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Vaastu Dosha Nivaran

Vaastu Dosha Nivaran

Vaastu is an absolute understanding of geography, topography, direction, environment and physics of architecture. Modernization in our lifestyle is taking us away from the Vedic style of home designing for peace and prosperity of our homes. Unorganized planning and random architectural methods have led to many problems in life. So here, Vaastu is a bridge between man and nature to bring back the prosperity in our lives.

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What is Vaastu Dosh?

An architectural structure, be it home or office, may have a combination of minor and major defects in direction or position. This errors or defects are known as Vastu Dosh. The magnitude of defects depends on the direction, topography or architecture of the construction, and they may enhance the impact of dosha. If your house or work place is violating any principle of vastu, that is a Vaastu dosh.

If you are facing problems at home or work despite your qualification, then you are advised to go for Vaastu consultation to treat these Vastu Doshas. It is a science based on Vedic knowledge to set things correctly and balance the five elements of nature, earth, fire, water, space, and air, in place, so that one can derive maximum benefit out of life.

What are Vaastu Shastras?

Vaastu shastras is a Vedic set of guidelines that comprise of laws of nature that affect human dwellings. Its designs are based on directional alignments, and it covers other domains, including vehicles, vessels, furniture, sculpture, paintings and many more. These vaastu shastra tips are based on certain mathematical calculations to manage proportional relationships in a building. Vastu shastra tips provide ideal conditions for maximum well being and benefits for the residents of a construction. The foundation for Vastu shastras is said to be laid by sage Maya and Lord Vishwakarma.

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Vaastu Tips or Vastu Solutions:

Vaastu Shastra can help you extricate from a potentially bad situation and start a successful career or business venture. It provides vastu for office that considers facts like, suitable location for a workplace, the various directions in which the office departments and reception should be located, its interiors and exteriors, and many other concepts. There are few tips one should keep in mind while managing there vastu for office:

  • Avoid obstacle near or in front of the doors of the office
  • Reception should be located in the Northeastern part of the office
  • Executives, managers and directors should be located in the West, South or Southwest areas of the office
  • Conference rooms are best placed in the Northwest direction

Vaastu Tips for Home:

A house is the dwelling place for people and has a collaboration of rooms with precisely defined entry and exit points. Vastu tips for home provide you with correct alignments to ensure that all natural energies and powers, including the solar and cosmic energies, bring forth their goodness in your home. There are few vastu tips for home one should keep in mind while designing or redesigning their house:

  • Kitchen should be in the south-east direction
  • For an ideal pooja room location, one should choose north-east first
  • Master bedroom should ideally be located in the south-west direction

Vastu Dosh Nivaran Puja

Vastu Nivaran Puja:

To nullify the severe ill effects of Vastu Dosh, people should opt for vastu nivaran puja to get the natural benefits of the five basic elements of the universe. The properties of vastu nivaran puja are:

  • Pacifies malefic planets and neutralizes negative effects
  • Strengthens benevolent planets by increasing their positive influences
  • Blesses with good health, prosperity and peace of mind
  • Removes obstacles in work

Our vaastu nivaran puja are performed as per the instructions given in Vastu Shashtra. Our puja service includes, Ganpati sthapana, vaastu purush sthapna, puja of vaastu mahayantra, vaastu jaap, Ganesh mantra, shaanti paath and vaastu puja and vaastu shanti havan.

You can seek free consultation from Rudra Centre for Vaastu Dosh Nivaran.

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