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About Graha Shanti Donation


Navgraha shanti- Worship meant to appease all the 9 planets.
The Grahas (planets) tend to have a prominence on the energy, body and mind of the beings on the Earth. All the nine Grahas have their own energy qualities in a metaphorical form through its astrological references. The energies of these Grahas are connected to the human aura from the time they take birth and as long as their body lives. The Navgraha Shanti involves identifying a problem and subsequently and working towards the remedial course of performing rituals to invalidate the unfavourable or negative impact. Ill placed planet on an individual's kundli can cause many problems.

We here at Rudra Centre provide the best quality shanti packs. Use of these Shanti Packs help a person with all the problems caused due to ill placed planet on his or her kundli. These problems may extent to

  • Health issues
  • Financial issues
  • Disrupted peace and harmony in life.
  • Peace and stability to your lives and help you lead a prominent and easy life away from all the negative occurrences.