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Knowledge Sharing is Vital

This is for those privileged souls who have experienced the healing and uplifting properties of our Rudraksha and Ratna we want to hear more from you!

Over the past months, many of you have posted feedback on email and social media about your transformative experience with RRST (a combination of Rudraksha and gemstones). Now do other souls on this planet a favour – spread the word so that the whole world may benefit from these divine items. Switch on your webcam, show us your spiritual item and record a short testimony of your experience, starting with your name and country. Then share your story:

  • What was the state of your body and mind before using these healing items?
  • How have these products impacted you on different levels - material/psychological/spiritual?
  • In what sense have your benefitted from these items?

Record a short video of yourself (approximately 2 minutes long) and mail it to us at contact@rudracentre.com

Help us in our global mission to popularise Rudraksha and Ratna. When you spread the word, you are empowering a growing community of Rudraksha lovers worldwide, helping others benefit from these divine beads.

We are waiting to hear from you. Send us your feedback today!

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