Vastu Purush - Ishan


INR 7,455.00


Vastu Purush is seated on dais with etching of Vastu Mandala with objects representing five elements. With magnificent combination of tinted gold and brown, this Idol beautifully blends with aesthetic home décor while removing Vastu malefics. This Idol helps balance all elements and harness their energies to bring prosperity, bliss, health and protection and is ideal to place in the North East or East direction.

Vastu Mandala represents 45 deities and their energy fields and it’s design lays guidelines to follow while building a structure. The square pot helps hold mud representing earth element, the triangular lamp holds lamp representing fire element, the lotus bowl is kept to hold water and hollow sphere represents air element.

Height: 9.25 inches
Base Dimension: 7.25 (L) x 4 (B) Inches
Weight: 2.882 Kgs