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About Kartikeya Yantra

Kartikeya Yantra is known as Subramanya Yantra or Murugan Yantra is beneficial for those who lack confidence. Lord Kartikeya, son of Lord Shiva symbolizes intelligence, confidence and bravery and the users of this Yantra are blessed with these qualities. We have beautifully made Yantras that are carved with utmost precision. They are energized and we provide the right mantras to be recited for deriving maximum benefits.

Benefits of Shree Kartikeya Yantra

This Yantra has been quite helpful to many people as it showers the user with the blessings of Lord Kartikeya. It has the following advantages:

  • It enhances the willpower of the user.
  • It helps gain success in all the activities.
  • It uplifts the user spiritually and fulfils wishes.
  • It is effective for overcoming debts.
  • It improves knowledge and protects from enemies.
  • It helps develop a winner’s attitude and gives the energy to tackle issues.


The Kartikeya Yantra can be placed in your puja altar or near the entrance of your home/office. You can also place it in your study room or office cabin. Alternatively, it can also be used as a wall hanging according to your preference. It is energized by the rising rays of the Sun so it is good to place it in the East direction facing the West.

Where to buy?

Buying the Yantras that are made on pure copper plates are effective as well as powerful. It is necessary to purchase the Yantras and other spiritual products only from authentic sources. A trusted company will only sell genuine products so checking the authenticity of the brand is important.

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

We, at Rudra Centre, provide the best spiritual products that are of high-quality. You can buy the Kartikeya Yantra or Subramanya Yantra online from our Rudraksha Ratna shop. We give the details about every product so you have no doubts while buying. Our delivery service is fast and safe as well so you can get your products at the earliest.

Kartikeya Yantra Price

This Yantra is available in various options like gold finish, antique finish, a wooden frame to hold it, a wooden stand and a mounted wooden frame. The prices differ according to the frame or finish you choose. It is fairly priced and you can easily tell that the quality is great.