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About Surya or Sun

Surya or Sun has the most important meaning and part to play in Vedic Astrology, as it is the giver of life, and symbolizes our conscious mind. The Sun has its own light and so it is a star, however, in Astrology the Sun is considered a planet. Surya is also a representation of our will power, creative life force, energy, and vitality. It is said to be our soul itself, the Atmakaraka. The Sun is revered as a God by Hindus and is referred to as Surya Dev. The Sun provides energy to all the planets and organisms living on it, along with the will to use the energy in a positive or a negative way. Surya brings about physical and mental strength, power, glory, fame, and courage in people while empowering the will-power and soul. In the physical body of human beings, the Sun is the eyes, general vitality, courage, and authority in people. Sun God/Surya Devta's chariot is said to be pulled by seven stately horses.

Surya Dev governs over will-power, energy, and power. He is worshipped on Sundays. Offering prayers to Surya promotes power, authority, bravery, and leadership and brings name, fame, and success in business or career and removes health issues. Professions that are supported by Sun are Government and administrative jobs, Politics, people connected to the Medical practice, Economists, Jewellers, Designers, etc.

Surya Dosh Nivaran Puja

Astrological Importance of Surya Dosha

The majesty of Surya Devta brings forth the royalty and higher office in people's lives with the coming of the planet. Its light provides a vital life force to people, which in turn gives strength, energy, and a will to succeed. Astrologically, Surya represents the self, one's personality, and ego, along with his soul. It imbibes creative power to individuals to fight challenges in daily life. He also oversees bravery, leadership quality, authority, administration, and fame of the native. Therefore it is clear that the placement of planet Surya is of vital importance in the native's birth-chart or Horoscope(Kundli).

Blessings of well placed Sun in the birth-chart or Kundli are many, like robust health, high/respectful status in society, dignity, happiness, optimism/hope, power, success in endeavors, warmth, affection, balanced temperament, respect for elders and others and the native is endowed with a good physical appearance. Planet Sun also gives wealth, confers rewards, and honors from the government. Sun also makes the native of compassionate and kind nature who shows generosity towards the less fortunate people. With Surya placed well in Horoscope, the native shines and is of positive nature.

The color associated with Surya is Copper or Red and Orange, and the gemstone associated is Ruby and Yellow Topaz.

What is Surya Dosh/Dosha?

Surya Dosha occurs when the positioning of Surya is weak or bad in a person's Horoscope or Kundli. Since Surya is so powerful so its malefic effects are also big.

Surya Dosha Effects and Symptoms

Some prominent Surya Dosha effects and symptoms which indicate that the native has Surya Dosh in his/her Horoscope are:

  • Native with Surya Dosh may have a low confidence level and will become lazy and lethargic.
  • Physically Surya rules eyesight, bones, blood circulation, heart. So it may affect the native adversely where the native may experience the pain of joints and bones. Eyesight may get effected and become weak. Heart diseases may occur.
  • The native may be temperamental, pessimistic, feel bouts of depression, low self-esteem and self-respect because of Surya dosha.
  • Relationship between father and son may be sour and filled with conflict with Surya dosh. In fact, the relationship of the son with grandfather or male authority may be affected negatively.
  • Native's nature may be jealous, angry, arrogant, irritable, may be involved in immoral activities.
  • Native with Surya Dosh in birth-chart may be deprived of a pleasant and happy childhood.
  • It affects native’s by creating difficulty and blocks when dealing with Government authorities.
  • Natives tend to shy away from mingling in society due to the inferiority complex.

What is Surya Mahadasha/Dasha?

Surya Dasha/Surya Mahadasha is a phase or a period when planet Sun completely influences, rules over the native's birth-chart or Horoscope. Surya Mahadasha is when planet Sun is nearest to the Nakshatra of an individual. It can be both beneficial and malefic depending on the placement of Surya in birth-chart and also the planets placed along with Sun. During Surya ki Mahadasha things in the life of the native are amplified which is the primary Sun Mahadasha effect. So, if the Surya/Sun is placed well then that will get amplified and if it is placed weak then the weak aspects will get amplified. The Surya Mahadasha is said to last for 6 years. In this time, the Surya Antardasha or Surya Bhukti is the initial phase of Surya Mahadasha when the effect and influence of Sun are most exalted.

The Sun’s Mahadasha is ill-affected if the weak Sun is in the 6th, 8th 12th house and afflicted by malefic planets such as Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and Mars etc then there are negative effects faced by the native. The Surya Dasha effects are also according to the ascendant of the native in the Horoscope. For example, it is said that Surya Mahadasha may not give favorable effects for natives with Libra/Tula ascendant.

The Surya Dasha goes through phases/timespan of Antardasha or Bhukti of other planets during its course of 6 years of Surya’s Dasha, like, Surya Dasha Shani Bhukti, Surya Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha, Surya Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha, etc. During each Antardasha of other planets during Surya Dasha has its specific time periods and different effects on the native. Sun’s position in the Antardasha phase gives very beneficial outcomes if Surya is placed well.

Sun Mahadasha Effects

Depending on Sun’s exalted or debilitated positioning in the native's birth-chart the Surya Mahadasha effects the native. It is advisable to consult an expert Astrologer and not assume the effects. Some general effects are:

  • If Sun is benefice then Surya Mahadasha’s effects by giving a high position in society, gain honors and respect from Government.
  • With a strong Surya position Sun Mahadasha effects by the acquisition of wealth, popularity, and all-round success.
  • The native gains in power and power positions in higher offices like in army, police or in bureaucratic authorities if the position of Surya is beneficial.
  • With the support of strong Surya placement, Mahadasha’s effects on native nurturing desire to become a politician/political leader may manifest successfully.
  • The effect of Sun’s Dasha with weak Sun in Horoscope may cause health issues like digestive system problems, Diabetes, Liver diseases, headaches, etc. The native may be going through repeated ill-health situations.
  • With weak Sun in birth-chart, the native may face social disgrace, defamation due to its effects.
  • Sun Mahadasha effects can cause loss of wealth, assets, and struggle with the Government.
  • The effects of unfavorable placement of Sun may cause a disturbance in the relationship between son and father.

Sun Mahadasha Remedies / Surya dosh Nivaran or Surya Graha Dosh Nivaran

As every problem has a solution, so does Surya Dosha which is Surya dosh Nivaran its remedies. As per Vedic Astrology, the most beneficial Surya Graha Dosh remedy is the Surya Dosh Nivaran Puja. The Surya Dosh Nivaran Puja is done to appease planet Sun and get His blessings and support in the case of Malefic effects of Surya Mahadasha.

Surya Dosh Nivaran Benefits

Surya Dosh Nivaran Puja

By performing the powerful and meritorious Surya Dosh Nivaran Puja, the native gets relief from malefic Surya Dosha.

This Dosha eradication puja enhances self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth

Native regains strength, courage, will power to move ahead in life by performing Surya Dosh Nivaran Puja.

  • There is relief in health issues which is faced by native, like, heart ailments, eyes problem and other physical issues.
  • Surya Dosh Nivaran puja gives ease in dealing with Government or high administrative authorities.
  • Native's temperament, anger, irritation calms down by performing Surya Dosh Nivaran Puja.
  • Native with Surya Dosh starts being successful in the job, business withy this puja
  • Relationship with father, elders, family members, and friends becomes harmonious.
  • Doors open to money flow, beneficial opportunities by performing Surya Dosh Nivaraj puja.
  • Lost social status starts reversing to its original glory.
Surya Dosh Nivaran Puja

Popular and Effective products for Surya Dosha

Ruby Mozambique Stone

Natural and untreated finest quality Mozambique Rubies with rich colour is a powerful way to enhance the energies of the planet Sun. Wearing this Gem especially as per our Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy helps remove Surya Dosha and enhance the benefic power of the planet Sun regardless of one's birth chart. It promotes leadership qualities, health, and the focus of the wearer and brings him fame, name, abundance, success and power of command. It also stimulates the Solar Plexus Chakra.


Surya Dev with Stone Work

A magnificently crafted brass idol of Surya Dev on a chariot and embellished with colourful stonework. Aesthetically designed in detail to grace the best of decors, the Surya Dev is featured in His divine form. Surya Dev governs the planet Sun and is the giver of life and energy. The idol can be installed in the living area of the place of business. Offering prayers to the idol helps pacify the malefic of planet Sun and confers good health, wisdom, fame, growth, and longevity.

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Surya Power Wisdom Pendant

This powerful combination designed as per RRST is made of 3, 7, 12 mukhi and Gauri Shankar Rudraksha. It helps stimulate energies of the planet Sun and Solar plexus Chakra. The wearer is relieved of the feeling of victimization and creates his own destiny by realizing his true strength, mental and emotional power and radiance. It brings radiance, good health, confidence, youthfulness, vitality, confidence, glory, power and fame and releases stress. Highly beneficial for leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, politicians and administrators for professional growth.


Siddh Surya Yantra Locket Study Success – 1

Pure silver Locket featuring Surya Yantra and image of Surya Dev makes a talisman to attract positive energies of the planet Sun and nullify Surya Dosha or its malefic effects. Surya Yantra is endowed with energies of Planet Sun. It represents power, command and authority. This Yantra locket helps attain good health, fame, glory, power, professional growth and leadership qualities. It helps overcome financial and health issues and makes the wearer knowledgeable, confident, courageous, strong-willed, independent and versatile.

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God Associated and Surya Dosha Nivaran Puja:

As per Valmiki Ramayana, Rama is the descendant of sun and an incarnation of Vishnu, hence He rules Sun. Therefore, to annul the ill effects of Surya Dosha, people should worship Lord Rama every morning as a regular prayer.

We at Rudra Centre, perform the Surya Dosha Nivaran Puja as per the Vedic rules to counter the effect of weak sun.

You can seek Free Consultation from Rudra Centre for Surya Dosha Nivaran

Other Vedic Surya Dosh Nivaran

Enlisted are some other Surya Dosh Nivaran remedies (upay) or Surya Graha Dosh remedies as per Vedic Astrology:

1) Chanting of Surya Mantra regularly with devotion, the malefic effects of the Sun Dosh can be relieved.

Surya Mantra:

"Om Akrishnen Rajsa Vartmano Niveshayanm Amritam Martyanya
Hiranyayen Savitarathenadevo Yaati Bhuvanani Pashyan Suryay Namah"

2) Sun God is the bringer of fame and confidence in one's life. Therefore, to overcome Surya Dosha, people should worship Surya on Sundays and should get up early morning to do Surya Namaskar. Fasting on Sunday is also observed by natives affected by Surya Dosh.

3) To annul the ill effects of Surya Dosha, natives can worship Lord Rama every morning as a regular prayer as Lord Rama rules Surya and is an effective Surya Graha Dosh Nivaran remedy.

4) Offer water to the Sun at Sunrise brings positive energies and blessings of Lord Sun to relieve Surya Dosha.

5) Feeding wheat and jaggery to cows on a daily basis and serving Black cow appeases Sun God.

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