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The use of precious and semiprecious stones has been popular in Eastern and Western countries and in the Middle East. Plato believed in the correspondence of gems with the planets of our solar system. Throughout the world gems have been used not only as ornaments but as agents of energy and storehouses of occult power also.

Coral, Pearls, Ruby, Rock Crystal, Onyx, Amethyst, Jade and Agate have been more popular in West than the East. Amber and Rock Crystals are mentioned in the Holy Bible. In Germany amber beads in the form of a necklace are given to a children to help them in teething ; many people use amber to save themselves from rheumatism. The Turks used Amber for the mouthpiece of their smoking pipes to prevent infection. In India, sadhus wear amber beads of necklaces to save them from disorders of stomach, intestines, and liver.

In Rome, the use of Coral is older than the use of pearl. Romans used coral not only as Jewellery (rings, necklaces, etc) but also as amulets and charms against fire, lightening, whirlwind, sorcery, charms, poison and shipwreck. Coral was also used to help children in teething.

Amethyst was the favorite stone of the Greeks. They used it for good dreams, valor, chastity and safety from thieves.

There are 84 kinds of gems. Out of these there are only 9 major gems and the remaining called semi-precious gems. Many of them are used in making idols, crockery, and decorative items. Some of them are not available now. The semiprecious gems which are now in fashion have more Lusture, value and influence than the real ones. These are described in the following lines -

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Each Ratna or gemstone has its own power and healing property. They can be worn to reduce the malefic effects of the planets on our lives. These gemstones possess healing properties that can benefit us when worn in the right way after consulting an expert.

Though each gemstone has its own quality, wearing a Navratna pendant or ring benefits the wearer in many ways. Let us get to know the benefits of these Ratnas in detail.

Amber: In Hindi it is called as "Kaharua". It is not a gem stone but a fossil resin. It is mostly found in red and yellow colours. Out of all gems it is the most ancient, light and soft. It is found in the coasts of England, China, Thailand, the seas of Baltic and Sysley in the shape of gum or oily substance. Being worn around the neck it pacifies the mind. It is believed that by wearing amber one can be saved from being imbalanced. This may be true because amber possesses a magnetic property : Its magnetic quality works on the electromagnetic field of the body and enables the wearer to achieve more self-control and better physical health. The wearer is not affected by evil spirits or black magic. He does not fall prey to any disease of throat. Its crystals are beneficial in infectious diseases. One or two beads of Amber must be worn around the neck of the children.

Agate: It is an opaque gem. It is beautiful after being chiseled. It is found in many colours . There are found pictures of trees, cloud, grass and also plants. It contains divine power. It is a fortunate gem for the farmers and other manual workers. For removing the bad planetary effect the man should wear the Agate mal of the colour which belongs to the planet . The mala of the particular planet should be used to count the beads chanting mantras concerning the planet.

Amethyst: In Hindi it is called - Jamunia or Kataila. Its colour is purple. Its importance depends upon its thickness in colour. With the increasing of its thickness its value and effects also increases. Due to excess of iron in it, its wearer gain spiritual power. It suppresses ill-passions. Its wearer can never lose moral status. It also makes a man abstain from wine. The wearer begins to hate evil deeds by which he gets mental peace and consolation. Therefore it is more in demand now-a-days than in the past. In the western countries ladies wear it to make their husband love them permanently. It is also worn to pacify the arrogance of Saturn. People generally wear it instead of Blue Sapphire.

Aquamarine: In Hindi it is called "Beruj". It belongs to the family of Emerald having the sky colour. It is also transparent. It has all the qualities that an emerald has. People wear it instead of emerald. It is more useful for those who go on a voyage. It can be safely used by all. It is especially calming if used as a necklace, armlet, amulet or pendant. In females it increases feminine virtues.

Carnelian: It is found in many colours - Red, brown and orange. If a person feels feverish in the evening, its mala is beneficial for him because it absorbs excessive body heat and heals the patient. Its garland gives forbearance, perseverance, self - confidence. It also removes the evil effects of the wearer.

Citrine: It is transparent and has less price. Its colour is yellow. It is worn instead of Yellow Sapphire. According to great scholars, it increases one's fortune. According to the Egyptians and Romans it should be used when a man is suffering from weak sight or any other kind of eye disease. Its wearer gets more and more financial and physical power, long life, honour, friendship, success, beauty and wisdom. Its also gives pleasure and blessings from the elders. It is a symbol of friendship. If it is worn, the man can not have night-mare and can enjoy a sound sleep.

Garnet: Now-a-days it is much popular and in fashion. Its look is crimson, smooth and beautiful. it belongs to the sun so it is worn in place of Ruby. By wearing its ring, pendant or necklace the man's fortune advances, health becomes strong, the wearer gets honour and success in journey. Its wearer avoids immoral and illegal activities. It is also very beneficial for rheumatism. It stops bleeding and cures diseases caused by formation of stones in the body, promotes vigor and vitality and acts as a sexual stimulant.

Goldstone: In Urdu it is called Sang-E-Sitara and Lajavart in Tamil and in Bengali it is called Taramandle. Its colour red-brown with shining spots that shine like gold. It is very delicate. Many beautiful things like mala, figure, Shivalinga etc. are made after cutting and chiseling the gold stone.

Green Jade: In Urdu it is called Margaj. It is a substitute gem of Emerald. Jade is mainly found in green colour. If children parents, span of life increases. According to the Chinese scholars it increases wit and cooling effect in eyes. This enables the person to play with the words. Greeks and Romans say that its wearer can never suffer from mental and optical diseases. It is believed by all that this gem saves the wearer from diseases pertaining to heart, abdomen and kidney.

Lodestone: It is a natural magnet stone, known as Chumbak in Hindi. It is opaque, crimson coloured, black and white Lusture. Due to its magnetic power it is very useful in the blood related diseases like paralysis, Rheumatism, Arthritis etc. Man can also use it to avoid the evil effect of Saturn.

Lapis Lazuli: Its colour is blue black with golden spot like that of pea-cock's throat. It can be worn in place of blue sapphire to save oneself from the effect of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu or any hindrance in any job or disturbance at home. However man after 50 years of age must wear it. It saves the man from diseases like the urinary problems, T.B, Jaundice, diabetes and tiresomeness etc. It should be worn in silver ring or pendant always.

Melakite: This is also known as Kidney's stone. Its colour is Grayish Green and has effective impressions somewhat like kidney. This gem consist characteristics of good quality copper. To prevent from Rheumatism, Abdominal diseases, Kidney Diseases this gem is beneficial if worn in a ring or in the neck. In order to cure the stone disease its paste should be applied on the Kidney. After keeping it in a rose water, and this water should be drunk to have quick relief. If there is stone in the Kidney and doctors have advised for the operation then once before the operation it should be worn in ring and tied around the waist, then be sure that there will be no need of operation. The stone will itself pass through urine. This fact is well tested.

Moon Stone: In Sanskrit it is called Godanti. It is opaque having the colour of milk. Its name itself denotes that it has some relation with the moon, and the moon relates with the mind. It is useful to wear when the mind is inconstant. Therefore ladies and young children should wear it to strengthen their mind. It increases the eye sight of the wearer and it also gives marital happiness to the wearer. It makes one's mind and thought pure. The priests and Brahmins can be mostly profited by wearing it.

Opal: Among all the gems it is the most beautiful and mysterious. It is as smooth as honey and the Lustre of various colours is seen in it. It is as much valuable as it has the coloured Lustre. It increases the devotion of God. Therefore it is most beneficial to yogis, saints and priests. It imparts renunciation to the house holders. It can also be worn instead of diamond. Note: According to Shastras, it is not allowed for the house holders to wear it.

Peridot: In ancient times it was very popular but now a days it is found with great difficulty. It is smooth and shining. Its colour is like the honey. It is mostly found in Myanmar, Norway, Canada, Brazil, Argentine, Virginia (U.S.A) and New Mexico. It fulfils the wishes of the family, wish for a son, money, and health. If it is worn it is a advantageous to remove evil-effect, black magic, evil spirits, epilepsy, fear to be bitten by a snake.

Serpentine: In Hindi it is called Zehar Mohra. It is light green in colour. In ancient times it was used to prepare utensils. Food was prepared and eaten in those utensils. The poisonous food inside these pots used to change the colour of vessels to yellow. Greeks still use this in the Ayurvedic Medicine. It wearer can never fall prey to diseases pertaining to abdomen. The articles made up of this gem are still available in Market.

Tourmaline: It consists of many substances. It represents simultaneously three planets - Mercury, Venus and the Sun. It contains all the qualities of their gems-Emerald, Diamond and Ruby. It can be worn without any fear, it never harms the wearer. It imparts such a blood current in the veins of the wearer that controls the mind and improves his mental ability. It also imparts the ability of discretion. The children who are week in study or dullards must wear it. Green or Yellow Tourmaline is beneficial for increasing knowledge, progress in trade, white tourmaline is useful for those who are actors, writers and wish name and fame.

Turquoise: Its colour is sky bluish or greenish blue. It contains phosphorous, aluminum, copper and some water, it shines after being polished. It is so delicate that it is easily spoiled with a little fire or water. Astrologically, it is related to Ketu. So it is beneficial in case a man is affected by Ketu. Its wearer can never be poisoned to death. This gem is a must to those who go on adventurous journey or any kind of journey. like a true friend it saves the wearer from all kinds of problems and gives pleasure to the wearer. In Russia , it is presented as a marriage ring. Its colour changes, according to the changes in season. Since medieval times, it is believed that it destroy hatred and increase love. When a disease is about to attack the wearer, its colour variation warns us.

Onex: It is found in many colours. It is smooth stone. It is a substitute of Emerald. It is beneficial in neck cramps as well as backache. It also helps in living a smooth and married life. Purity resides in thoughts. It is especially meant for priests and Brahmins. Thus these are some main semi precious gems which are in fashion nowadays but there are some other gem which are vague in their use. If you have any ancient stone piece, wood or any clay product or ornament and you think it is worthy, you should show it to any astrologer or a mineralogist perhaps it may prove the most valuable.

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