward points)
Rs. 25,001 – 75,000: Gold member (7% of purchase is credited as Rudraksha-Ratna reward points)
Rs. 75,001 & above: Platinum member (10% of purchase is credited as Rudraksha-Ratna reward points)

A single purchase in the concerned price bracket makes one eligible to get placed in the corresponding category and make him eligible to earn Rudraksha-Ratna Reward Points accordingly on a lifelong basis.

Check Your Points

Check your Reward Points: Click here

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