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Shani Trayodashi/Pradosh Vrat 2019: Dates, Day, Timing For Shani Puja

If Lord Shani is prayed with utmost devotion on this day, he blesses His devotees with peace and they overcome any risk of major accidents or life threats. People suffering from the adverse effect of Shani, or people undergoing the period of Sade-Sati of Sani, Ardhastama Sani, Ashtama Sani or its antar dasa, are advised to perform Shani Trayodashi puja as a remedial measures to please Shani. Hence, people wait for Shani Trayodashi to perform remedial measures to nullify the negative effects of Shani.


Shani Trayodashi/Pradosh Vrat 2019: Chanting Shanti Mantra

This day belongs to Lord Shani and praying to him brings comfort to the individuals suffering from the malefic effect of the planet Saturn / Shani. This is a very auspicious day and praying to the lord on this day is considered very beneficial.

Shani Mantra:

"Neelanjana Samabasam Ravi Putram Yamaagarjam
Chaaya Martanda Sambhutam Tan Namami Sannescharam"

Meaning: I bow down to Shani who is splendid like a blue mountain, who is the divine son of Surya (Sun god), who is the elder brother of Lord Yama (Death god), who is to Chaya and Martanda (Sun) and who is slow moving.

How To Chant This Mantra: A mantra chanting becomes joyful when you understand its meaning, have it by heart and visualize it while chanting. It is not necessary to sit in the Shani or Hanuman temple for chanting. Although a temple is the preferred place as it brims with divine energies, one can chant this mantra at a quiet place.

Shani Trayodashi/Pradosh Vrat 2019: Five Things To Do On This Day

Things to Do on Shani Trayodashi:
  • Prayers: Worship Shanidev to remove/reduce malefic effects of Shani Dosha.
  • Fasting: People should observe fast to please Shanidev.
  • Shani Puja: People should perform Shani Dosha puja, Sade Sati Puja to please Shani. It is advised to perform Shani Shanti puja as an observance to calm the planet. On Sani Trayodasi, people should perform tailabhishekam as a part of Shani Trayodashi puja.
  • Donation: To please Shanidev, tie some black grams, 100 grams of ginger oil packet, 1-kilogram coal, a small black ribbon, 8 Iron nails, some Navadanyams, and donate it to the temple priest or drop it in running water source.
  • Charity: Offer food items to a crow and feed the needy persons. Distribute rice with salt meals to poor people. Distribute black clothes to the poor people on Saturday
It is not possible to do all the things but you can do at least one of them to please Lord Shani.
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January 3, 2019,Pradosh Vrat Thursday 06:09 PM to 08:47 PM 02 Hours 37 Mins Pausha, Krishna TrayodashiBegins - 02:10 AM, Jan 03Ends - 03:21 AM, Jan 04
January 18, 2019,Pradosh Vrat Friday 08:22 PM to 08:55 PM 00 Hours 33 Mins Pausha, Shukla TrayodashiBegins - 08:22 PM, Jan 18Ends - 05:34 PM, Jan 19
February 2, 2019,Shani Pradosh Vrat Saturday 06:28 PM to 09:02 PM 02 Hours 34 Mins Magha, Krishna TrayodashiBegins - 06:59 PM, Feb 01Ends - 09:19 PM, Feb 02
February 17, 2019, Pradosh Vrat Sunday 06:36 PM to 09:06 PM 02 Hours 31 Mins Magha, Shukla TrayodashiBegins - 08:10 AM, Feb 17Ends - 04:50 AM, Feb 18
March 3, 2019, Pradosh Vrat Sunday 06:41 PM to 09:09 PM 02 Hours 28 Mins Phalguna, Krishna TrayodashiBegins - 01:45 PM, Mar 03Ends - 04:29 PM, Mar 04
March 18, 2019,Soma Pradosh Vrat Monday 06:45 PM to 09:10 PM 02 Hours 24 Mins Phalguna, Shukla TrayodashiBegins - 05:43 PM, Mar 18Ends - 02:18 PM, Mar 19
April 2, 2019,Bhauma Pradosh Vrat Tuesday 06:49 PM to 09:10 PM 02 Hours 21 Mins Chaitra, Krishna TrayodashiBegins - 08:38 AM, Apr 02Ends - 10:56 AM, Apr 03
April 17, 2019,Pradosh Vrat Wednesday 06:53 PM to 09:11 PM 02 Hours 18 Mins Chaitra, Shukla TrayodashiBegins - 01:26 AM, Apr 17Ends - 10:24 PM, Apr 17
May 2, 2019,Pradosh Vrat Thursday 06:57 PM to 09:13 PM 02 Hours 15 Mins Vaishakha, Krishna TrayodashiBegins - 02:05 AM, May 02Ends - 03:21 AM, May 03
May 16, 2019,Pradosh Vrat Thursday 07:02 PM to 09:15 PM 02 Hours 13 Mins Vaishakha, Shukla TrayodashiBegins - 08:15 AM, May 16Ends - 06:05 AM, May 17
May 31, 2019,Pradosh Vrat Friday 07:08 PM to 09:19 PM 02 Hours 11 Mins Jyeshtha, Krishna TrayodashiBegins - 05:17 PM, May 31Ends - 05:16 PM, Jun 01
June 14, 2019,Pradosh Vrat Friday 07:13 PM to 09:23 PM 02 Hours 10 Mins Jyeshtha, Shukla TrayodashiBegins - 03:30 PM, Jun 14Ends - 02:33 PM, Jun 15
June 30, 2019,Pradosh Vrat Sunday 07:16 PM to 09:27 PM 02 Hours 10 Mins Ashadha, Krishna TrayodashiBegins - 06:11 AM, Jun 30Ends - 04:56 AM, Jul 01
July 14, 2019,Pradosh Vrat Sunday 07:16 PM to 09:27 PM 02 Hours 11 Mins Ashadha, Shukla TrayodashiBegins - 12:29 AM, Jul 14 Ends - 12:55 AM, Jul 15
July 29, 2019,Soma Pradosh Vrat Monday 07:12 PM to 09:25 PM 02 Hours 13 Mins Shravana, Krishna TrayodashiBegins - 05:09 PM, Jul 29Ends - 02:49 PM, Jul 30
August 12, 2019,Soma Pradosh Vrat Monday 07:05 PM to 09:20 PM 02 Hours 16 Mins Shravana, Shukla TrayodashiBegins - 12:07 PM, Aug 12Ends - 01:46 PM, Aug 13
August 28, 2019,Pradosh Vrat Wednesday 06:53 PM to 09:12 PM 02 Hours 19 Mins Bhadrapada, Krishna TrayodashiBegins - 02:36 AM, Aug 28Ends - 11:28 PM, Aug 28
September 11, 2019, Pradosh Vrat Wednesday 06:41 PM to 09:03 PM 02 Hours 21 Mins Bhadrapada, Shukla TrayodashiBegins - 02:42 AM, Sep 11Ends - 05:06 AM, Sep 12
September 26, 2019, Pradosh Vrat Thursday 06:28 PM to 08:53 PM 02 Hours 25 Mins Ashwina, Krishna TrayodashiBegins - 11:03 AM, Sep 26Ends - 07:32 AM, Sep 27
October 11, 2019,Pradosh Vrat Friday 06:15 PM to 08:43 PM 02 Hours 28 Mins Ashwina, Shukla TrayodashiBegins - 07:52 PM, Oct 10Ends - 10:20 PM, Oct 11
October 25, 2019,Pradosh Vrat Friday 07:08 PM to 08:36 PM 01 Hour 28 Mins Kartika, Krishna TrayodashiBegins - 07:08 PM, Oct 25Ends - 03:46 PM, Oct 26
November 9, 2019, Shani Pradosh Vrat Saturday 05:58 PM to 08:32 PM 02 Hours 34 Mins Kartika, Shukla TrayodashiBegins - 02:39 PM, Nov 09Ends - 04:33 PM, Nov 10
November 24, 2019,Pradosh Vrat Sunday 05:55 PM to 08:31 PM 02 Hours 36 Mins Margashirsha, Krishna TrayodashiBegins - 03:43 AM, Nov 24Ends - 01:06 AM, Nov 25
December 9, 2019,Soma Pradosh Vrat Monday 05:57 PM to 08:35 PM 02 Hours 37 Mins Margashirsha, Shukla TrayodashiBegins - 09:54 AM, Dec 09Ends - 10:44 AM, Dec 10
December 23, 2019,Soma Pradosh Vrat Monday 06:03 PM to 08:41 PM 02 Hours 38 Mins Pausha, Krishna TrayodashiBegins - 01:42 PM, Dec 23Ends - 12:19 PM, Dec 24

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