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TERMS AND CONDITIONS By using Rudraksha-Ratna.com for any intention whatsoever, you agree with the company law that you will not attempt to utilize other’s user name, password or account information without authorization from us.

Under copyright law, company will not permit posting, copying, downloading, uploading, transmission, retransmission, distribution, redistribution, publication, republication, recompilation, disassembling or other modification or commercial exploitation of any proprietary material made available through Rudraksha-Ratna.com.

The company is not affiliated with sites that may be linked to Rudraksha-Ratna.com through hypertext. The company has not control over, and is not responsible for, the content on any linked site. The linked sites are provided for user convenience only and you access at your own risk.

We will attend to customer service request within 2 working days.

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  • Will recommend Rudraksha Ratna highly

    Thank you for the prompt shipping of my order, received a few weeks ago. Everything arrived safely, and the rudrakshas are just beautiful. Will have them blessed at Kadavul Temple on the island of Kauai. Narmada lingam is such an interesting one. Thank you also for the gifts of mala, CDs, gold coins, yantra, and navaratna necklace, which is adorning the Siva Nataraja in the shrine room. Will recommend Rudraksha-ratna highly. Aum Namasivaya, Indivar Sivanathan close

    - Indivar Sivanathan
  • The quality of all the products has been consistently excellent

    Namaste, Thank You for getting back to me. Yes, I did indeed receive the package, and just in time for Navaratri Celebrations. I will be performing a Yagna each day during the Navaratri festival, and I deeply appreciate your quick response to my request to have the supplies sent in time for Navaratri, and you made sure that it got to me just in time! The quality of all the products I have ordered from you has been consistently excellent, and delivered very quickly. I can tell that a lot of care and love went into the packaging and shipping of the supplies you sent me. I LOVE your Havan Samagri close

    - Sanatani Corvino Urban
  • I am so glad you people are here serving with authentic Hindu items

    I received my first item from you, the Shree Ganesha Locket. The packing is awesome. The shipping time is even more amazing..i got it in less than a day. This is unbelievable. Though i dont need to write any testimonial for you, i am compelled to do so. Your 100s of feedbacks in the website already, speak for themselves. Please continue your lovely service. You are all stars & unbeatable. I will keep you posted of my progress once i start wearing my locket. Your patience in responding and the timeliness is one more superb thing. I know i asked a lot of questions (infact some same questions) an close

    - SirSha Prasad, Hyderabad, India
  • Easy ways to grow spritually and for peace of mind

    Hello and Namaste, Before I tell my experience I would like to tell that I have been meditating for around 15 years now, so I can immediately sense the energies/aura of objects or anyone. It was very recently that I started researching about tools which can make life easier without having to go through the strict practices of meditation and I came in touch with Rudra center. After initially placing order for 2 Mahamrityunjaya yantra lockets, I have ordered 4 more for my family and friends including a Rudraksha mala and results have been astonishing. My father, brother and even mother who never close

    - Gaurav
  • I feel calm and have a sense of well being each day

    When I purchased my first rudraksha with Rudra Centre, I was a little worried because there are so many scam web sites out there selling fake rudrakshas but I had heard so many good feedback regarding Rudra Centrre that I decided I would only purchase my rudraksha from them. After my rudraksha so arrived safely my home in the United States, I could feel the effects within a week--my relationships with my family improved and my work relationships became smoother. I feel calm and have a sense of well-being each day. My migraine headaches have even lessened to the point where I no longer have hea close

    - JC
  • I am so happy to have the Rudra Centre as my source

    I received my first order and I must say how pleased I am with Rudra Centre and their quality products and their fast and careful shipping. I have just placed my second order and I\'m so happy to have the Rudra Centre as my source for my spiritual needs. Thank you Neeta Singhal and all the fine staff at Rudra Centre. close

    - Dr. Michael
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