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Wall Hangings

Wall hangings have a rich cultural history which date back to the 13th century. One of the very first forms of wall hangings was the tapestries (hand woven textile art on a loom). The tapestries were a very popular art form which were used to decorate offices, homes, temples and churches. As time passed by new form of wall hangings were invented. Today with the change in trends and fashion a lot of new wall hangings are available.

India is recognized for its rich tradition and taste in art. It is considered as one of the most diverse nations in the world and also one of the most artistically rich countries. The powerful combination of diverse cultures and unique set of skills has produced some of the most extravagant creations. Every region of India has a unique art form and a style of creative expression. Every time you cross a state boundary you encounter a different language, dance and art form.Since ancient times, the people of India are known to be decorating the walls of their houses, palaces, monuments with mesmerizing art work. The primitive caves that are found in India too have paintings on their walls. As time evolved, technology developed and so did the fashion trends. Today a lot of people decorate the walls of their houses with wall hangings which are made of different materials and vibrant colours which beautifully blend with the décor of the dwelling. These art forms are used in myriad ways and are manufactured with numerous materials. Some of the popular materials used are: Mud/clay, Jute, paper, wood, metal, cloth and coir

We at Rudra Centre offer a wide variety of deity wall hangings which are available in plethora of designs, colours and material. These wall hangings are not just artefacts but carriers of positive and divine vibrations. Everything in this universe holds a certain kind of energy similarly; the artefacts that we offer hold vibrations as they are energised and blessed as per the Vedic rituals. We offer a wide range of deity wall hangings which comprise of Holy symbols like the ‘OM’, ‘Subh Labh’, Shree and embossed mantras. Hanging deity artefacts and Holy symbols on the walls of your dwelling and offices is said to spread divine vibrations in your house and office and is said to keep all the negativity at bay. The materials used in making these wall hangings are of superior quality and are crafted with finesse. Also, in order to attain maximum benefit from these wall hangings it is advisable to hang them a specific direction and orientation.

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Types of Wall Hangings we offer:

We have a huge collection of attractive and powerful wall hanging collection which will surely attract your attention.

Given below are few of the Wall hangings that we offer:

Benefits of decorating these wall hangings on the wall:

  • Offers peace and harmony at home
  • Wards off negativity
  • Spreads positive vibes in the office and dwelling
  • Protects from mishaps and evil eye
  • Attracts prosperity and success
  • Offers wisdom
  • Enhances knowledge
  • Offers emotional and mental balance
  • Thus, wall hangings that we offer are not just pieces that make your house look beautiful but they are designed with a thought to fill our client’s lives with positivity and to keep their dwelling protected from negativity.
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