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The thyroid gland has a great effect on your health. It produces hormones triiiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4), both of which affect all aspects of your metabolism. They maintain the rate at which your body uses fats and carbohydrates, help regulate the production of proteins, help control your body temperature and influence your heart rate. Thyroid gland also produces calcitonin, a hormone that helps regulate the amount of calcium in your blood. Thyroid problems arise when the gland either fails to produce enough of these hormones, or produces too much of thyroxin. Hypothyroid is a condition of underactive thyroid gland where less of hormones are produced. Hyperthyroid is a condition of overactive thyroid gland where too much of thyroxin is produced. Hypothyroidism slows down the body metabolism and Hyperthyroidism accelerates the body metabolism. The symptoms of Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland) depending on severity of hormone deficiency and include fatigue, weight gain, hoarseness, puffy face, muscle weakness and aches, dry skin, slowed heart rate, dry skin and thinning hair, increased sensitivity to cold, constipation, elevated cholesterol level, depression and impaired memory. Overactive thyroid gland accelerates body metabolism leading to symptoms such as sudden weight loss, increased appetite, rapid or irregular heartbeat, palpitations, and tremors in hand and fingers, difficulty in sleeping, nervousness, anxiety and irritability and enlarged thyroid gland (goitre). The rate at which thyroid gland releases the thyroid hormones T-3 and T-4 are regulated by pituitary gland and hypothalamus in the brain. Hypothyroidism is caused by pituitary disorders, certain autoimmune diseases, medications like lithium, or congenital disease of the thyroid gland. Hyperthyroidism is caused by autoimmune diseases like Graves’ disease (in this antibodies stimulate the thyroid gland to make more of T-4); hyper functioning of thyroid nodules; thyroiditis (inflammation in the gland causes hormone t4 to leak out into the blood stream)

The mainstream standard treatment for hypothyroidism involves daily use of the synthetic thyroid hormone levothyroxine (Levothroid, Synthroid, others). This oral medication reverses the symptoms of hypothyroidism, and is usually to be taken lifelong. For treatment of hyperthyroidism, there are anti-thyroid medications, radioactive iodine treatment and depending on the severity of the disorder also surgery (thyroidectomy) is an option.

A complementary and alternative therapy for treating Thyroid disorders is to balance and harmonize the energy of Throat Chakra. Thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland located in the front of the neck, which is also the location of Thyroid Chakra or Vishuddha Chakra. The functioning of Vishuddha Chakra directly affects the thyroid gland. This Chakra gets blocked by different fears and patterns of thinking. Foremost is the fear of communication, which includes both fear of speaking and fear of listening, together with impatience and anxiety over the same fears. Hyperthyroidism is caused by not being able to speak your truth and holding back your words due to fear of speaking and fear of not being understood. Hypothyroidism is caused by impatience in understanding others, fears of listening and not honouring others right to speak or expression. All these fears and limiting beliefs block to the Throat Chakra, which in turn leads to Thyroid Gland being overactive or underactive Rudraksha beads and Gemstones can heal and restore the energy of throat chakra. For treatment of thyroid problems we recommend 4-mukhi, 5-mukhi, 11-mukhi Rudraksha and Yellow sapphire gemstone. The Rudraksha beads and gemstones have to be worn according to Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy for maximum benefit.

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    Dear Friends, About one and a half months ago I ordered a parad mala (good for blood-pressure and diabetes) for my aunt and a 12 mukhi Lord Surya Rudraksha for myself. At that time we experienced a long spell of unusually hot weather here in Estonia. My aunt has been suffering from lack of strength, dizziness and the hot weather made it much worse. She doesn't believe in doctors and medication so there is really no way to tell what's her actual medical condition. She agreed to put the parad mala on - just to please me I suspect. But within an hour she called me on the phone and commented that close

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    Hello Neetaji, Its going to be almost a month now and so wanted to share my experience with you: I m having a lot of positive changes after I started to wear beads for my throat Chakra. They are working wonderful, I have seen a lot of changes with in a week after wearing this. I m speaking which comes to my mind and being spontaneous at going with the flow of thoughts. I was not able to say what is on my mind at the right time earlier. I m able to connect to people a little, I think a lot is left in this area but its only few weeks so I cannot say anything. It must be either 2 mukhi (Started w close

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    Dearest Neeta-ji, Thank you so much for your advice. I wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog. I particularly resonated with your Blog of September 22nd, 2012, I have read the line Everyone of us has a duty and a birthright to realize and execute our powers in every given situation to our advantage over and over. I was raised to think that was selfish and you should always put others needs first. These ideas were shared with me by a well-meaning mother and it is interesting to note, she died at 62 years of age and suffered from diabetes. Successful survival, better late than never!! I a close

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    Namaste Neetaji, Hope you are doing good by the grace of God. I thought that I could let you know that my diabetes has been under control after I have started drinking water immersed with 5 mukhi first in the morning. This has become a very realistic miracle cure for me that (my glucose meter is showing 4.7 mmoL or lesser early in the morning) I could not control this no matter how hard I tried with medication (metformin) and exercise!. Thanks & Regards, Suresh T. close

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