Shree Sampoorna Vyapar Vriddhi Maha yantra - Gold - 6 inches


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Design: Etched on thick and premium quality brass plate.

This powerful Maha Yantra encompasses sixteen Yantras all etched with Mahamantra on thick brass plate with gold finish. It is a storehouse of multiple Yantras namely Kamdeva, Geetha, Sampoorna Navgraha, Kanakdhara, Mahalaxmi, Ganesh, Saraswati, Durga Beesa, Kuber, Vaastu Dosh nivaran, Karya Siddhi, Baglamukhi, Sukh Samruddhi and Shree Yantra. It helps remove and overcome all obstacles coming in the way of success and growth in business and helps attract riches, opportunities and monetary benefits.


  • Removes obstacles, Vastu defects and malefic of all planets
  • Helps overcome debts and challenges
  • Uninterrupted flow of wealth and abundance
  • Attracts riches, fame, name and materialistic comforts
  • Bestows success and victory over competitors
  • Attracts new opportunities and sources of income

  • Mantras: Om Akarshaye Swaha, Aum Gan Ganapatye Namah ! Om Sri Maha Lakshmyai Namaha

    Placement: Yantra energizes the location where it is installed. You may place it near the entrance of your home/office/shop or in your living room or reception or study room or office cabin. You may keep it on a table or use as a wall hanging. Yantra is best placed in the East direction facing West. It gets energised by the rising rays of the Sun and with the divine vibrations of the East corner and provides positive transformation energies to the dwelling through its mystical geometry.

    Blessed and Energised