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Vishwakarma Puja

Vishwakarma Puja 2020: Vishwakarma Puja Vidhi, Mantra and Story

Vishwakarma Jayanti or Vishwakarma Puja (September 16, 2020 Wednesday) is a day dedicated to Vishwakarma, the architect of the Vedic times confirmed by various scriptures such as Bhagavat Purana. The festival is celebrated on Kanya Sankranti which falls after Ganesh Puja.

It is believed that the forefathers of the people (who worship Vishwakarma) created the plough and gave it to humanity on this particular day that. The plough signifies both the artisan trade as well as farming activities and consequently becomes the illustrative symbol of the ancient Indian civilization. It falls on the last day of the Bengali month Bhadra known as Bhadra Sankranti or Kanya Sankranti.

Particular Date & Day Time starts Time ends
Thiruvonam Nakshathram September 16 (Wed) 7:23 PM  

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Vishwakarma’s Contributions:

When Lord Krishna performed His pastimes, it is Vishwakarma who erected the magnanimous city of Dwarka, the Lord’s kingdom on this earthly planet. Also he constructed the Maya Sabha of the Pandavas, and constructed many excellent weapons for the gods and other righteous warriors. The Rig Veda describes him as the master of Sthapatya, the science of mechanics and architecture. He is the dominant deity of all engineers, priests’ artisans and architects and is the Chief Architect of the Universal Cosmos. It is commonly celebrated in the months of September or October in Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Assam, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, and Tripura. Since Vishwakaram was the excellent architect, the communities of engineers, architects and construction works offer prayers to him on this day. Apart from these communities, there are artisans, craftsmen, mechanics, smiths, welders, industrial workers, factory workers and others who celebrate the same.

How to celebrate Vishwakarma Day: What happens on this day?

  • One can perform a Vishwakarma Puja on this day. It ensures overall prosperity of one’s business
  • Owners of shops, factories, offices and other professional establishments generally organize pujas at their workplaces. These places are exquisitely decorated with flowers.
  • One can install prosperity Yantras at their workplace. It is said that Yantras attract the cosmic energies and drive away the negative ones.
  • Lord Vishwakarma and His ‘Vahan’ (vehicle), the elephant is worshipped. His deity is installed in decorative pandals where the main puja ceremonies are conducted. After the ceremonies are done, Prasad or blessed food is distributed among all the workers.
  • Those who own the factories worship the tools as it is their tools that get them daily bread. This festival unites factories’ owners and labourers as they all have meals together.


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