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Vaikasi Visakam 2023

Vaikasi Visakam

Vaisaki Visakam also spelled as Vaikasi Vishaka or Vaikhasi Vishakam, is celebrated as Lord Murugan's birthday. It is celebrated on Visakam Nakshatra in the Tamil month of Vaikasi. He is also known in Northern India as Lord Kartikeya.

Introduction to Vaikasi Visakam

Lord Kartikeya birthday is celebrated during Vaikasi which is the second Solar month in the Tamil calendar, and Visakam is the sixteenth star out of twenty-seven that appears each month. In some Hindu calendars, Vaikasi month is known as Vrishabha month, while Visakam Nakshatra is known as Vishakha Nakshatra too. Vaikasi Visakam occurs between May and June in the Gregorian calendar.

Lord Kartikeya's birthday, who is also known as the God of Courage, Wealth, and Wisdom, is primarily celebrated by Tamilians around the world. Lord Murugan is the younger son of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati, as well as the younger brother of Lord Ganesha. Lord Murugan's other names are Lord Senthil, Lord Kumaran, Lord Subramanyam, and Lord Shanmugam, among a thousand others.

Lord Arumugam is another name for Lord Murugan, who has six faces. Lord Kartikeya’s six faces enable Him to simultaneously observe the East, West, North, South, Heaven, and Patala (the netherworld).

On Vaikasi Visakam, the day when the Nakshatram Visakam coincides with the full moon or Pournami, worshippers transport milk to Subramania temples in order to conduct milk Abhishekam for the eternal young warrior god.

When is Vaikasi Visakam celebrated in 2023? Date, Time & Muhurtam

Vaikasi Visakam is celebrated on Friday, June 2nd, 2023 across the planet. Yet, the celebrations continue throughout the entire weekend in Tamil Nadu, India.

Vaikhasi Vishakam Muhurtam:
Visakam Nakshathram Begins at 06:53 AM (IST) on Jun 02nd, 2023
Visakam Nakshathram Ends at 06:16 AM (IST) on Jun 03rd, 2023

Vaikasi Visakam: Symbolism of Skanda

Vaikasi Visakam: Symbolism of Skanda

Lord Kartikeya, also known as Skanda, the younger brother of Lord Ganesha, was born from Lord Shiva’s mind. Kartikeya’s dynamic force awakens our spiritual cognition, propelling our souls forward in their spiritual and material progress in life. Also acknowledged as the God of Will and child-like divine Love, He propels us onward on the righteous way with will and strength and He drive our kundalini force from the root upwards, as this force within everyone is held and is controlled by Lord Kartikeya. As the fearless defender of righteousness, He makes it possible grow up what has been settled in our roots and move ahead in life. Both brothers, Ganesha and Kartikeya reside on the Muladhara chakra to empower us to drive our lives with steadiness and safety. The Vedas say, 'To such a one who has his stains wiped away, the venerable Sanatkumara shows the further shore of darkness. Him they call Skanda’.

Kartikeya's strength and willpower is also critical in keeping our innocence intact. Innocence is the source of nourishment and the foundation of spirituality. One cannot progress spiritually if he lacks innocence. Children are naturally innocent, will-driven, and bursting of divine spontaneity. Kartikeya's root-level support and protection are critical for life and growth. His boundless vitality propels our lives forward with courage and towards fearlessness.

When things are determined to be out of balance, we may move forward by invoking Lord Kartikeya's child-like divine energy. His blessings enhance our meditations by bringing detachment, determination, and happiness. Lord Kartikeya carries a spear, or vel, as a symbol of his ability to fight darkness and ignorance. His devotees turn to Him for physical and mental healing and for the fortitude to confront life's problems. It is believed that He enjoys bamboo forests and hilltops, and His vehicle is the gorgeous and majestic peacock. As we engage with Kartikeya, we must be adaptable, as He carries with Him a dynamic energy.

Birth of Lord Murugan (Kartikeya)

Birth of Lord KartikeyaAccording to the Skanda Purana, Shiva's first wife Sati angrily immolated herself after she felt insulted by her father Daksha when he didn't invite Lord Shiva for a Yagna Ceremony and further insulted Him. An irate Lord Shiva then destroyed the Yagna with the help of ganas. An ascetic Shiva was married with great difficulty the first time around and a second marriage was nearly impossible. Taking advantage of the fact the demons - Tarakasur and Surapadma thought the boon of being killed only by Lord Shiva's son would make him invincible.Kama, the God of Love, awakens Lord Shiva from His penance to remarry Him to Goddess Parvati. Angered by the interruption in his meditation, Lord Shiva burns Kama to ashes with His third eye though He does fall in love with Goddess Parvati. Lord Shiva's hands His fiery seed fire to Agni who can handle it till the radiance becomes Shiva's offspring. Unable to bear the heat, Agni gives the radiance to Ganga who deposits it in a lake in a forest Sara Vana where Kartikeya is born (giving him the name Saravana) with six faces - eesanam, sathpurusham, vamadevam, agoram, sathyojatham and adhomugam, and hence the name Shanmuga or Shadanan. Then, goddess Parvati embraced the six infants and created a single creature with six heads and twelve hands. Hence, his name is Shanmuga. The six faces of Kartikeya represent creation, preservation, destruction, involution, absolute grace, and the origin of knowledge. He is the God of all knowledge and he taught his father, Lord Shiva, the meaning of the primal cosmic term OM. Lord Kartikeya was cared for by six women symbolizing the Pleiades (Kritika in Sanskrit) and thus got the name Kartikeya.

Significance of Vaikasi Visakam

Lord Kartikeya is revered for any Mars-related issues, particularly those involving kuja dosha or Manglik dosha. Moreover, he may be beckoned by saying the six-syllable mantra for fire: SA RA VA NA BA VA.

SA – draws people to you
RA – provides success
VA – eliminates sickness and other calamities
NA – addresses issues with others
BA – increases your attractiveness to others
VA - halts negative energy and the effect of bad forces

Lord Kartikeya Beej Mantra: Om Saravanavaba Namah ||

Importance of Vaikasi Visakam

Importance of Vaikasi Visakam

On Vaikasi Visakam day, Lord Kartikeya manifested for a divine cause as a youthful, ever-brilliant being in full splendor. Saint Arunagirinathar advises us to keep this in mind, draw strength and power, and focus on Kartikeya's gorgeous form with our eyes closed for at least thirty seconds today in order to be blessed by his grace. The saint asserts that he is the infinite truth that resides in the cavern of our hearts, and that he will guard and guide us down the road of knowledge and light.

On this day, people go to Subramanya (another name for Lord Kartikeya) temples in a procession with milk pots. The milk is used to give the god "abhishekam."

Some devotees also drink kavadi. On Vaikasi Visakam, thousands of people go to the Lord Murugan shrine, especially at the Lord Subramaniaswamy Temple in Tiruchendur and the Murugan Temple in Tirupparankundram. The Vaikasi Visakam festival is celebrated with tremendous grandeur and has a significant religious significance particularly in Tamil Nadu, India.

Vaikasi Visakam is celebrated with pomp and glory not just in India, but all over the world, particularly in countries with Tamil population, such as Sri Lanka, Maldives, Singapore, and Malaysia, in honor to Lord Murugan as it is known in South India. Kartikeya is described as a very handsome, lovely, and godly individual who has vast knowledge and understanding. He is the united force of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati, since He was created from the third eye of Lord Shiva and then merged with the Goddess.

Lord Kartikeya also obtains from his mother the formidable "Vel" a unique weapon. It is an amulet that removes evil and protects its wearer from life's challenges. Consequently, Lord Kartikeya not only acquires the might of Lord Shiva, but also summons the specific weapons and abilities of his mother, Goddess Parvati, and becomes an immaculate source of power.

Wins of Vaikasi Visakam

Lord Kartikeya bestows his inexhaustible and unique Grace on every one of his followers who celebrate Vaikasi Visakam with the highest trust and devotion. The advantages of observing the holiday include:

  • Elimination of family difficulties, conflicts, litigation, and uncertainty.
  • Building Harmony between the couple and creating family peace.
  • Lord Murugan shields His followers from the malevolent effects of planets and karmic repercussions.
  • Lord Murugan gives children to spouses and bestows descendants to perpetuate the family.
  • He restores calm to people's lives and instills happiness and hope in the family.
  • Lord Murugan increases the power of planet Mars (Kuja or Sevvai) in the devotee's birth chart in order to bestow valor, virility, strength, and bravery, and mitigates the planet's malefic effects.
  • Rituals of Vaikasi Visakam

    Rituals of Vaikasi Visakam

    On this day, temples perform special Poojas and rituals and gift their worshippers "Prasadams." A group of academics and priests execute Kukuta Homa, one of the Homas (a holy ritual in which fire is called and God is appeased via meditation). To conduct Abishekam for the god, devotees often transport "Pal Kudam" milk pots. It is believed that the "Pal Abishekam" or heavenly wash with milk done on the Lord's idol has good properties.

    Early in the morning, devotees congregate in temples to watch unique "Pooja" and engage in all special rites. It is common that on this day devotees would trek a considerable distance from their homes to the shrine. Together with the worshipers, the temple chariot would be transported in a spectacular parade through the streets.

    At home, individuals would observe a special "Vrat" (fasting) by avoiding hot foods and consuming solely milk and fruits. Mantra chanting and the offering of "Prasadams" are components of the ceremony. Moreover, they chant hymns to Lord Murugan. The lord's idol or the image of the Supreme Being is decked with unique garlands and flowers. As a homage to the Lord, special gifts of honey, milk, and fruits along with prepared delights are presented. The whole day is spent doing special Pooja and meditating at home.

    During Vaikasi Visakam, a number of temples celebrate Brahmotsavam for ten days. Also conducted at home are special puja, Japa and homa, aarti, and abhishekam. On this day, temples also celebrate the holy wedding of Murugan and Vali. It is considered that it is very fortunate to perform or attend this wedding since it has the capacity to resolve all marriage-related issues in one's life.

    As a homage to Lord Murugan, the whole day of Vaikasi Visakam is filled with the chanting of mantras, the singing of hymns to the Lord, and the unique offerings of honey, milk, fruits, and prepared delights. Once special homa and aarti are performed, then devotees are given prasadam. The devotees commemorate this momentous occasion with tremendous zeal, devotion, and delight.

    This is therefore one of the largest Lord Murugan temple celebrations. People celebrate the event at home and also visit temples to participate in the festivities, which are conducted with great pomp and solemnity on a grand scale. Six Nagalinga and crimson oleander blossoms are presented to the Lord.

    On this day, it is believed that worshipping to Lord Murugan would erase all impediments and grant believers wealth. Pongal, a sweet delicacy, is traditionally cooked and presented to Lord Murugan on this day.

    Murugan Mantras

     Murugan Mantras These mantras are recited on the day of Vaikasi Visakam at any time.

    Moola mantra:
    Om Saravana Bhavaya Namah ||
    Saravana Bhava is formed by six syllables symbolising the spirit of Kartikeya as a six-faced god and it literally means born in the forest of reeds.

    Other popular mantras chanted on this day:
    Yogiishvaro Mahaa-Senah Kaartikeyo[a-Aa]gni-Nandanah |
    Skandah Kumaarah Senaaniih Svaamii Shankara-Sambhavah ||

    Oh, Lord Kartikeya, the Master Yogi known as Mahasena as the Son of Agni and as Kartikeya as the son of the six Kritikas. You are known as Skanda as son of Goddess Parvati and as Kumara when as son of Devi Ganga. You are the Leader of the Army of Devas, our Master and Born of Lord Shiva.

    Gaangeyas-Taamra-Cuuddashca Brahmacaarii Shikhi-Dhvajah |
    Taaraka-Arir-Umaa-Putrah Krauncaa-Rishca Ssaddaananah ||

    Oh, Lord Kartikeya, loved by Mother Ganga and His Follower Tamrachuda, Who is Celebate and has Peacock as His Symbol, the enemy of Tarakasura and Krauncasura, the Son of Devi Uma and has Six Faces.

    Shabdabrahmasamudrashca Siddhah Saarasvato Guhah |
    Sanatkumaaro Bhagavaan Bhogamokssaphalapradah ||

    Oh, Lord Kartikeya, who has the true Knowlege of Sabda-Brahman. Aptly known as Guha for being eloquent in describing the Great Spiritual Secrets of the Sabda-Brahman when described as the Son of Lord Shiva - the embodiment of Sabda-Brahman. You are always Youthful and Pure like Sanatkumara. You are Divine and grants both the fruits for worldly enjoyment and deliverance.

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