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Ganesh Yantra

Rudra Centre offers Ganesh Yantras in various sizes ranging from 3 inches - 5 inches. Lord Ganesha is also known as Vighanaharta (remover of obstacles). One who worships Lord Ganesha is blessed with good fortune and good health. Ganesh Yantras are energized with beeja mantras, which are finely etched in a thick 24 ct gold plated copper. Ganesh Yantras are ideal for gifting on all major occasions like Gruh Pravesh, Marriage, starting of a business etc. Ganesh Yantras should be placed facing North direction in home, office or puja altar. One may choose to buy "Ganesh Yantras" with or without frame.

Benefits of Ganesh Yantra:

  • Removal of obstacles
  • For drawing good luck and success in all undertakings.
  • Blesses the worshipper with fulfillment of desires, affluence and authority.
  • Increased concentration, knowledge, focus
  • Improvements in income, profits or wealth