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Vashikaran Kavach

Vashikaran is a combination of two words; ‘Vashi’ which is to control and ‘karan’ is the means of applying this control. Vashikaran thus means to attract a person and have them under your control by tugging at their heart strings.

The Vashikaran Kavach is powerful yantra that bestows hypnotic attraction and charisma on the possessor. It can be worshipped to attract the person you desire and bring them under your sphere of influence. This Kavach can also be employed in situations where love has been lost and you want to win it back. It is also used by those who wish to attract a potential life partner. The Vashikaran Kavach will also work to bring into your life any estranged family member who has drifted away. In addition to personal life and relationships, this Kavach can be used to attract prosperity and success and fulfil all worldly desires of the wearer.

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Vashikaran Kavach Benefits

It is a powerful tool to attract the person you desire and bring them into your life.

For improving personal and professional relationships, bringing closeness and trust with superiors, colleagues and gaining acceptability from people in your environment.

To gain professional favours, make new career connections and a better impression on people around you.To solve your relationship problems, promote harmony in a couple, and attain your heart’s aspiration.

Vashikaran Kavach Powers

The Kavach possesses mystical powers of attraction and magnetism obtained from ancient Vedic texts, thus giving it the name Sammohini Vashi Karan Kavach. The sacred geometry of this Kavach has blessings from Lord Kamadeva and blesses the worshipper with divine charisma and immense power of attraction. It helps harness energy that focuses your willpower and mental waves to attract and draw the person of your heart’s desire. The more intense your willpower, the faster the attraction will work, on condition that you worship the Kavach with sincere devotion and single-minded concentration.

It must be pointed out that this Yantra should not be used with wrong intentions. The Vashikaran Kavach will work only if there is a karmic connection between the two people. This is because love cannot be forced under any circumstances; it can only be encouraged to happen.

Vashikaran Kavach powers have been proven through hundreds of testimonials from people who used it to attract certain things or people they had in mind. People often wonder how long it takes to experience the benefits of wearing or installing this kavach. On a conservative estimate, this can take about 45 days. Depending on your karmic potential, a kavach may get activated and start working for you almost immediately. Otherwise, owing to reasons of karma that needs to be worked out, the Kavach will work gradually over the long term and it will be a while before your desires can materialise. For it to deliver quick results, the Vashikaran Kavach needs to be worshipped and energized daily with mantras.

Siddha Vashikaran Kavach

Siddha Vashikaran Kavach is a mystical marvel in Vedic science. This Kavach concentrates the energy of the wearer’s mind-waves in such a way as to compel the person of their dreams to respond to them. If your love is pure and true, the results will manifest within 40 days, depending on your karma. The power of this blessed and energized Yantra helps the wearer make a good impression on others to easily win affection and friendship. It should be worn on Wednesdays.

The price of the Vashikaran Kavach depends on the make, its material and the size. Yantras that are worn in the body in form of small lockets or rings will be comparatively less expensive than a large-sized Vashikaran Kavach or Yantra, which you may keep and worship in the house.

Note: All our Kavach and Yantras are Purified and Energized (Pran Pratishta) by the learned Natha Gurumukhi, after reciting the Vedic mantra of the particular Devi or Deva along with the Homa done.

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  • This is a miracle

    After I wear Vashikaran Power Kavach,my appearance changed. I become very beautiful. This is a miracle close

    - Hiroppo
  • I can see positive signs already

    Hello Rudra Team, It's been exactly one (1) week since I started reciting the Vashikaran mantra while wearing the locket that I purchased from you.  I was very skeptical about this in the beginning but happy to share, that I can see positive signs already.  I will continue to pray and ask God for his blessing inorder for this to work, as my love is pure and true. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase items from your site in the future.  Your help was greatly appreciated. Thank you close

    - anonymous
  • It completely changed my life

    Dear Neeta ji and Rudra Center Team, Namaste! I just want to thank you for the Vashikaran Yantra I ordered 4 months ago. It completely changed my life and did it's purpose. So thank you once again and may God bless you all. Sandra close

    - Sandra
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