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Shani Kavach

The word Kavach means armour. The Shani Kavach is a very powerful talisman that offers protection, success, good health and wealth. A Shani Kavach is a sacred object of veneration that resonates with the powers and positive frequencies of Lord Shani. The powerful Shani Kavach relieves one of malefic effect of planet Shani. He is Karmaphaldata, the one Who gives us the result of our present and past bad karmas which gets accumulated over years. If a person is suffering from malefic effects of planet Shani or desires to attain His divine blessings, must worship Shani Kavach. The Shaneshwara Kavacham bestows mental and physical strength, promotes courage and boosts confidence.

Shani – The God of Justice and Truth

Lord Shani is one of the prime deities in Hinduism. He is the son of Surya Dev and Chaya. Most of the people have misconception about Lord Shani being cruel, but the fact is that Lord Shani rewards us like no other planet by bringing meaning to our life. He is the guide and teacher who teaches us the lesson of discipline and commitment. He reminds us of our responsibilities and our boundaries. He guides us to be the master our life by helping us gain self-control over our mind and emotions. He encourages us to become stronger to face issues and handle responsibilities and work with perseverance for attaining success with real sense of satisfaction. He gives us the fruits of our karmas (deeds).

Shani Sade Sati and Shani Dosha

Shani Sade Sati and Shani DoshaShani Dosha is an indication of ill consequences one might face due to bad karmas of the past. It is indicated in natal chart through certain conjunction of planet with other planets or ill-placement or weak of retrograde position of planet Saturn. It can cause unreasonable obstacles and delays in work, marriage, mishaps, financial issues or prolonged illness. Shani Sade Sati is a phase which occurs once after every 27 to 29 years in every individual’s life. This astrological phase which lasts for 7 and half years is believed to bring many challenges and suffering in life and its effects can include any work coming to a standstill, obstacles in finding the right job or legal issues. The phase thought challenging, cleanses one of his/her sins of past birth to helps them get closer to divinity. However, transiting through this challenging phase requires tremendous amount of inner strength. Vedic astrology recommends various remedies for relief from this period. People suffering from Shani Dosha or astrological phase of Shani Sade Sati or Shani Mahadasha would highly benefit by wearing a Shani Raksha Kavach as it helps provides relief and keeps away all evil.

Apart from the above reasons any devotee of Lord Shani can adorn this Kavach and receive blessings from the Lord Himself.
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Popular and Effective Shani yantra products

Shree Siddh Shani Yantra with photo

The Shree Shani Yantra with photo is made in Copper with an antique finish. The Yantra is on one side and the photo of God Shani on the other. It can be installed at home or workplace in the East, facing West. The Yantra is worshipped to get relief from malefic effects of Planet Shani (Saturn) if unfavourably placed in the Birth chart. The Yantra provides mental strength, the courage to conquer all difficulties, helps to make the right decisions, brings financial and worldly success etc.

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Shree Siddh Shani Yantra - Pocket Size

The Shree Siddh Shani Yantra is made in Copper with Gold plating. It can be either installed at home/office and be easily carried in wallet, purse, cash box because of its pocket size. Meditating or worshipping on this Yantra alleviates the ill-effects of Planet Shani during Sade Sati phase. It brings financial ease, mental and physical strength, obstacles are removed, gives the courage to overcome challenges, clarity in judgement, protects from illnesses and ushers blessings of Shani Dev.

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Shree Shani Yantra

The Shree Shani Yantra is made in round wooden frame with Crystal Glass on both sides, that magnify the images, with the image of God Shani on one side and the Yantra geometry on the other side. The Yantra is tuned to energies of Shani Dev is worshipped to appease Him and propitiate an afflicted Planet Shani. It brings financial flow, success in business, heals diseases, provides correct judgement and decision making skills, mental strength, overcome challenges and other blessings.

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Shani Yantra Locket - Copper

Copper pre-energized Siddh Shani Yantra Lockets, with Yantra diagram and Shani Bhagwan image on either side of the Locket. This powerful Yantra is apt for wearing to get relief from the malefic effects of afflicted Planet Shani in the Natal chart. Siddh Shani Yantra Lockets brings success, financial ease, removes hurdles from life, gives mental strength, the courage to overcome challenges, healing of diseases and garner Shani Dev's blessings. Meditating on the Shani Yantra has proved extremely beneficial for many.

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Shani Stotra Kavach

The sacred hymn of Shani Kavach Stotra serves acts as a sacred armour against Shani Dosha or Said Sati. Derived from Brahma Purana, it is a powerful prayer to Lord Shani for His divine blessings and protection from malefic effects of Sade Sati or Dahiya Sati. Consisting of 12 verses, it beautifully describes the physical attributes, and iconography of Shani Dev and revers Him. Just as a soldier wears an iron armour in battlefield for protection, wearing a Shani Yantra amulet and reciting the Shani Kavacham Stotram on a Saturday or three times daily acts as an armour which grants the power to overcome challenges one faces because of negative influences of planet Shani.

Listening to the audio Shari Shani Stotram on regular basis is also helpful in dispelling worries and boosting confidence, morale, positivity and inner strength.

Shani Rakhsha Kavach Benefits:

  • Offers protection during the period of Sade Sati
  • Provides relief from negative influences of Shani Dosha and Mahadasha
  • Removes obstacles from every aspect of life
  • Wards off the malefic the planet Saturn
  • Offers success in all undertakings
  • Wards off evil and negative energies
  • Destroys all evil and black magic
  • Attracts wealth and prosperity
  • For justice and correct judgement

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Shani Kavach locket:

The powers of a Kavach thrive on the resonance of the cosmic energies. When an energised Kavach comes in contact with the skin and when we pray over it, it gets activated and offers optimum results. The vibrations of the kavach create an aura of positive energy around you. Kavach is the medium through which we can establish a strong connection with the higher energies. Wearing a Shani Raksha Kavach not only protects the wearer from any negative influences but also helps him/her attain spiritual course of conduct in their daily lives and enhance the spirituality within through the celestial vibrations generated by the Kavach. .

Saturn Bhasma KavachShani Kavach Yantra: This divine diagram or numerical pattern holds the divine powers to attract the principles of Lord Shani and carries the signification of Shani mantra or the process. A Siddh Shani Kavach Yantra has certain divine symbols of Lotus, star, and Chakra which carries the power to attract principles of Shani Dev. A numerical Shani Kavach Yantra illustrates arrangement of certain numbers, which when added any way, be it horizontally, vertically or diagonally, its sum remains constant which is 33. The use of numerical Shani Kavach Yantra was prescribed by sage Garga in Gargasamhita due to mystical properties it possessed to pacify malefic of planet Shani.

Shani Kavach mantra Amulet: A Shani mantra Kavach is a talisman in either capsule or box form with Shani beej mantras or Shani Kavach mantra usually written on a bhojpatra sheet and Bhasma of Shami wood which is associated with planet Shani, inserted in it. It is designed to be worn as everyday wear jewel. The Shani Kavach benefits include removal of fear and enhances sense of responsibility, discipline and improved decision-making ability.
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Shani Kavach Ring

A ring made of black shoe iron is believed to be an effective Shani Kavacha against Sade Sati and evil spirits and brings luck and progress in career. The colour black and iron metal are associated with Shani and used horseshoe ring is indicative of hard work, a virtue which appeases Lord Shani. The ring is best worn on thumb of dominant hand.

A 17 mukhi Rudraksha ring also serves as an effective Shani Dev Kavach. 17 mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by planet Shani and it helps destroy past karmas and blesses the wearer with success, achievement and power of manifestation. It helps avert the negative effect of planet Shani. Rudra Centre has 17 mukhi Rudraksha ring especially energised with planetary mantra and planetary Bhasma and metal enclosed in sides tubes of the ring to provide optimum effects of the Rudraksha.

Shani Kavach buy Online:

You can now buy the Shani Kavach online at the best price. We at Rudra Centre, offer various types of Shri Shani Kavach which are made of various metals and are crafted with finesse. The Shani Kavach Yantra is designed as per the instructions mentioned in the ancient texts and duly energised with mantras to provide quick results. We also guide you with correct usage instructions for optimum results. You can choose from the variety of designs.

Shani Kavach Price:

The price of the Shani Kavach varies as per the design, weight and make of the Kavach. All the products offer optimum benefit and are highest quality metal is used to make this Kavach and thus, the prices vary.

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