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January 21st 
February 19th
You are very friendly and know a large number of people,but are afraid to have close ties with anyone you feel more secure in yourseclusion, you do not easily confide in others. Not that you distrust them orare suspicious, but perhaps you do no feel the need to have, any close intimateties. You are a thinker, sensitive to others suffering and compassionate bynature. You live in tomorrow, and what you say usually comes true.PISCES
February 20th 
March 20th
Anybody will be charmed by your Piscean charm of manner andlazy good nature. There is very little which excites you Pisceans to violetaction or reaction. You are quite but not an introvert and are completelydominated by emotions. You are Versatile and talented, but may lack direction attimes. You are born with a desire to see the world through rose colouredspectacles. You can make others forget their miseries and trouble. A shortconversation with you and a person instantly relaxes.
March 21st 
April 20th
Commonly believed to be one of the most powerful andfundamental of all signs, you like to be your own master. You are enthusiastic, exuberant,extrovert independent. Fearless and self-reliant. You like to thrive acompetition on the harder the better. You have a big ego. You are sure that youare the undisputed monarch of all survey. You are out and out a fighter.Violence and sex drive the Arian character. Yes, you have the push, pep and go.TAURUS
April 21st 
May 21st
Materialism and artistic tendencies wage a royal battle onyou. So while some call you money-mad, others call you arty. You have remarkablememory and often remember any insult or injury done to you. You have your ownprincipal and you stick to them rigidly. You are an excellent host. You lay agood table, wallop food and expect your friends to complete with you. You aresolid and steady and nothing disturb your tranquility. You like honest and frankpeople .You can save for a rainy day.
May 22nd 
June 21st
An over plus of intellectual energy reveals the Gemini.This radiates in your remarkable versatility. You Gemini are or can be extremelycharming, witty, outgoing and attractive. You are kind, generous, very creativeand full of ideas and rather restless until you fulfill your aim and ambition inlife. But you are not easily satisfied. You approach to life is practical andrealistic. Expression and communication are your plus factors. Communication isyour lifeblood. Cut this Circuit and you are finished.CANCER
June 22nd
July 23rd
Cancerians may be attached to their home and family, butthey also seek limelight and publicity .If you are born under this sign you mayfind yourself clannish and an ardent admirer of things and matters traditional.Sincere as a friend, you are easily involved with those who exhibit theslightest sympathy towards you. Tenacity often helps you achieve the impossible.You are also a well of secrecy. People automatically confide in you. You guardyour inner feelings carefully from prying eyes.
August 23rd
Yours is the most powerful dynamic sign of the zodiac. Ifyou are born under this sign you may have a regal bearing. Your manner ofgreeting people is very friendly. You believe yourself to be a shade better thanothers and like to stay aloof. Highly principled, you dislike those who aresuperfluous or those who have no aim and direction in life. You are a naturalhead of any organisation. You are a good a judge of character and one of yourfavorite pastimes is to observe others.VIRGO
August 24th 
September 23rd
You are a happy-go-lucky type. You take life as it comesand accept others as they are. Though quite finicky, you are very understandingand sympathetic towards others. You are a practical person with a definite goalsin life. Remarkable power of analysis and a fine sense of discriminationcharacterise you. You are generally have a large circle of friends but youoccasionally take their advice when annoyed by vulgarity, stupidity orcarelessness, you suddenly become cranky, irritable and nervous.
September 24th 
October 23rd
Librans show their aggression on the intellectual plane andareas of public affairs, marriage and foreign affairs. You are intelligent andhave great intellectual brilliance; you have refined testes and artistic bent ofmind. Your voice is soft and gentle and there is always a simile on your face.Skilful in discussion and quite tactful, make a perfect diplomat.SCORPIO
November 22nd
Essentially adventurous, you are a born leader, it isabsolutely certain that you will carve out a distinct path for yourself. You aredignified in your bearing and reserved by nature, Single mindedness,thoroughness, selfdicipline and courage are your strong point, you are a keenobserver, extremely introspective, analytical and highly intuitive and welldetermined in pursuit of your goals, Hindrance and obstacles bring out the bestin you. It is beneath you to flatter, but when it comes to jealousy, you couldburn and erupt violently. Women find you irresistibly attractive.
December 21st
You are optimistic, friendly, kind, jovial andversatile. You have bright frank ways. You are tremendously curious andtherefore always ask the why of things. You are bold and optimistic and alwaysaim for the highest place in any career or profession you choose. You haveplenty of self confidence to attain your goal in life. Your progressive andenterprising attitude makes you extremely successful. You have a good sense ofhumour and are a good conversationalist.CAPRICORN
December 22nd 
January 20th
You have tremendous drive, organising ability andovervaulting ambition. You are known for a single-minded and realistic approachto life. There is always a faint aura of melancholy and seriousness surroundingyour personality. You are sensitive to a beautiful environment. Sordid, crude orugly things repel you. You make a perfect diplomat. You believe in goodwill toall and malice to none.
Article Submitted by:
Aacharya Raghavkirti 
Astrology-Vastu-Tantra expert

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